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Prince George’s County home sales

February 7, 2018 at 8:57 AM


Chatsworth Dr., 720-Michael T. and Susan P. Adams to Candis R. Williams, $360,000.

St. Marys View Rd., 2506-Chantal C. Church to Steven Adam and Natalie Ann Miranda, $327,000.

Wendells Lane, 3300-Melva Ladene Jones to Elizabeth Gonzalez and Jeanine R. Lawrence, $428,000.


Langley Way, 1702-Thu Nhut Nguyen to Santos L. Velasquez Mendez, $284,000.

Royal Crest Dr., 8811-George D. and James W. Reaves to Marvin A. Moreno Manzano and Alba R. Villatoro Flores, $350,000.


Barberry Lane, 7203-Calatlantic Group Inc. to Yolanda Lasalle Peele, $339,990.

Beltsville Dr., 12002-Maurice White to Joel L. Canales Hernandez, $241,000.

Montgomery Rd., 11491-U.S. Bank to Cesar A. Jovel, $273,044.


55th Ave., 4200-Nathaniel R. Bolden to Herberth Alvarez, Roxana Y. Requeno and Veronica E. Martinez Moz, $300,000.


Arriba Greenfields Dr., 13207-Nicole and Anthony Black to Tigist K. and Donelle L. Clark, $475,000.

Cedar Reach Lane, 4501-NVR Inc. to Lisa Price and Clarence Grear, $626,765.

Idlewild Dr., 13110-Timothy Lee Gates to Erika Donyale Brown, $319,900.

Long Ridge Lane, 12114-Colonel Douglas C. Dillard to Stanley H. and Tracy J. Darbro, $355,000.

Marthas Choice Cir., 13019-Paul E. Greenslade and Mamoudou Diane to Ramata Bah Diane, $430,000.

Winchester Lane, 3830-Robert E. and Sarah B. Burgess to Robert E. Millott, $367,500.


Hoven Lane, 12714-Katherine A. Ruhl and Michael J. Hurd to Dady Marcel N. N. Djamba, $310,000.

Northwick Pl., 3609-Karen R. and Dennis A. Blush to Marisha Newton, $224,097.

Presswick Lane, 15806-HSBC Bank and Nomura Asset Acceptance Corp. to Adrienne L. Stay, $250,000.


Brinton Way, 15500-Michael A. and Pamela J. Braxton to Kimberly Lamar, $370,000.

Dawn Chorus Lane, 16208-Terry Gordon Sr. to Veronica Carter McKune and Sean Carter, $468,000.

General Delivery, 15320-D.R. Horton Inc. to Nicole P. Dagraca, $313,000.

Lady Lauren Lane, 15325-D.R. Horton Inc. to Alfred R. Riley, $315,000.

Steam Mill Farm Dr., 12905-Caruso Bowie 11 Corp. to Celio M. and Tatiana A. Sosa, $626,817.


Quincy St., 3807-Modernize Plus Corp. to Paul Preziotti, $375,000.

40th Pl., 3416-Valentin Salinas Argueta and Sara A. Salinas Reyes to Manuel De Jesus Quintanill Jesus, $205,000.


Addison Rd., 5471-Jason H. Seong to Frederick Quander, $259,000.

Clovis Ave., 625-Dorian J. Giron Ortiz to Xiqiang Luo, Shufen Qian and Jianjin Lluo, $195,000.

K St., 5907-Zoraj Corp. to Mathew Stephenson, $160,000.

Quid Pl., 4520-Silver Rose Development Partners Corp. to Paul and Pearlie Oni, $279,500.

Urn St., 4304-Department of Veterans Affairs to Ming Qiu Lu, $188,000.

58th Ave., 1025-Federal National Mortgage Association to Sergio Herera and Alejandra Balbuena Alonso, $217,500.


Belleview Ave., 2325-Juan F. Ramirez to Xiomara M. Maynard, $350,000.

Congress Pl., 8956-Wesley Foster to Nelson A. Lopez Chicas, $211,000.

Forest Terr., 6905-Syvester Wright to Shaunice A. Gaines, $185,000.

