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Anne Arundel County and Howard County home sales

June 13, 2019 at 9:23 AM

Anne Arundel County


Boxwood Rd., 43-Nils M. Reuter to Macklin C. and Zolia Cano, $250,000.

Chatham Lane, 231-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to David Reid, $260,000.

Chesapeake Harbour Dr., 2192-Arnold and Sarah Anne Vestal to Alex M. Chehansky and Grace C. Sterritt, $870,000.

Forest Hills Ave., 933-Leslie and Justin Sean Brady to Heather A. McCgair, $279,900.

Holly Dr., 422-Daniel W. and Melissa Pohl to Edward James and Jessica A. Littleton, $415,000.

Lake Heron Dr., 1115, No. 1B-David F. and Toni Lynn Cofer to Lynn Powers, $235,000.

Narragansett Ave., 3402-Helen Darlene Pisani to James P. Yoke, $710,000.

President St., 1127-RB Realty Corp. to Patrick C. and Felice A. Willis, $162,500.

Rockway Ave., 3427-Brenda J. Davis and Frances J. Taylor to James E. Hendrson, $187,500.

Severn Ave., 111-Sally P. Cohen to Suzanne G. and Allen M. Tubis, $730,000.

Silverwood Cir., 24, No. 10-Aliceteen M. Mangum to Douglas R. and Sandra L. Soucy, $125,000.

Van Buren St., 1106-Linda Bloom Ambrose to Susan K. Donaldson, $310,000.

Woods Dr., 195-Steve D. Austin to Hugo Daniel Lemus, $275,000.


Boom Ct., 1009-Edward D. and Beverly E. Eanes to Ronald D. and Barbara A. Wells, $400,000.

Carriage Hill Pkwy., 1052-Mark R. and Tracy S. Pimpo to Benjamin Norman and Analise Devoe Shea, $620,000.

Course Dr. W., 2541-Gilbert P. Gozalez to Charles Donald Mullkin, $450,000.

Fairfax Rd., 1947-Inga H. Mendale and Elizabeth Huckenpoehler to Christopher Galbraith, $385,000.

Kimberwicke Pl., 1843-John K. Crouse to Rory M. and Amanda B. Quiller, $565,000.

Leftwich Lane, 549-Brookfield Admiral Square Corp. to Leslie Ann Tomaselli, $385,180.

Leftwich Lane, 565-Brookfield Admirals Squares to Cahrlyn Cassady and Randall Avers, $398,960.

Monticello Ave., 98-Harold and Mary A. Quayle to Croom Lawrence, $644,000.

Perry Landing Ct., 900-Frederick R. Franke Jr. and Alvey and Elfreide Boyle Alvey to Barbara J. Morris, $399,900.

Samuel Chase Way, 530-Kosal and Mary Grace Pang to Kevin D. Caldwell and Jessica A. Howard, $385,000.

Simms Dr., 111-Stephen J. Heise to Douglas Nutter and Lisa Grube, $349,000.

Tudo Ct., 2518-William C. Lambors to Judith A. Wiest, $280,000.

Woodlawn Ave., 120-Thomas and John R. Rayhart to Sarah E. Evans, $430,000.


Blakiston Ct., 1009-Shannan L. Newcomb and Michael Zeller to Kurtis Bradley and Andraya Walther, $477,000.

Comanche Rd., 1569-Richard S. and Alyssa Czyzewski to Nicole and Patrick James Donegan, $749,000.

Grindstone Dr., 306-Agnes E. McEneaney to Phillip A. and Deanna L. White, $645,600.

Match Point Dr., 758-Leslie Watson to Anthony M. Barnett and Brittnay L. Kemmer, $226,000.

Raintree Dr., 288-Judy M. and Johan F. Wardell to Kelsey A. and Jasson G. Miller, $460,000.

Talon Ct., 612-Nicole D. and Megan D. Beddia to Sabina M. and Donald R. Lilley, $345,000.


Arundel Rd. W., 210-Mehboob T. Chhagan to Barbara A. Zermo, $220,000.

Cherry Bark Lane, 768-Steven M. Goirrick Jr. to Matilda and Arthur Decker, $270,000.

Edgevale Rd. W., 234-313 Washington Ave. Corp. to Dione N. Johnson, $135,000.

