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home sales

September 12, 2018 at 8:42 AM

District of Columbia


Blaine St., 4011-Jeremy Dustin Maldonado and Ryan Michael Newcomb to Jeremy Dustin Maldonado, $415,000.

C St., 648-Charles E. Marks and Deborah L. Tyczenski to Kathern L. Lewis, $1.6 million.

D St., 1823-Focusworks Corp. to Eduardo Jose Garcia and Johana Reyes, $614,000.

E St., 1620-E Street Condominiums Corp. to Makeda D. Haileselassie, $540,000.

Half Moon Pl., 2174-30th Street Crescent Corp. to Justin Vogt, $366,100.

Hansberry Ct., 3702-Zachary S. and Christina Long to Lisa R. Russell-Woods, $567,600.

Lee St., 5040-Dap Homes Corp. to Latoya Phelps-Butler, $440,000.

Montello Ave., 1434-Fernando O. Aguirre to Luis Fernando and Karta Yesenia Aguirre, $390,000.

Morse St., 1227, No. 4-Nicholas Szombathy and Chelsea Claire Thompson to Sarah Rachel Wilson, $675,000.

Nicholson St., 759-Congressional Homes Corp. to Babe C. Garais and Adie C. Flores, $569,900.

Quincy Pl., 51-51 Quincy Corp. to David Chardack, $829,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5063-Infinity Capital Group Corp. to Glendell Bailey, $279,000.

Taylor St., 1324-Deborah A. White and Merrill Cohen to Bhupinder Mathaudhu and Carmen Vogt, $450,000.

W St., 415, No. A-Jordan Kupersmith to Joseph Darcy Henchman and Ethan Bishop, $580,000.

Third St., 601-Stuart James Long and Cheryl M. Long to George William Rabbe Jr. and Brittany Leigh Prime, $1.14 million.

Fourth St., 416-Henry T. Miller to Walker Barrett and Brandon Scott, $1.01 million.

Sixth Pl., 5000-Katie and Thomas Keiper to Cathleen E. Gallagher and Matthew M. Seymour, $532,000.

11th St., 137, No. 3-John A. Joseph Jr. to Margaret H. Meehan, $285,000.

12th St., 935-Anb 3232 P Street Corp. to Kathleen Eder and Gregory Erdman, $653,333.

13th St., 431-John E. Hilsman to Thomas H. Snow and Hudson T. Hollister, $850,000.

16th St., 1257-Eric Kollig to Jennifer Weinberg, $510,000.

20th St., 833-Shaun P. Rieley to Sava A. Tshontikidis and Brittany C. Pineros, $567,380.

26th St., 2904-Alfreda Hyson and Charmisa Adams to Reginald Rollin Godin, $430,000.

33rd St., 148-148 33rd Street Corp. to Jessica A. Hawkins, $376,500.


Adams St., 19, No. 1-Nicole D. Drake to Moiz B. Khambaty, $690,000.

Belmont Rd., 1821, No. 7-Jason Cassidy to Katija Jelicic, $599,000.

Butternut St., 809-Israel Smith and Deborah Blakeley to Joshua Segal and Patricia Cruz Trabanino, $815,000.

California St., 2205, No. 504-Julia N. Moe to Sasha N. Page and Laurie Levy-Page, $1.13 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4200, No. 916-Rosalie K. Sullivan to Valerie Lacarte and Julio Cesar Guity Guevara, $295,000.

Chesterfield Pl., 2807-Sheri Ann and Scott Michael Gilman to Therese D. and Ivor A. Pritchard, $3.15 million.

Clydesdale Pl., 1801-Bina Pravinchandra Sheladia to Raymond Moussazadeh, $172,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2854-Devin Weiss to William T. and Kelly O’Malley, $325,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 614-John F. Rice to Hannah L. and Harold S. Lappin, $515,000.

D St., 631-Gilberto Cardenas to Thomas Michael Simplot and Scot Nelson Wade, $525,000.

E St., 616, No. 911-Tulsi and Farah Ramchandani to Najma Absar, $460,000.

Fairmont St., 1230, No. 3-Jochen Schmittmann to Thomas F. Schaller and Laura A. Siemer, $879,900.

Foxhall Rd., 1407-Monboladji and Temilola Fatoyinbo Agueh to Jeffrey Harrison Goldsmith and Jessica Ruth Newman, $898,000.

Hamilton St., 1333-Ward Andrew Huff and Maya E. Brown to Daniel G. Ball and Michael A. Barboza, $695,000.

Jefferson St., 617, No. 302-Gregory Lee Finch to Jeremy Hardy, $390,000.

Kirby St., 1214-Nantucket Holdings to Mohammad R. Hafezi, $529,500.

Lamont St., 1651, No. L1-Angie Gupta to Elizabeth Riley, $315,000.

Longfellow St., 436-Ernest C. Brown to Patricia L. Jones, $425,000.

M St., 406, No. 2-Robyn E. Peters to Cody Villella, $600,000.

Madison St., 826-826 Madison KNS Corp. to Ivy S. Morgan and Sharlina Hussain-Morgan, $760,000.

N St., 2301, No. 213-Carrie M. Ward and Howarrd N. Bierman to Umar Ahmed, $448,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1930, No. 4-Matthew M. Gray to Allan Robertson Hanckel III and Katherine Dorethe Hagerty Hanckel, $531,500.