Laurel Ave., 3127-Pinehills Properties Corp. to Germain and Tyria Leslie, $379,900.

Osborn Rd., 6208-Margaret C. Arnold to Luis E. Benitez Amaya, $305,000.

Ridge Dr. E., 7006-Federal National Mortgage Association to Miguel Perea Herrera and Melina Saavedra, $162,000.

Wayne Pl., 2517-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Christopher R. and Kathleen V. Swain, $379,895.


Barnes Dr., 5825-GMC Properties Corp. to Tolbert Strong III, $450,000.

Lunan Rd., 12706-House Buyers of America Inc. to Avery M. Francis, $267,697.

New England Dr., 11114-Dragutin and Merica Oreb to Paulo Baptista and Carlos Batista, $579,900.

Sarakal Rd., 7812-Willam A. Weiss to Reina Roxana Velis, $225,000.

Temple Hill Rd., 8600-A&K; Corp. to Ravindra K. Pandey, $280,000.


Berwyn Rd., 5909-Alessandro and Gail G. Tacconelli to Justin Cullen and Kiley A. Wilfong Cullen, $400,000.

Paducah Rd., 5108-Cecil P. and Judith E. Thompson to Weizhong Li and Hongyan Duan, $348,000.

Stewart Ct., 5008-Mark E. and Teresa A. Brady to Carianne Michelle Brady, $300,000.

51st Ave., 9732-Victor H. and Julia M. Soria to Marcques Lee and Nancy Washington, $318,900.


Elmhurst St., 6208-Robin R. Black to Angela C. Cannella, $240,000.

Glendora Ct., 7305-Cathy Ann Murphy to Josette B. Foster, $242,000.

Kirtland Ave., 2804-Celisse M. Outlaw to Adrian Lionnel Stewart, $191,000.

Overdale Pl., 2609-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Parvez Amini, $131,250.

Springholly Dr., 2109-Timothy A. Crosby and Mary C. Crosby to Carolyn Kennedy and Kofi Agy Apong, $205,000.


Aquarius Ct., 11512-Debra Ann Ford to Samuel R. Lopez Espana and Ilcia M. Espana De Lopez, $399,999.

Bock Rd., 7812-Joann Evans to Luis A. Manzanarez and Xiomara Maricela Barrera, $185,000.

Buchanan Pl., 1304-Yvette B. and Kenneth S. Lawrence to Max Christopher Lacy, $293,000.

Dania Dr., 1501-Caruso Builder Hunters Mill Corp. to Chrystal R. and Andre N. Prue, $500,819.

Ivanhoe Rd., 9209-David E. and Mayr A. Akin to Roque A. Martinez and Blanca A. Barrera De Martinez Jr., $360,000.

Kingsway Rd., 3106-Jerome Austin and Carloyn A. Curry Austin to Demetra Rice, $282,000.

Mill St., 9007-MCM Capital Partners Corp. to Renae Morris and Donald A. Cook, $254,900.

Piscataway Dr., 13500-Preccious House Corp. to Darrell Tyrone Holloman II and Tiffany Imani Green Holloman, $437,000.

Prestwick Dr., 12626-Carol K. Bucher to Dennis K. Stout, $336,500.

Stag Way, 802-Mensah Allaglo to Caroll Camacho Fontanez, $302,500.


Harbor Ave., 9926-Bobby Hebry and Carl Johnson to Christopher and Kristen Mason, $390,000.


Center Dr. N., 5342-NVR Inc. to Yi Chen and Ya Ji, $478,290.

Channel Dr. S., 8120-Jamil Razzak to Ryan W. and Suley Ka Macklin, $392,000.

Hanover Pkwy., 7704, No. 34-Abigail P. Walcott to Donna Robinson and Jermaine Floyd Gray, $140,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6522, No. 6522-Lindwall A. Thomas and Desmond Aberdeen to Shanta A. Purcell and Jesus Sanchez, $183,000.

Lakeview Cir., 9-Joan B. Krob to Benjamin B. Friedman and Fiona M. Lewis, $435,000.

Smiths Cove Lane, 5313-NVR Inc. to Bonyaminou Porrogho, $500,225.


