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Fairfax County home sales

September 12, 2018 at 8:40 AM

Fairfax County


Belle View Blvd., 1406, No. A1-Kelsey Carpenter Daisley and Kelsey Ann Carpenter to Francis Xavier and Deborah Ann McCarthy, $235,000.

Kenyon Dr., 6730-Lawrence W. Carter to Arthur Neil Denning and Adele T. Boyle, $340,000.

Roanoke Dr., 2247-Randy P. Glasner to John and Shabnam Nobleman, $359,000.

Wakefield Dr. W., 6712, No. B2-Neva J. Herrington to Christine Mary Hansen, $233,000.


Ashby Lane, 7513, No. K-Mercedes Benz of Columbus Inc. to Michael D. and Samantha N. Rooks, $297,500.

Bentley Mill Pl., 7003-Patrick M. and Tara M. Gorman to Gregory A. Kessler, $564,000.

Curtier Dr., 6000, No. F-Jan C. Getting to Alexander, John and Susan Carpenter, $302,000.

Edgemont Dr., 5611-William T. and Jennifer L. Taylor to Swenda and Nobo P. Beitpoulice, $907,500.

Franconia Rd., 5603, No. 21-Jeremy D. and Jessica F. Winchester to Delmy Orellana, $185,000.

Greenleigh Lane, 6626-Peggyy A. Melanson to Frank Wyatt and Marie Michelle Lewis, $447,500.

Hyacinth Dr., 6104-James P. Gray to Pamela Cheung, $415,000.

Larpin Lane, 5706-Jennifer A. Blackwell to Sherri Hunt, $475,000.

Masondale Rd., 6029-Louis and Louise Brown to Jennifer L. and Michael R. Sinclair, $755,000.

Old Coach Ct., 6511-William N. and Liang F. Drake to Inger Parker, $609,999.

Springleigh Way, 7359-Jeb and Leann Marie Katz to Everett J. and Amber D. Estes, $440,000.

Welch Ct., 7822-Robert J. and Loretta L. Eskridge to James A. and Samantha R. Nelson, $529,000.

Windham Hill Run, 6222-Christopher E. and Monica M. Childress to Heather R. McGrath and Zachary Don Osmolski, $540,000.


Andrea Ave., 4918-Ann Efland Gandy to Michael and Kimberly Jesada, $629,000.

Donnybrook Ct., 7710, No. 6-Jean M. Dowden and Jean Mae Wildman to Nghia H. Phan and Thuy Nguyen, $200,000.

Pinecrest Heights Dr., 4516-Samuel Tegene to Yonas T. Samuel, $300,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3304, No. 13-Gilberto M. and Maria M. Bras to Arina Pavlovna Orlova, $237,000.


George Mason Dr. S., 3705, No. 905S-Mary E. Braisted and Mark W. Weiss to Bryan Stanley Kocher, $359,000.

Powell Lane, 3800, No. 2-Jay K. and Billie Wolfe to Mary A. Segerson, $247,870.

Seminary Rd., 5501, No. 2605S-Donald O. Manning and Donald Lee Ball to Monica Alina Antoci, $455,000.

Steppes Ct., 3899-Kenneth W. Farrar to Selim Suad and Gulsah Selvi, $283,100.


Bromyard Ct., 5428-Christopher John and Katherine Elizabeth Kaminsky to Philip Colon and Lucy Lee, $482,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5904, No. 101-Czeslawa Juszkiewicz to Michael C. and Tania J. Soh, $264,000.

Falling Brook Dr., 6304-Jonathan James and Ling Lei Lisic to Jeffrey David Brust and Jessica M.G. Brust, $612,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 8918-John R. and Patricia F. Kravchonok to Xiaoyan Peng, Hanqiu Wang and Zheng Wang, $565,000.

Tisbury Dr., 6360-Danielle Gilbert and Jacqueline Vullo to Geoffrey Evans Grimm and Fernanda Alvarenga Meirelles, $500,000.


Ann Grigsby Cir., 13540-Ayman H. and Eva L. Fanous to Nervin and Fawzia Fanous, $650,000.

