The most recent incident of an unarmed black man dying after an encounter with police should not deter the long-running quest for black people to be treated like full citizens.

  • Peniel E. Joseph
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Many worry that as the coronavirus spreads disproportionately across communities, the lack of representation in the ranks of reporters spreads to their reporting.

The political counterweight to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the legacy of Malcolm X, who would have turned 95 Tuesday, is seen in the movement for black lives, including the outrage over the racial disparities laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Peniel E. Joseph
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The feelings of fear and uncertainty are all too familiar to African Americans and other people of color.

For Chinese Americans whose love language is food, social distancing can be even more challenging.

Physical displays of affection are how many Latinos show their love for family and friends, something they can no longer in the era of the coronavirus.

The young Tejana singer was an icon for a generation of young Latinos who had never seen themselves reflected in American pop culture.

Social and economic concerns are a factor in how people of color perceive the threat from the novel coronavirus, a public health expert says.

With the coronavirus pandemic and crippling sanctions, Iranians will welcome a new year under different circumstances than usual.

Asian American representation in Hollywood has long been a struggle.

The six women who sought the Democratic nomination moved the needle in normalizing the notion of female presidential candidates.

The gathering of Trump supporters last month reaffirmed one woman's belief that black people should rethink their political alliances.

  • Patrice Lee Onwuka
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The Democratic presidential candidate argued recently that most white people in Mississippi aren't racist. But some say race plays a role in their behavior at the polls.

  • Ellen Ann Fentress
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I wrote countless high school papers about key figures in the United States' race to the moon. None of the research even hinted at the fact that black women were instrumental to our country’s success.

  • Naia Butler-Craig
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In black sign language, a relic of segregation has become a sign of solidarity.

Outbreaks often have been attributed to marginalized groups in society.

The former New York mayor aggressively defended the policy, even though the architects of the policing tactic acknowledged it could be abused by police.

  • Victor Ray
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Latinx in London are just beginning to come into an awareness of themselves as a community, entering a stage parallel to where U.S. Latinx were in the 1960s and ’70s.

  • Ed Morales
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The outbreak has revived some old stereotypes about Chinese food and Chinese people in general.

  • Douglas Wong
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Many of King’s words about allies ring true today.

  • Jeanne Theoharis
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