Redmond St., 5812-Lenora C. Ferrin to Jonathan and Jocelyn Miden, $209,500.


Broadneck Pl., 1505, No. 2-203-Karen B. Madsen and Karen M. Callaghan to Ronald J. Wagner, $290,000.

Deep Creek View, 516-Shawn Eaton to Kyle M. and Ashleigh Franks, $450,000.

Lake Claire Dr., 1048-Paul Keller to Dennis R. and Kristin Myers, $416,500.

Revell Downs Dr., 1620-Leslie S. Caffey to Russell Philip and Alenice Monteiro Carlton, $250,000.

Snow Goose Lane, 606-Karen L. and Karen I. Geiser to Diane Y. Temple Mcready, $415,000.

Winchester Rd., 1515-Christine Braathen to Stephen S. Johnson and Christina S. Han, $812,500.


Exeter St., 5527-Charles A. Garland and Merinda S. Grill to Emily Christine Rasp, $297,500.


Ambling Cir., 2568-Stuart D. Cotterill and Rose Taylor to Jose J. Sanchez Jienez and Betty M. Farjardo Sanchez, $280,000.

Chainbridge Ct., 2108-Carolina Y. Estill to Richard M. and Heather Carman, $545,000.

Gaffney Ct., 1720-David C. Mahan to David D. Winder, $279,500.

Knights Bridge Turn, 1424-Richard J. Trauo and Beth S. Schlein to Pricila H. and Mairan M. Teodoro, $430,000.

Queens Ct. E., 1862-Paul A. and Donna R. Filosa to Heather Brown and Joseph Heverly, $457,980.

Sharwood Pl., 1857-Ingrid M. Savingnac to Theda Y. Rose, $274,900.

Thornbury Ct., 1433-David E. and Sharon G. Moul to Hirenkumar T. Jethva, $390,000.


Algonquin Rd., 1244-Davenport and Nell B. West to David N. and Julia F. Lauver, $785,000.

Eddy Rd., 729-Harry H. and Janice Ann Crowe to Jacob Lars and Danielle S. Livoni, $295,000.

Kyle Rd., 452-Bank of America to James M. and Sharon G. Doulgas, $179,000.

Severnview Dr., 1175-Jeffrey A. and Laura R. Ferguson to Amy Hasenei and Eric Eisenbeiser, $380,000.


Cox Cove Ct., 1346-Michele L. Moore to Matthew S. Bates, $250,000.

Lighthouse Ct., 1509-Steven R. Rigg to Jocelyn M. Cox, $259,000.

Waterway Ct., 1359-James P. Murgne to George C. and Lisa Karin McDowell, $326,000.


Maiden Creek Ct., 2907-Glenn J. and Donna M. Randall to John E. and Bernice L. Sanders, $990,000.


Greenridge Dr., 340-John H. McNish and Pamela A. Butler to Scott A. and Kourtney E. Walker, $425,000.


Cambridge Rd., 1603-A&T; Builders Inc. to Tiffany A. Navas and Brett D. Baseley, $390,000.

Chesapeake Dr., 1705-Jason M. Snyder to Virginia Marie Atkinson, $299,900.

Evelyn Gingell Ave., 3609-Michael Stephen and Rebecca Oliver to Jonathan R. Albers and Elizabeth R. Chisolm, $325,000.

Highland Dr., 517-Dennis Richard and Bandy Pruitt Taylor to Dixie L. Roberts, $240,000.

Loch Haven Dr., 3550-David and Katrina Coker to Michele N. Montesano, $419,900.

Overhill Dr., 530-Eugene D. and Patricia D. Juba to Michael A. and Amanda E. Reilly, $1.18 million.

Solomons Island Rd., 2657-Barry Ferguson Saunders and Alexander Dee Esposito to Erica Hall Houser, $360,000.

Two Rivers Dr., 92-Jeannie M. and Michael R. Tesh to Robin A. and Christopher J. Gergamini, $390,000.

10th Ave., 3611-Stephen R. and Joni I. Carmen to Tracy L. Hall, $409,500.


Jacob Way, 2226-NVR Inc. to Lamont E. and Kristie L. Blakely, $813,575.