Grape Holly Grove, 14300, No. 22-Karen A. Schmidt and Karen Beir to Fanny A. Quintana, $229,000.

Hatfield Sq., 14819-Natalie N. Marlais and Gavin Loomer to Tho Thi Nguyen and Anh Minh Tran, $323,000.

Meadow Crest Ct., 6069-Marlene C. Janco Paredez to Genorel Silva, $257,000.

Pickwick Rd., 5595-Miraero55 Corp. to Jonghyun and Katherine Chang, $660,000.

Sharpsburg Dr., 6915-See Eun Sul and Wonhee Kang to Wonhee Kang, Grace Kim and Won Hee Kang, $623,000.

Stone Crossing Ct., 14638-Timothy D. and Yvonne P. Gleason to Michael Joseph and Amanda Rose Olson, $325,000.

William Carr Lane, 14527-Justin L. and Mari L. Woodford to Kenneth M. and Ivonne J. Vaughn, $475,000.


Leith Ct., 13503-April Dawn and Robert Leo Brandon to Lin Deng and Patrick J. Loper III, $530,000.

Placid Lake Ct., 4150, No. 58G-Bashart A. and Ishart Gilani to Laura K. Mahr, $259,999.


Balmoral Forest Rd., 7009-Raymond T. and Deborah B. Crosier to Christopher Andrew and Julie Dawn Worley, $1.21 million.

Glencove Dr., 6830-Jeanne A. Daussin and Michele D. Doss to Sevket S. and Nilifer Keskin, $675,000.

Sandstone Way, 6217-Andy O. Yeh to Abm Moshfequr Rahamn and Shishir K. Nahar, $470,000.


Aristotle Ct., 3851, No. 1-418-William C. Parker to Kenneth Michael Currle and Lucindy A. Currle, $253,000.

Bentonbrook Dr., 4804-Robert A. and Dianna C. Hayman to Timothy J. and Tanzi Z. Strafford, $725,000.

Broomsedge Ct., 3722-Eric S. Brown to Carlos A. and Gloria B. Pena, $412,500.

Cannonball Rd., 12304-Diane A. Carty and Richard Carty to Christopher and Katherine Kaminsky, $600,000.

Commonwealth Blvd., 10329-Mary C. Hovland to Jason R. and Cristina Shockey, $660,000.

Elderberry Pl., 3611-Theresa A. Falance to Ryan Turpenoff and Melissa Falanve, $650,000.

Fairfield House Dr., 12245, No. 413A-Charles P. Dollery to Siddharth Tulshibagwale, $337,000.

Gagne Ct., 5156-Hee and Soo Jin Ahn to Keun S. and Jiyoon Yoo, $714,000.

Honey Brook Ct., 5410-Steven Gonzalez to Abiy T. Metchia and Lily Teshome, $550,000.

Manor Hall Lane, 4409-Marie A. Klinko and Robert E. Klinko to Marie E. Long, $375,000.

Mill Meadow Ct., 12811-Thomas E. and Diana S. Hitter to Daniel A. Radke, $665,000.

Penderview Dr., 3911, No. 1927-Jessica Rutkowski to Christian F. Monje Aliendre, $180,000.

Rockcrest Dr., 4405-Randy C. Harris and Heather L. Harris Pier to Patrick C. Martin and Laura R. Giroux, $540,000.

Swinton Dr., 4988-Darin L. Dropinski to Travis S. and Suzanne M. Hess, $585,000.

Water Elm Lane, 12261-Bita H. McManus and Bita Hassania to Pankaj Garg, $580,000.

Westbrook Mill Lane, 11306, No. 302-Keita K. Satchell to Xuefeng Luo, $340,000.


Chase Glen Cir., 8609-Viola L. Collie to Lia P. and Perry Lujan, $700,000.

Freds Oak Rd., 6195-Scott C. and Ingrid Z. Plein to Rob H. and April R. Reilly, $1.27 million.