Jefferson St., 3909-Loan L. Nguyen to John M. and Paula A. Knox, $418,900.

43rd St., 6003-Timothy L. Filemyr and Carollynn Hammersmith to Jan Joseph and Ann Therese Herchold, $379,000.


Campus Way N., 2521-D.R. Horton Inc. to Aurelia Gardener, $303,080.

Cipriano Springs Dr., 7314-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Guixian Xu, $120,500.

Kidmore Lane, 7602-Novia E. Minto to Max Ismel Valle Pineda, $256,000.

Smithview Pl., 9530-D.R. Horton Inc. to Frances B. Holland, $349,990.

Tiffany Ct., 6404-Steven F. and Mary F. Saville to Ninfa P. De La Rosa and Danilo Barana De La Rosa, $365,000.

Woodstream Lane, 7011-Damian O. Madubuko to Andy Okhuereigbe, $166,000.


Avis Dr., 819-Mary Tate to Ashley Murphy Irby, $244,500.

Beech Tree Pkwy., 15622-Westphalia Row Partners to Absenia Johnson Jr., $439,960.

Denny Ct., 12703-Lawrence E. Brown to Lyndon Jack, $208,000.

Harry S. Truman Dr., 302-Mohammed Khan to Ronell Rasysean White, $188,000.

Lake Pointe Ct., 9704, No. 202-Bank of America and New Penn Financial Corp. to Blake Tobias, $123,000.

Mount Lubentia Ct. E., 534-Global Investment and Trading Corp. to Idowu E. Agbalu, $260,000.

Pearse Lane, 610-James K. and Christina A. Olakiigbe to Ismail A. and Risquat A. Ewumi, $235,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1604-Tanisha Mason to Michael A. and Yovonne M. Turner, $245,000.

Swanscombe Loop, 15615-NVR Inc. to Billy McNeil, $408,695.

Teakwood Dr., 9602-Wells Fargo Bank to Omobola Omosola Onitiri, $265,000.

Town Farm Rd., 14301-Delvin D. Wooldridge Jones to Andrew M. Patterson, $515,000.

92nd Ave., 4011-Moises Tiapecho to Jorge L. Felix Burn and Lenis Camilo, $210,000.


Bradford Ct., 6904-Jennifer and Eric Riffle to Rocio Lizzette Zelidon, $391,000.

Londonderry Ct., 8230-Jadon C. Ephraim to Robert C. and Sareta N. Marshall, $270,000.

Mayfair Terr., 6965-Tommie J. Ronemus and Edward R. Ronemu to Tu Vu Cam Le, $255,000.

Summerwind Cir., 7327-Katherine Mae Culpepper to Jeddy and Carmen Hooker, $245,000.


Dove Cir., 12006-Eugene and Jeanette Wolfe to Robin A. Sandoval Velasquez, Jessica C. Romero Donado and Guadalupe E. Sandoval, $240,000.

Laurelwalk Dr., 11394-Kenneth A. Achiken to Kerry Gumbs, $140,000.


Decatur St., 7112-Maya C. Harris to Eugenio A. Abdrade Garcia and Glenda X. Hernandez Larios, $250,000.

Stockton Lane, 6618-Diemer Enterprises Corp. to Manuel D. Ventura, $286,000.

57th Ave., 3501-Sami Homes Corp. to Benigno A. Zarceno and Jose I. Ulloa Rivas, $299,000.


Crisfield Dr., 1315-Robert B. and Jonana S. Jones to Ismael A. Rogel Henriquez, Reyna Isabel Rivera Beltran and Jose D. Majano Angel, $275,000.

St. Barnabas Rd., 6213-Vince Frank and Jimmy Johnson to James Harold Kittrell, $175,000.


Greenvale Pkwy., 6303-Jes International Corp. to Ismael A. Diaz, $227,000.

Newby Ave., 5421-Oscar A. Salgado and Sebastiana N. Pineda Salgado to Jessica Guillen and Kendrick Ortiz, $247,200.

Third St., 6813-Ideal House Corp. to Jennifer Sampson and Lesa M. Lee, $285,000.

62nd Pl., 6417-Michael J. and Theresa M. Lewis to Hector L. Garcia and Veronica J. Munoz, $309,000.