New York Ave., 475-475 NY Avenue Corp. to Arin Damar, $459,900.

Oak St., 1412-James P. Dann to Olga Andrea Coronado, $810,000.

Ontario Rd., 2853-Rachel B. Perks to Adam Kenneth Pawluk and Davon Michael Collins, $500,000.

P St., 2704-Nasreen Ahmed to Carlyle P. Thorsen, $815,000.

Phelps Pl., 1835-Carl Gosta Steve Ljungman to Soeren Urbansky and Jingru Teng, $585,700.

Q St., 2516, No. Q301-Jonathan T. Beach to William R. Andrews, $1.4 million.

Randolph St., 827-Ryan Ustick and Sarah Soun to Benjamin Ferraro and Jenevieve Discar, $825,000.

Rittenhouse St., 1312-Reginald Young to Mohammad Reza Motarefi and Fakhnozzaman Nesvaderani, $431,000.

S St., 75-75 S Street NW Corp. to Stacie Hayes, $1.23 million.

T St., 1738, No. 4-Timothy L. and Amanda C. Wilson to Jeffrey and Sarah Blomstedt, $716,000.

U St., 1767, No. 1-Carol S. Blumenthal to Matthew J. Dornic and Kyle Clarke Volpe, $310,000.

Upshur St., 1816-Peter and Madonna Donnellan to Luis F. Paditla and Karen B. Mazie, $1.14 million.

Varnum St., 414-414 Varnum Street Partners Corp. to Thomas Joshua and Emily Hershenson, $785,000.

Wallach Pl., 1314-Christopher S. Siddall to Joshua N. Drian, $1.14 million.

Westover Pl., 4314-Sean and Jeanmarie C. Ragan to Andrew L. Stern, $1.05 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 2828, No. 314-Anne Elizabeth Schneiders and Gregory S. Schneiders to Greg and Marie H. Schneiders, $354,060.

First St., 2108, No. 2-Veronique Salins to Margaret D. Thomas, $849,000.

Second St., 5201-Juan Carlos Esparza Ochoa and Elizabeth Quevedo to Kathleen H. and Mark A. Greenwald, $680,000.

Fourth St., 5300-Kayon Hutchinson and Eujennie Quinland to Zuri H. Goss, $700,000.

Seventh St., 777, No. 1134-Maria-Jones A. and Kendall C. Clark to Peter Dunbar and Madonna Flaherty Donnellan, $735,000.

Eighth St., 4805-Filia Ventures Corp. to Daniel Jackson and Erin Sorrell, $764,200.

11th St., 2703-2703 11th Street Corp. to Arathi Srijaya Rao, $560,000.

13th St., 1245, No. 810-Lindsey E. Perdue to Diana E. Stewart, $401,776.

14th St., 1133, No. 807-Graham M. Dunstan to Jonathan A. Dixon, $293,500.

14th St., 4120, No. 5-Rayza and Miguel Angel Irene to Dominique L. Lamb, $175,500.

16th St., 2001, No. 405-Carolyn J. Allen to Keegan D. Barber, $390,000.

16th St., 3420, No. 506-Audrey Marie Spencer to Monica Pons, $449,000.

18th St., 3324, No. 2-Christopher Norman to Sally E. Sarratt and Maria G. Swearingen, $595,750.

25th St., 1111, No. 715-Abraham A. and Debra Sunshine Cherrick to Michael Alan Gee, $520,000.

30th Pl., 5429-James C. and Lori M. Farley to April Michelle Elliott, $954,999.

33rd St., 1615-Robbin F. Hill to Amaris Futoryan and Leonid Shayayev, $960,000.


A St., 4612-Mampusi Ralejoe to Judith J. Forde, $320,000.

B St., 4416-Javier A. Lepera to Brooke I. Young, $290,000.

Chicago St., 1130-Fannie L. McDavid-Jackson to Jared P. Mercadante and Poonam Narsing Kakani, $345,000.

Dubois Pl., 3321-Get R.E. Solutions Inc. to Chioma Jacleen Iwuoha, $365,000.

Galveston Pl., 615-Dap Homes Corp. to Jasmine White, $369,900.

Hr Dr., 826-Citimortgage Inc. to Prakash Sankurathri, $220,500.

K St., 1337, No. PH3-1137 K Street SE Corp. to Ricardo Andres Nolasco and Pamela Sue Zandy, $903,000.

New Jersey Ave., 428-Edgar Lanier Jenkins and Bennie Jo Thomasson Jenkins to Jon C. Porter Sr. and Kristin McMillan, $1.75 million.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. M05-Nadine King Nally to Traci L. Johnson, $430,000.

V Pl., 3110-Warsame Inc. to Asa T. Briggs, $647,000.

Fourth St., 547-Jennifer M. Gallagher to Jeffrey St. George and Meghan Devaney, $1.03 million.

16th St., 1638-Duane A. Mitchell to Scott R. Pullen, $290,000.


Danbury St., 137-MTGLQ Investors to Kanika Perkins, $249,770.

Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., 4001-Agha Investment Corp. to Tiffany Burnett, $335,000.

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home sales

September 12, 2018 at 8:42 AM

District of Columbia


Blaine St., 4011-Jeremy Dustin Maldonado and Ryan Michael Newcomb to Jeremy Dustin Maldonado, $415,000.

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