In black sign language, a relic of segregation has become a sign of solidarity.

Outbreaks often have been attributed to marginalized groups in society.

The former New York mayor aggressively defended the policy, even though the architects of the policing tactic acknowledged it could be abused by police.

  • Victor Ray
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Latinx in London are just beginning to come into an awareness of themselves as a community, entering a stage parallel to where U.S. Latinx were in the 1960s and ’70s.

  • Ed Morales
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The outbreak has revived some old stereotypes about Chinese food and Chinese people in general.

  • Douglas Wong
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Many of King’s words about allies ring true today.

  • Jeanne Theoharis
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Class is more important in the United Kingdom than in the United States, but race is not irrelevant across the pond.

Wallis said the debate among the religious right over Christian Today's editorial calling for Trump to be removed from office was not the first sign of softening support among evangelicals.

Crump says black and brown people still face systemic injustices in their encounters with police and in the courtroom.

  • Christopher Petrella
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Some Latinos took issue with a decision by UCLA to add “Central American” to the name of the César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o Studies.

  • Daniel Alvarenga
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The major-party presidential tickets have featured two men in all but three elections in U.S. history. Could the 2020 election see an all-female Democratic ticket?

  • Reniqua Allen-Lamphere
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Ellen Ann Fentress says it's time to reckon with the the history of the intentionally discriminatory private schools that sprang up in the South to skirt court-ordered school desegregation.

With his larger-than-life persona and decades-long career, Mercado was widely embraced by Latinos.

  • Monica Castillo
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Dorsey, who stars in the new biopic "Harriet," says acting in stories that focus on slavery and racial injustice "does take a bit out of you, but those stories have to be told."

How to handle cultural appropriation during Halloween.

The California congresswoman began calling for Trump’s impeachment from the day he took the oath of office.

The author of a best-selling book on demographics and politics says the left will lose again if it continues to dodge the issue of race.

Gender disparities in U.S. politics were not upended in a single cycle, despite claims that 2018 marked another Year of the Woman.

  • Kelly Dittmar
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