Mallard View, 8616-Karen Ann Harrington and Karen Harrington Wood to Brandon A. and Lisa A. Shapiro, $675,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3151-Erin J. Troup to Jordan Lindsey Murphy and Elaina Christine Waters Murphy, $290,000.

Cameron Rd., 2843-K2NC Corp. to Henis Mitro, $614,900.

Holly Hill Dr., 3229-Christopher S. Graham to Ruben R. and Eulogio Rocha, $476,000.

Kings Chapel Rd., 2912, No. 1-12-Stephen L. Neal to Mike M. Park, $151,500.

Rogers Dr., 2919-Five A. S. Investment Corp. to Matthew Alexander and Caitlin Forest Duncan, $590,000.


Barbour Rd., 2333-Eric A. Colby to Patrick and Veronica Starr, $645,000.

Leonard Rd., 1946-Lisa Lee Weiss to Marc Andrew and Meredith Bensen Calabrese, $710,000.


Inlet Cove Dr., 6922-Mark K. and Candice L. Johnson to Christine H. and Dominic Diienno, $515,000.


Captains Row, 8915-Matthew C. Hrushka and Yuliya A. Korzh to Tiereney Miller and Josef Stachowski, $665,000.

Fort Hunt Rd., 8313-Mohdiyeh Fseisi and Nazmi Fseisi to John and Leigh Houston, $610,000.

Lee Ave., 7724-William K. and Cheryl A. Ghauri to Richard J. and Colleen R. Brouillette, $775,000.

Wittington Blvd., 2401-Daniel J. and Marie T. Bartlett to Christopher Lee and Patricia Dawn Farmer, $600,000.


Gallop Wood Pl., 352-Robert H. and Dianne S. Kinkead to Kendall Clark and Catherine Krizan, $1.05 million.

Riva Ridge Dr., 1034-Larry O. Oliver to Matthew Gerard and Nakazawa Lake, $822,000.

Winstead St., 919-Richard O. and Blanca O. Roberts to Amir H. Shoja and Zahra Rezvani, $1.2 million.


Alan Shepard St., 3126-U.S. Home Corp. to Abdullah Fahim, $681,604.

Bond St., 1247-Kevin Lane to Seth Joseph and Stacey Lynn Dunbar, $395,000.

Davinci Lane, 13516, No. 62-Matthew J. Lancaster to Juan J. Quintanilla and Sonia Yanira Cerritos, $360,500.

Fantasia Dr., 12803-Jeffrey K. Merkle to Bennett George and Isabella Miller, $428,000.

Huntsfield Ct., 13513-Michael P. Maddox and Catherine Mary Syron to Reuben Habbart and Sara Hubbart, $490,600.

Mason Mill Ct., 1335-Harry B. Freedy Jr. to Thomas Sullivan, Sara Gassenmeyer and Sara Sullivan, $495,100.

Otsego Dr., 2818-Thomas J. and Carol Brunner Burns to Gentry and Georgette Smith, $580,000.

Reign Ct., 12508-NSC Investments Corp. to Brittany A. and Charles W. Manosalvas, $680,000.

Society Dr., 12706-Hyoung and Nicole Kim to Margaret Smith Lynch, $519,500.

Thorngate Ct., 13607-Miguel Angel and Jennifer S. Torres to Nadia and Thomas Fuqua, $661,000.


Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 816-Tri H. Nguyen and Thao Chi N. Vo to Rawia Adel and Adel Ahmed Aly, $336,600.


Beechcraft Dr., 3407-Jose Yanez and Luisa D. Palma to Evelin P. Soto Tamayo, Mauro Andres Soto Aiquipa and Hilda Tamayo Serovia, $425,000.

Hollindale Ct., 7533-Robert Craig and Jean McWhirter to Daniel L. and Kathryn D. Parks, $715,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7520, No. 26-Francisco Estrada to David H. Futrell, $250,000.


Edsall Rd., 6301, No. 103-Chaddrick K. Johnson to Inam and Nasreen Hussain, $259,991.

Tahoe Ct., 4101-Monte Carlo Financial Corp. to Christopher J. Cullen and Erika Villoldo, $539,900.


