Very few Republican women have spoken out against Trump's racist attack when he said that four members of Congress, all women of color, should leave the United States and "go back" to their countries of origin.

  • Sophia A. Nelson
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As tech giants such as Google and Microsoft tout their quantum research programs, a growing start-up community is following suit.

From space, everyone is a citizen.

Are the words of a 19th-century abolitionist relevant to America today?

  • Christopher Petrella
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Military jets including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, F-22 Raptor and V-22 Osprey are expected to be part of a July 4th flyover meant to demonstrate American military might. The programs also have a history of huge cost overruns and procurement problems.

A new collection by Nuyorican poet Willie Perdomo uses African American and Spanish vernacular to remind us that something in that moment was changing.

  • Ed Morales
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The recent discovery of the Clotilda slave ship has put a spotlight on Africatown, Ala., where residents' oppression has continued for generations after emancipation.

The film has been celebrated for its dexterous treatment of a fraught socio-economic trend roiling cities nationwide: gentrification.

  • Amy Alexander
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The plight of the Central Park Five, and others subjected to incidents of injustice, drew little sympathy from the white community, which felt aggrieved by relentlessly publicized violent crimes committed by young men of color.

  • Ed Morales
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A new study suggests that although officers and the public support the use of body cameras, they "have not had statistically significant or consistent effects" on officers' behavior or citizens views of police.

The young adult novelist has created a heroine who challenges our notions of taste and class.

The House sponsor of the legislation, which bans abortion at the moment of conception, was a woman. The measure was quickly signed by the state's female governor, Kay Ivey (R).

The first two Muslim women in Congress have been celebrated and castigated for challenging perceptions and policies.

  • Nora Boustany
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A Georgia political scientist says people should not feel comfortable spewing racist and sexist rhetoric.

Gun violence has dramatically changed faculty life on our college campuses, both in how we teach and how we support students.

  • W. Carson Byrd
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The filmmaker's death at age 51 is a reminder of hypertension's danger for African American men.

  • Terry Neal
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People of color often are misidentified as each other in the workplace — even when the resemblance is little more than skin color.

When you peel back the veil of a careless, awkward mistake, you see it for what it truly is: an act of unconscious bias at best, drive-by racism at worst. And it has real consequences for us in the workplace.

Among the diverse groups that make up the Democratic Party, there is disagreement about what makes a candidate electable.

She The People summit in Texas will have women of color asking presidential candidates about their policies and stances.

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