The major-party presidential tickets have featured two men in all but three elections in U.S. history. Could the 2020 election see an all-female Democratic ticket?

  • Reniqua Allen-Lamphere
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Ellen Ann Fentress says it's time to reckon with the the history of the intentionally discriminatory private schools that sprang up in the South to skirt court-ordered school desegregation.

With his larger-than-life persona and decades-long career, Mercado was widely embraced by Latinos.

  • Monica Castillo
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Dorsey, who stars in the new biopic "Harriet," says acting in stories that focus on slavery and racial injustice "does take a bit out of you, but those stories have to be told."

How to handle cultural appropriation during Halloween.

The California congresswoman began calling for Trump’s impeachment from the day he took the oath of office.

The author of a best-selling book on demographics and politics says the left will lose again if it continues to dodge the issue of race.

Gender disparities in U.S. politics were not upended in a single cycle, despite claims that 2018 marked another Year of the Woman.

  • Kelly Dittmar
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The Duwamish tribe lost their land to settlers more than 150 years ago and have been fighting for federal recognition since the 1970s.

  • Gregory Scruggs
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If we’re going to bow to the social norm of bra-wearing, let’s do it the right way

  • Katti Gray
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Joshua Brown lived in the same apartment complex as Guyger and her victim, Botham Jean. He was “shot several times by an unknown assailant,” according to Jean's attorney.

The ruling did not give Harvard a complete pass on anti-Asian discrimination, offering Asian Americans the opportunity to find their place in the fight for racial equality.

  • Meghan Liu
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The season has more often served as a month-long opportunity for politicians, university leaders, and corporate executives to wax blasé about diversity and multiculturalism, while returning to business as usual for the remaining 11 months of the year.

  • Geraldo Cadava and Stephen Pitti
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It’s hard to imagine that, before I moved here from the Detroit area 20 years ago, many residents had never met a Jew, let alone a rabbi. Now, much of the community has adopted me as its own.

  • Chava Bahle
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Black and brown communities are among the most at risk of suffering the negative effects of climate change.

Young people, including those who survived Hurricane Maria in 2017, are frustrated with government leaders' inaction on climate change.

  • Cristina Corujo
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  • Ed Morales
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After four years of Trump's incendiary rhetoric and harsh policies toward Latino immigrants, can the Republican Party again expect to get nearly 30 percent of the Hispanic vote?

Diving With a Purpose teaches students to be underwater archaeologists. Above water, they confront the history of slavery they find below.

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