Symphony Lane, 2465-Kevin and Suzanne Davis to Marcus and Gwendolyn Johnson, $550,000.

Winfields Lane, 1529-Millard Copley Jr. and Svetalna Pavlosvskaya to Oladiji O. and Umoke Omisore, $635,000.


Gatewood Ct., 423-Jennifer A. Johnson and Kenneth Lee Wayne Johnson Jr. to Jesse and Leah Joseph, $170,000.

Hyde Park Dr., 754-Art Homes Corp. to Chad E. and Michelle P. Morral, $309,000.

Lincoln Ave., 104-James Robert Walker and Carol Anne Walker to Mengshi Wu, $214,900.

Milton Ave., 505-Wills Real Estate Investment Corp. to Neil Anthony Kavades, $275,000.

Phirne Rd. W., 393-Karen F. Kruemmel and Karen F. McLaughlin to Maria Martinez De Cid, $270,000.

Wimmer Rd., 522-Brady and Brooks Huttinger to Carly Hynson, $232,000.

Fifth Ave. SE, 415-Christopher Austin to Darian Darrel George, $197,500.


Blue Water Ct., 304, No. 201-Robert F. Bailey and Patricia A. Bailey to Isabella M. Rowlett, $152,550.

Chester Cir., 8-Derrick A. Hammel to Louis and Sallynn H. Schmitz, $195,000.

Dorchester Rd., 133-Shawn Honcock to Jocob S. Miller, $268,500.

Glenside Way, 813-Raymond P. Hodge and Michelle Antoinette Vigil Hodge to David Kiser and Devon Snedden, $345,000.

Heritage Crossing, 6947-Jonathan James Taylor and Kimberly Anne Louise Taylor to Andrew E. and Moranima Landestoy, $440,000.

Ingrahm Dr., 7016-Suzanne Redding to Tawanna L. Williams, $300,000.

Margate Dr., 203-Robynn D. Squires to Orville Bradford, $329,888.

Palm Tree Cir., 904-RMG Investments Inc. to Bernadette C. and James K. Vesper, $305,000.

Wren Way, 2707-Geoffrey I. and Ashley M. Ward to Nestor S. Melgar, $242,900.


Amber Crest Rd., 2714-Fernando Sepulveda and Sandra M. Cadavid to Jin Hyuk Park, $375,000.

Fieldstone Ct., 1717-Stoney R. Corp. to Scott Anthony Horras, $365,000.

Kidwell Ct., 7704-Thomas J. Laughlin to Agata E. Toplewska, $210,000.

Pritchards Lane, 1505-Josh W. McCallister and G. Michael Dufour to Andrew P. Francis and Monika F. Orthner, $545,000.

Terraview Ct., 7728-Robert Watson Fason to Dante M. Monakil, $415,000.


Downing Lane, 2708-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Melissa R. Murphy, $331,142.


Crooked Tree Lane, 8536-Betty Kelly Jackson to Xiomara Olmeda, $380,000.

Floating Leaf Lane, 3553, No. D104-John Garland and Michael Tidwell to Ryan Langley, $222,000.

Lyndhurst St., 8322-John Daniel and Katelyn Elizabeth Jackman to Samuel David Hunter, $365,000.

Shannons Aly., 8101-Option 1 Properties Corp. to Chandra Brown, $375,000.


Cheddington Rd., 324-Susan Masciarelli and Bernard H. Sensibaugh to Matthew David and Carly Elizabeth Schreiner, $215,000.

Fairmount Rd., 539-Thomas A. and Georgia Lupica to John Charles and Melissa Suzanne Riddle, $400,000.

Lynvue Rd., 921-Mary Teresa Power and William R. Nicholson to Megan Elaine and Kenneth M. Bruce, $244,900.

Wooddale Rd., 700-John Stegemerten Sr. to Thomas R. Dignan, $280,000.


Anna Lane, 809-Tracy and Devin Kenney to Lee S. and Patricia A. Ferrell, $399,000.

Caracle Ct., 629-Francine L. and William J. Cairns to Jerry K. and Janice M. Shirlen, $395,000.

Tanager Dr., 1170-Doman O. and Kathleen K. Mearthur to Michael J. and Kathryn L. Hickey, $550,000.