Bates Rd., 8218-Gerald and Diana Margonie to Bobby and Matthew Green, $425,000.

Dolsie Grove Dr., 9005-Kamana Investment Group Corp. to Courtney D. and Rhea D. Tucker, $405,000.

Gunston Rd., 11607-Tatiann M. Le to Moises Marquez Del Cid, $250,000.

Halley Ct., 8165, No. 304-Federal National Mortgage Association to Ursula A. Martinez, $215,900.

Lake Hill Dr., 8804-NVP Inv to Felicia Devore West, $1 million.

Sallyport St., 8367-Van Metre Homes at Liberty Corp. to Eric D. and Evangelina Langett, $642,500.

Fourth Pl., 9520-Douglas Lane and Marilyn M. Lacey to Alejandro C. Castillo, $307,000.


Fleetwood Rd., 6800, No. 1214-Michael P.W. Ostergard and Mildred W. Ostergard to Laito Cheung, $193,000.

Hallcrest Dr., 7388-Edward L. and Sanford Golding to Jesse and Lauren Geriak, $675,000.

Lincoln Way, 1524, No. 227-Wendy J. Raynor to Yin J. Li and Hongying J. Wang, $230,000.

Mclean Dr., 6673-James E. Weston to Cameron J. Roche and Claudia E. Gelfond, $740,000.

Ormond Ct., 1125-1125 Ormond Court Corp. to Bradley W. Blank and Victoria Y. Steely, $2.21 million.

Santa Maria Ct., 7025-Brian R. and Angela M. Kennedy to Rahul Rajendra Joshi and Sneha Shital Godbole, $815,000.

Westwind Way, 1644, No. 162-Morris Albert Karam to Muhammad Muddisser Bashir and Shamaila Muddisser, $275,000.


Badger Dr., 8721-J. Sheldon Weil to Tammi M. and Eric K. Little, $485,000.

Caledonia St., 7931-O’Shea R. Corbin to Christian W. Garica Rocabado and Alcira Garica Rojas, $305,000.

Gage Rd., 4502-Paramount Investments Corp. to Ari Al Salihi, Ari Alsalihi and Karisa E. Loy, $389,000.

Main St., 4231-Ronald F. and Rebecca B. Pollack to Maxima A. Hernandez, Maria A. Olivar Lopez and Jose Leonardo Carcamo Mejia, $335,000.

Miramonte Pl., 3802, No. 111C-FFI Holdings Corp. to Katherinne T. Mendez Sanchez, $175,000.

Patton Blvd., 9000-Judy Lynn and John Woodrow Taylor to Damon M. and Jennifer M. McDonald, $730,000.

Village Way, 8605, No. D-Orlando Roberto Paniagua Ledezma to Kelly E. Scruggs, $152,000.


Clifton St., 5400-Harlin W. and Frances S. Matkins to Chau Thi Diem Tran and Hai Tat Ngo, $495,000.

Leewood Forest Dr., 7049-Marcia X. Hernandez and Marcos A. Merino to Alan and Jordan Haven, $379,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. 1-C3-Karin Olivio and Karin Fitzgerald to Nehal J. and Vishakha Panchamia, $225,000.

Helmont Dr., 11607-Joshua J. and Amy C. O’Brien to Jason and Amy Pannutti, $725,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10002-Nicola Murphy to Eric Whitaker, $250,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3175, No. 5-C4-Minkang Jung to Pankaj, Bina and Nandita M. Theraja, $211,000.


Brass Lantern Ct., 11554-Brent and Jennifer Holoviak to Frank E. and Lynn S. Heisler, $575,000.

Chestnut Grove Sq., 11236, No. 262-Gallatin Properties Corp. to Lamar Murray, $245,000.

Fawn Ridge Lane, 11869-John W. and Sharon L. Satyshur to Charles H. and Kim Kristi Harris, $831,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1429-Stephen T. Griffith and Dalton Auer Griffith to Nabeel Ahmadieh and Jennifer Rentz, $426,950.

