Amelia Morán Ceja
Panelist, On Small Business

In 1999, Ceja Vineyards, Inc. was founded and Amelia Morán Ceja became the first Mexican-American woman to be president of a wine production company. Under her leadership, Inc. Magazine selected Ceja Vineyards “Entrepreneur of the Year 2004” (one of seven) in the January 2005 issue. In addition, Ceja Vineyards was named “Best New Winery” in 2002 by more than 90 of the world’s most prestigious wine writers, case production has increased from 750 cases to 10,000 cases per year, Ceja wines have received numerous awards and extensive media coverage, and Ceja wines are offered at some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the United States including The French Laundry. Her contributions to the wine industry were recognized on March 15, 2005, when she was named “Woman of the Year” by the California Legislature.