Birch Ave., 812-Holfand Point Enterprises Corp. to Matthew W. and Jessica B. Pruett, $439,000.


Bluffs Island Ct., 1709-John T. Myers to Joseph S. Schwab, $284,900.

Chessington Dr., 318, No. 9-Thomas Sand to Kevin Y. Zhang, $314,000.

Commissary Cir., 2262-Joanne Cho to Brandon J. and Janee Davids, $302,000.

Dragon Fly Way, 2699-Classic Group Corp. to Charles Ernest Block Jr., $584,222.

Fluttering Leaf Trail, 8612, No. 401-Myunghee and Nicholas C. Willis to William R. and Kathleen J. Witterschein, $228,750.

Gatehouse Lane, 304I, No. 304I-Bina Jackson to Lillian Rollins, $165,000.

Kirbys Landing Ct., 207-Lisette Monique Taylor and Milton S. Taylor to Ramez W. Habib and Christine Ibrahim, $260,000.

Lions Gate Lane, 650-Bridget J. Pickett to Ashley Sinclair, $253,000.

Rainy Spring Ct., 2676-Russell A. and Carolyn Roder to Jennifer M. Ayala Cortez and Rosa D. Ayala, $277,000.

St. Michaels Cir., 262-Terre K. and Ivelin Stefanova to Joshua R. and Enola J. Biranbaum, $309,900.

Thornbrook Ct., 2724-David P. and Lisa J. Ash to Dominic Dorian Zottoli, $329,500.


Allen Ave., 1036-Darrin M. Sita to Eric S. Medlin and Olivia L. Lohmeyer, $333,000.


Beach Ave., 304-FPS Property Corp. to Dean Allen, $326,500.

Carroll Rd., 126-Joanne M. and Denis P. Dement to Avery Gable, $260,000.

Central Ave., 7757-Jackqueline S. Hobbs and Susan I. Lobaugh to Michael A. Markey, $219,000.

Cokesbury Ct., 3512-Dante and Adwoa Winder to William R. Metzer, $377,000.

Druid Hill Ave., 915-Residential Value Corp. to Jack Sunshing and Jillian R. Walters, $365,000.

Long Point Rd., 1523-Dominick J. and Shannon S. Milazzo to David E. Ark and Dennis Paul Stern, $365,000.

Mayford Ave., 7832-Hogar Community Reinvestment Corp. to Kristin West and Garrett Goralski, $262,500.

Milburn Cir., 46-Scott and Dana Simms to Cynthia Ahn Hannon, $410,000.

Pepperbox Lane, 7900-Zachary J. Moore to Jessica M. Warf, $310,000.

Rose Crown Cir., 2946-James Robert Brinn and Josephine Prinn to Charles Richter Jr., $245,000.

Sahalee Ct., 8936-HSBC Bank to Elizabeth Jacob, $705,000.

Silver Cir., 4-Robert P. Death and Mary F. Death to Taylor and Michelle Morin, $249,900.

Ward Rd., 4006-Francis W. Giles VI and Megan L. Giles to Austin V. Meirick and Allison M. Caines, $370,000.

207th St., 802-Art Homes Corp. to Derick W. Samuelson and Ciara N. Booth, $309,000.


Breckenridge Way, 3222-Christopher J. and Robin A. Bergamini to Moise Devillier Jr., $700,000.


Andorick Dr., 7945-James Joseph McIntyre III to Matthew and Keyyseha Lee Barber, $419,900.

Canyon Oak Dr., 8312-Toll MD Vill Partnership to Patrick G. and Cherie M. Brown, $683,593.

Coldwater Reserve Crossing, 1540-Jeffrey and Jennifer Wall to David W. and Sharmaine L. Hornsby, $625,500.

Durness Ct., 8210-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Lich Tran, $67,500.

Golden Pine Cir., 7837-Richard and Ellen L. Jones to Jonathan E. Munnik, $400,000.

Hollow Ct., 8122-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Todd and Kristen Heller, $311,439.

Lasalle Pl., 1784-Reuben D. and Rodine Goldsberry to Carmen V. Garcia and Harold Benton Bob, $422,900.

North Ave., 7884-Diana M. Brooke to Frederick J. Flanagan, $260,000.

Sunhaven Way, 7876-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Saramma and Bobby J. Abraham, $570,000.


