Football scores and schedule, Fall 2018
Overall record: 6 - 3
Last game:
Nov. 2
(L) 31 - 12
# Name Pos Yr Ht Wt
13 Marco Cesaratto QB Jr.
32 Devin Matthews RB/S Jr.
25 Elijah Jeffries WR/RB/S Sr.
7 Darius Easley WR/RB/S/CB Sr.
5 Juan Sanchez RB/LB Jr.
40 Drake Latham RB/LB Jr.
10 Cameron English WR/LB/S Jr.
8 Dylan Wolf WR/LB/S/CB Sr.
1 Daylon Lipscomb WR/C/OG/WR/DT/RB/S/QB/CB/OL/LB/DE/OT/DL/K/TE So.
2 Alexis Giron-Deleon QB/C/WR/OG/DT/RB/S/QB/OL/CB/LB/DE/OT/K/DL/TE So.
4 Noah Jeffries CB/C/WR/OG/DT/RB/S/QB/CB/OL/LB/DE/OT/DL/K/TE Jr.
6 Jack Palmer CB Sr.
9 Michael Lopez LB Sr.
14 Bennett Cooke LB Jr.
12 Kalen Villanueva CB So.
15 KJ Omar WR So.
16 Liam Redman QB Fr.
17 Hunter Robson LB Sr.
18 Dean Kampschror WR/QB/CB So.
20 Angel Matute CB/LB/WR/DE/RB/TE/QB/CB Jr.
22 David Damaio LB/LB/WR/DE/RB/TE/QB/CB Sr.
23 Davis Kampschror LB/LB/WR/DE/RB/TE/QB/CB Jr.
24 Andrew Dokken S/LB/WR/DE/RB/TE/QB/CB/OL So.
27 Ismael Hernadnez CB Jr.
28 Chris Chhon S Jr.
30 Chris Sandoval-Gonzalez CB So.
33 Isaac Marin LB/LB/DE/RB/TE Jr.
34 Tyler Stuart LB/LB/DE/RB/TE Jr.
35 Liam Machabee LB/LB/DE/RB/TE So.
42 Indy Kassy LB/LB/DE/RB/TE So.
44 Jake Beres LB/LB/DE/RB/TE So.
45 Omad Hussein LB/LB/DE/RB/TE Jr.
50 Jose Montes LB/LB/OG/DE/RB/TE Sr.
52 Emerson Pineda Ramiro DE/LB/OG/DE/RB/TE Sr.
54 Ali Al-Ukaily DE/LB/OG/DE/RB/TE Sr.
55 Ethan Jones C/LB/OG/DE/DT/RB/TE Jr.
57 Muaz Ahmed OT/LB/OG/DT/DE/RB/TE Jr.
65 Orlando Rodriguez OG/LB/OG/DT/DE/RB/TE Jr.
67 El Arbi Saleck Jafar OG/LB/OG/DE/DT/RB/TE So.
68 Jovani Octaviano OG/LB/OG/DT/DE/RB/TE Jr.
69 Brandon Ramirez-Moctezuma OG/LB/OG/DT/DE/RB/TE Sr.
75 Chris Quiroga OT/LB/OG/DE/DT/DL/RB/TE Sr.
77 Erik Diaz-Barahona OT/LB/OG/DE/DT/RB/DL/TE Sr.
80 Matthew Iyob WR/C/LB/WR/OG/DT/DE/RB/DL/TE/CB/OL Jr.
84 Jeremiah Lanoue-Chapman WR/C/LB/WR/OG/DE/DT/DL/RB/TE/CB/OL Jr.
97 Connor Healy OL/C/LB/OG/WR/DE/DT/DL/RB/TE/OL/CB So.
98 Muaiz Gasmelsied OL/C/LB/WR/OG/DT/DE/RB/DL/TE/OL/CB So.
99 Robert Ullua OL/C/LB/OG/WR/DT/DE/RB/DL/TE/CB/OL So.
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