Davis Blvd., 6115-S&S; Development & Design Corp. to Emily, Carroll and Tonya Johnson, $264,900.

Huron Ave., 4851-Housing Initiative Partnership Inc. to Marlan D. Overton, $265,000.

Porter Ave., 1816-Unique and Modern Homes Corp. to Virginia M. Nolasco Diaz, $270,000.

Southern Ave., 3407-Crown Consultants Corp. to U. Nek Clarke, $319,000.


Iverson St., 2100-Detroy and Leslie Graves to Lillian Ruth Ingram, $245,000.

Lakeview Dr., 4209-John M. and William R. Walker to Kim R. Tate, $305,000.

Lyons St., 4309-Hafiz Corp. to Horace M. Brown II and Kiani N. Drew, $215,000.

Olson St., 2418-Unique and Modern Homes to Rosa Elena Richardson Reyes and Jose M. Argueta, $276,000.

Rocky Mount Dr., 4006-Bank of New York Mellon to Yohong Sun, $162,750.

Townsley Ave., 4318-Yousef Nooshin to Porfirio and Denia Batres Perez, $299,500.

23rd Pkwy., 4402-Regina W. Harvey to Cheryl Belle Deen, $160,345.


Adelphi Rd., 7110-Ronald Keith and Robert F. Gilead to Stephen A. Bottalico, $250,000.

Madison St., 3511-Green Top Properties Corp. to Modesto Ramirez Mesa, Mariely Y. Feliz and Darinel A. Feliz Feliz, $265,000.

Steed Ct., 7105-Mary Ann Wheeler and Jack Charles Massengale to Tatum S. and Jessica Hilmoe, $518,000.

Woodberry St., 2313-Angela Dawkinus to Xiaojing Sang and Yang Li, $191,000.

20th Ave., 6503-Jose A. and Maria D. Romero to Juan J. Deleon, $290,000.

40th Ave., 6509-Bruce H. and Kate K. Beveridge to Daniel and Amy Kerr, $500,000.


Brookhaven Lane, 9901-David and Cathrine Rovaldi to Kevin James and Deshonjla Peterson, $435,000.

Crockett Pl., 9201-Jarred Ricks to Valana Cochran, $304,000.

Eton Dr., 3200-Shanice L. Haigler and Elizabeth White to Eric Gunn and Tan Ya R. Gunn, $300,000.

Forest Pines Dr., 4921-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Robert G. and Shaleem G. Manno, $389,990.

Gentian Ct., 10506-Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Colette Smartt and Dave Mark, $400,000.

Hollaway Dr., 10734-Elayne J. John to Arielle Elizabeth Baumgerdner, $210,000.

Lord Baltimore Pl., 13542-Kristy Barksdale to Orlando Demone Smith and Angela Ardelia Lyons, $236,900.

Manor Park Dr., 5611-HWR Corp. to Tenilla Jones, $354,990.

Mattaponi Rd., 11170-Rodney K. and Patricia A. Whitely to David and Sara Buckingham, $460,000.

Pitman Ave., 9904-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Cleavon Roberts, $3.8 million.

Sea Gull Ct., 9803-Santos Flores to Oluwarotimi H. Adeyemi, $350,000.

Thornberry Dr. W., 8414-Cheryl L. Marrow to Gregory Hernandez Rodriguez and Aracelle Hernandez, $285,000.

Wheeling Ave., 12403-Mario I. and Deniz S. Ona to Sherre Lovette Hancock, $284,950.

Winding Waters Terr., 4030-Mab of Parkside Towns Corp. to Gregory L. Coker Jr., $417,634.


Ballston Ct., 2606-Tijani Babatunde Falawiyo to Edwin and Tamara Surprin, $575,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 15003-Yvonne A. and Shirlie R. Johnson to Jarrell M. and Christine Turner, $443,000.

Hall Station Dr., 944-Oscar R. Ramos Jr. to Mark A. Mitchell, $382,250.

Southlakes Dr., 11104-Stacy Bradner to Joakina and Delan Stone, $266,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 9509-Bank of New York Mellon to Alexis Y. Crawford, $250,000.

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