Boone Trail, 58-Ruth T. Anderson to Michael B. and Melissa A. McGurk, $725,000.

Cedar Rd., 47-Dorothy G. Johnson to Bryan Shayne and Melissa Kathleen Koslosky, $540,000.

Cypress Rd., 606-Jeffrey C. and Regina L. Biuk to Cjhristopher M. and Sarah Mildred Bochenek, $525,000.

Giddings Ave., 110-Sedgley M. Claire to Michelle Passmore, $410,000.

Hucknall Ct., 415-Cartus Corp. to Justin and Lindsay Massar Short, $469,900.

Lakeview Cir., 522-Scott Swahl and Nancy Fratus to John C. Moore, $755,000.

Oak Landing Ct., 276-Robert W. and Elaine C. Cook to Michael Robert and Megan S. Achatz, $1.39 million.

St. Andrews Rd., 28-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Jefferey and Dena Terra, $499,000.

Weybridge Cir., 701-Betty Jean and Richard Hood Harryman to Brendan N. and Kathryn Putke, $422,000.


Cedar Ave., 1705-1705 Cedar Avenue Corp. to Brandi Cheyenne, Steven Michael and Jenna Marie Wiley, $407,000.

Howard County


Buckskin Lake Dr., 4200-Gregory and Carol Brown to Shivakumar Naravanan and Sanjivani Kolge, $775,000.

Evergreen Way, 3110-James R. Ronney and John L. Rooney and Audrey M. Roone to Asha Kumar Marakath, $417,500.

Golf Island Rd., 2609-Thomas L. and Lori A. Wilson to Michelle Trabosh, $850,400.

Lindera Ct., 5044-NVR Inc. to Mendus and Detty Chelapurath, $1.53 million.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10551, No. 74-Irving N. Mehu to Simon W. Seo, $469,000.

Pebble Beach Dr., 3022-John A.D. Amato and Barbara F.D. Amato to David L. and Darcy K. McKenzie, $577,500.

Splendid View, 9614-David A. and Theresa G. Fitton to Anthony G. and Andrea Veronica Hastings, $500,000.

View Top Rd., 3896-Dennis F. and Nancy L. Kritzmacher to Mark and Julie Recene, $575,000.


Jamesway Ct., 5421-Elizabeth Alice Coastes and Elizabeth A. Becraft to Scott, Liesi A. and Liesi A. Freinberg, $795,000.

River Hill Overlook Dr., 6304-Young and Terry Choi to Sundararajah Nathikudi and Rekharani Mudumbi, $985,000.

Western Sea Run, 5745-Michelle Rose Taylor to Sangjae Lee and Jion Park, $628,000.

Wolverton Ct., 7200-Alan Brian and Carol Carey to Khawaja Omair Husain and Mehreen Zaman Khan, $935,000.


Carved Stone, 7217-Kaneene Livingston and Kaneene M. Armstead to Kennisha Firstley, $302,000.

Delphinium Ct., 5465-Thomas J. and Barbara R. Mongello to Trevor D. and Rachel M. Swan, $429,900.

Flicker Pl., 9005-Steven Bryant and Mary Brown to Eric D. Teyes and Erminia L. Colata, $325,000.

Goose Landing Cir., 8827-Fei Xie and Fei Wen to Jiaqi Gong and Lina Zhao, $347,000.

Honeycomb Gate, 6114-Evangeline H. Hawthorne to Asha Kiran Karri, $340,000.

Lark Brown Rd., 8408-Lark Brown Holdings Corp. to Nestor R. and Leticia O. Benavides, $457,000.

Morning Calm Way, 6115-Dale L. and Jody T. Franklin to Christine L. Borges and George Lawson Hauprfunhere, $565,000.

Pushcart Way, 9822-Sergio A. Ramos and Maghann M. Casey to Tamieca A. McCloud and Tania Lee Tavares, $475,000.

Shining Oceans Way, 8905, No. 9-Sharon Vollmerhausen to Gordon and Sharon Fuller, $467,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5860, No. B4-Matthew Charles Lyon and Huang Ching Man Lyon to Kyrylo Kravchenko, $103,000.