Karbon Hill Ct., 11721, No. T-1-Faiza Mehdi to Mary K. Campbell, $229,900.

Lima Lane, 12352-Thomas J.O. Doherty and Laurie C.O. Doherty to Brian Rex and Danyell Lorraine Disbrow, $619,000.

Moorings Dr., 1562, No. 5A-Aryn Connon Warr and Aryn C. Connon to Deirdre R. Connon, $235,000.

Paddock Lane, 2402-Alison M. Heath and Shawn T. Mullaney to Gary L. and Lindsey F. Grilliot, $700,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1630-Ralph Boyd to Kelsey Erin White, $422,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 209-Hendrik Vandermeulen to Marc MacDonald, $115,000.

Southgate Sq., 2369-Tuu Nguyen and Hau Le to Emir Amirullah and Quatrina Pohan, $285,830.

Sundial Dr., 1340-Gary L. and Lindsey F. Grilliot to Laura Jimenez, $635,000.

Tanbark Dr., 11448-Karen E. Pramis to Margaret H. Chang, $644,000.


Carolyn Dr., 6351-Jimmy R. and Valerie M. Carrasquillo to Jerry and Serra Mitchell, $580,000.

Patrick Henry Dr., 3033, No. 202-David Huynh Banh to Christopher H. Banh, $163,000.


Brian Michael Ct., 6886-Gerald R. Hoover to Roni Talukdar and Najia Ahmad, $405,000.

Dina Leigh Ct., 6842-William Martin and Patricia Walters Dunn to Bryan and April O’Donnell, $388,000.

Golden Horseshoe Ct., 7336-Erdmuthe Riehmer to Ross and Deborah Deblois, $325,000.

Ivy Mint Ct., 8641-Regis and Julie B. Cardillo to Eric W. and Jennifer M. Widmar, $616,000.

Skyron Pl., 8808-Kim K. Cook to Robert Deangelis, $403,250.

Winter Blue Ct., 8127-Eduardo C. Jacinto and Maria Isabel Costa to Jaime T. and Monica F. Martins, $372,000.


Birch St. SW, 608-Corbin Ruth Goldstein to Nakul and Deepika Goyal, $635,000.

Elm St. SW, 212-Vienna Development Alliance Corp. to David S. and Elizabeth L. Goodwin, $1.45 million.

Patrick Cir. SW, 1410-Dean Designs Corp. to Ann Marie Halterman O’Malley, $1.11 million.

White Pine Dr., 1606-Gohar Sadaf Qureshi to Timothy Michael and Christina Marie Hammaker, $747,000.


Fernleigh Blvd., 6101-Nathan and Amber King to Phil Crescioli, $560,000.

Harwood Pl., 6515-John Thomas Frey and Sue Carol Frey to Pedro P. Tenorio Pinto and Maria L. Tenorio Rueda, $442,000.

Queenston St., 5902, No. 506-Maria and Charles Lopez to Wendi M. Sours, $245,000.

Royal Ridge Dr., 5822, No. M-Douglas E. Clinesmith to Vince J. Juaristi, $179,000.

Springfield Village Dr., 8207-Diversify Investment Technology Corp. to Juan C. Canedo and Hyesung Kim, $465,000.

Fairfax City

Allison Cir., 4240-Margaret R. Przybylski and Marjory R. Powell to Felicia L. and Kevin G. Flynch, $380,000.

Byrd Dr., 10910-Janice M. MacDonald to Roland Niklas and Lindy Keast Frodigh, $425,000.

Cover Pl., 10094-Alan Truvan to Duncan Mwenda Kiara and Gilbertas Loice Gurupira, $850,000.

Farmington Dr., 10120-Clifton J. and Sharon G. Fry to Elizabeth A. Holman, $525,000.

Marilta Ct., 10911-Negar Ehsani and Seimin Azeimi to Mohammad Taghi Ehsani and Seimin Azeimi, $266,410.

White Oak Ct., 3413-Charlotte F. Eddy to Steve S. and Jie S. Chang, $675,000.

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