In the summer of 1994, women of color launched the movement for "reproductive justice" in a full-page ad in The Washington Post.

From the moment presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his campaign with incendiary language about Mexican immigrants, Latinos have been worried about how such characterizations would affect them as one of the nation’s fastest-growing populations.

I’m no stranger to gun violence. Yet this particular brand of gun violence -- fueled by racism and xenophobia -- is very hard to understand and impossible to accept.

  • Arturo Castro
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Large defense manufacturers including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman are seeking to profit from a growing arms race in hypersonic weaponry.

My family also decided to keep my grandmother’s cancer diagnosis a secret from her, just like in the film “The Farewell."

Many white women actively and aggressively protected the wealth and independence that they enjoyed by owning enslaved black people.

The military's remarks and a "Conspiracy" graphic created by Oracle have become flash points in the dispute over a $10 billion government contract that is pitting Amazon, IBM and other big tech firms against one another.

While BTS, the biggest pop group in the world, shatters records, stereotypes are another matter. Online and on television, the K-pop group has gotten backlash for their race. The latest controversy surrounds the Video Music Awards, which introduced a new category for “Best K-pop," prompting fans to ask why the group wasn't included in just pop.

Different people have different visions for what defines America. Which is correct?

Being white and well educated has protected me from the “go back” trope.

Very few Republican women have spoken out against Trump's racist attack when he said that four members of Congress, all women of color, should leave the United States and "go back" to their countries of origin.

  • Sophia A. Nelson
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As tech giants such as Google and Microsoft tout their quantum research programs, a growing start-up community is following suit.

From space, everyone is a citizen.

Are the words of a 19th-century abolitionist relevant to America today?

  • Christopher Petrella
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Military jets including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-22 Raptor and V-22 Osprey are expected to be part of a July 4th flyover meant to demonstrate American military might. The programs also have a history of huge cost overruns and procurement problems.

A new collection by Nuyorican poet Willie Perdomo uses African American and Spanish vernacular to remind us that something in that moment was changing.

  • Ed Morales
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The recent discovery of the Clotilda slave ship has put a spotlight on Africatown, Ala., where residents' oppression has continued for generations after emancipation.

The film has been celebrated for its dexterous treatment of a fraught socio-economic trend roiling cities nationwide: gentrification.

  • Amy Alexander
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The plight of the Central Park Five, and others subjected to incidents of injustice, drew little sympathy from the white community, which felt aggrieved by relentlessly publicized violent crimes committed by young men of color.

  • Ed Morales
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