White Peach Pl., 6418-Burton J. and Joan W. Alexander to Gustavo Adolfa Gaviria Galvez and Lyda Eugenia Holguin Palacios, $427,000.


Ashton Park Ct., 6208-William and Alison Wagner to Michael F. and Kathleen O. Wittlif, $521,000.

Bright Passage, 11765-Denise Svenson to Joseph R. and Laura Shaw, $395,000.

Cloudburst Hill, 5009-Jamienguyen to Lillian M. Shepherd, $388,000.

Cottonwood Way, 10717-Robert J. and Theresa A. Cornish to H. and Kumkum A. Rahman, $450,000.

Eliots Oak Rd., 5380-Dena Engineering Corp. to Brian Edward Simon, $300,000.

Faulkner Ridge Cir., 10466, No. 7-Stephen D. Leedy to Jessica E. Leedy, $180,000.

High Beam Ct., 10628-Michael F. Broom to Wei Shi, $300,000.

Lightfoot Path, 5213-Robert S. Becker to Robert P. Michel, $345,000.

Morning Time Lane, 6324-Michael J. and Dalene A. Radcliffe to Bryan J. and Lili Garrard, $605,000.

Powder Run, 11264, No. A-26-8-Marian Ruth Kavanagh and Marian Ruth Scheinholtz to Kimberly Marie Hudock, $187,500.

Silent Dell Lane, 6984-James Albert Shelton and Paul Elizabeth Shelton to Donald E. and Melanie A. Lewis, $550,000.

Summer Sunrise Dr., 6405-Thomas David and Kelly Smith Singer to Tyler J. and Nicholas R. Grossi, $690,000.

Triangle Dr., 6106-Pavel A. Obgolz to Alonda L. Woodley and Byron T. Vaughan, $505,000.

Whitewasher Way, 10370-Elizabeth A. Duvall and Kna Elizabeth Duvall Goldstein to Justin and Rachel Gilpin, $464,000.


Fox Creek Ct., 14313-Thomas Gregory and Deanna Lynn Talbott to Ugandhar Rao and Vinula Vemulapalli, $980,000.


Point Breeze Dr., 13812-Castleberry at Ten Oaks Corp. to Michael W. and Margaret F. Decampo, $530,000.


Bluff Point Lane, 7677-Philip M. and Krsiti Comeau to Qing Guan and Lin Deng, $262,000.

Dagny Way, 7733-Beazer Homes Corp. to Raghuveer Kolanu, $454,717.

Deep Falls Way, 7138, No. 153-Wells Fargo Bank to Mohan Reddy and Roopa Abbavaram, $226,000.

Green Field Rd., 6335, No. 1703-Victoria A. Boettcher and Victoria Lewis to Matthew Slappo, $180,000.

Hillrise Ct., 8014-Janis L. and Daniel L. Goulette to Aisha B. Rivera Margarin, $305,000.

Manchester Way, 6231-Rebecca Mulhollem to Casey Rivest, $345,000.

Oak Grove Way, 7003, No. 96-Vinay Kumar and Rupa Sameera Vuyyuru to Ammar Nizar Bulbul, $335,000.

Owen Kellogg Ct., 7707-Beazer Homes Corp. to Wayne Q. and Evelyn D. Williams, $423,450.

Roland Ct., 8008-Fitzgeald and Bernadelt Campbell to Dong Lyul and Myung Suk Kim, $535,000.

Sandpiper Ct., 6239, No. 4-Kristen M. Wagner and Kristen Marie Schmanke to Kevin M. Gough, $209,900.

Wild Honey Way, 7428-Nima and Sarah Khazaeli to Anver S. and Saleem M. Khan, $337,000.


Autumn Harvest, 8574-National Transfer Services Corp. to Xuefang Cao and Yu Zhao, $550,000.

Bonnybridge Pl., 3826-Saeed and Asia Malik to Mark M. Kabue, $339,500.

Carson Ct., 5217-Wilmington Trust to James and Melissa Gorman, $691,000.

Edgewood Rd., 3152-Sirel Mouchntaf to Rick Joseph Migliore, $490,000.

Gawain Dr., 4744-Michael Wintrode to Paul Y. and Jill A. Lee, $430,000.

Hickory High Ct., 8125, No. R-Kathleen Kerry Burbank and Jonathan Burbank to Margaret J. and Paul J. Chambers, $307,000.

Kensington Gardens, 2520, No. 302-Cornelious O. and Mary E. Wyehe to Zenoba S. Stephens, $304,000.

Manahan Dr., 8740-Zhengrong and Qiu C. Wu to Cuiying Zheng and Xiaoyu Wu, $340,000.

Nottingham Way, 8014-Tyrell William and Valerie Nelle Fawcett to Kenneth Harrison and Jessica M. Izzi, $490,000.

Quiet Shade Lane, 7508-Rebecca T. and Damon B. Boughamer to Matthew Plough, $535,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8789-Richard T. and Marsha L. Byas to Gregory Godson, $455,000.

Westminster Rd., 2780, No. 61-Frank D. and Bonita Meyer to Andrea J. and Donald W. McDowell, $525,000.


Elmwood Rd., 7711-Joseph V. and Molly E. Pitcher to Christopher M. and Robin J. Murray, $761,000.

Iager Blvd., 11401-Chin Woo and Chong Hun An to James and Danielle Tobin, $530,000.

Tawes St., 8917-Edward Park and Jihyun Shin to Wayne and Amy H. Xu, $585,000.


Bold Ruler Ct., 3704-Tommy R. and Lori L. Best to Diego M. De Sanude and Kariun De Sanude, $933,000.


Willow Birch Dr., 3602-James B. Waller to Michael K. Hantke, $1.2 million.


Holly Marie Rd., 6407-Live Fearless in Christ Corp. to Ashenafi Ayehu Zeleke and Bezuhan Derbew Abawa, $439,900.


Isle Of Mann Way, 13141-John H. and Sung H. Kim to Ali Darwish, $645,000.


Joshua Grayson Dr., 7209-Leon A. and Sabrina B. Beresford to Lisa C. Beresford, $399,000.

Sharewood Dr., 7747-Susan Finamore to Raymond E. Hess, $250,000.


Balmy Dew Way, 7110-Jessica B. and Jason D. Hummel to Jeremiah D. Hess, $323,000.

Clocktower Lane, 9627-Alynn M. Albert to Yuri Ishida, $324,900.

Skyrock Ct., 8932-John G. and Michelle L. Wiland to James Robert and Angela L. Jackson, $306,801.

Weather Worn Way, 7607, No. C-Marjoir I. Jurd to Jack R. Coleman, $145,000.


John Gravel Rd., 2241, No. 4-NVR Inc. to George and Katherine Allmon, $311,855.


Boundless Shade Terr., 9608-Charles and Joanna Campbell to Anthony Gomes, $500,000.

Charmed Days, 8461-Rachel J. and Morey N. Kogul to Joseph H. and Sonya Park, $425,000.

Donnan Castle Ct., 9601-Dakha and Tusharkumar Patel to William A. Quade III, $328,000.

Harding Rd., 10646-Dorothy A. and Gary Grauel to Kelly A. Werle, $251,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8420, No. E-Carol Pohlman to Deporres and Leisia Brightful, $280,000.

Lilac Park Dr., 9100, No. 19-David C. Wajsgras to Janette S. Hall, $229,900.

Moonshine Hollow, 9070, No. N-Sheila Cooke to Bao H. Vuong, My Ngoc Nguyen and Minh Hoang Bui, $140,000.

Redbridge Ct., 9221-Brian N. Lounsbury to Quang Ngoc Kein, Hanh Thi My Kein and Quoc Vinh Kein, $251,000.

Sewall Ave., 9220-Kaushikbhai D. and Mayaben K. Patel to Olayoyin O. Adekola, $459,900.

Tumbleweed Run, 9120, No. E-Debra W. Fitzgerald to John and Elizabeth Karley, $135,001.


Route 144, 13605-Christopher Oscar Esposito and Molly Hannah Fredette to Matthew and Raquel Schaffner, $545,000.


Chambers Ct., 11100, No. A-Paul B. and Barbara A. Kalafos to John A. McColgan, Patricia J. McColgan, Amy M. Page and Thomas Page, $300,000.

Red Dahlia Dr., 10736-Mendis and Detty M. Chelapurath to Kevin Bin Zhang and Diane Bihui Xu, $750,000.

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