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Prince George’s County home sales

September 12, 2018 at 8:41 AM


Accokeek Landing Dr., 1215-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Cahenda Dickens and Shonte Brooks, $351,000.

Knights Bridge Ct., 15819-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Victorino S., Didth R., Didith Ronda and Victorino Santos Villangca, $299,435.


Edgefield Dr., 10413-Nicholas Saylor to Bridget Harriott and Andris Saunders, $350,000.

Riggs Rd., 9810-U.S. Bank to Trang Van Huynh, $250,000.

24th Ave., 7106-Wilmingston Savings Fund Society and Christina Trust to Hector Avelar Figueroa, $319,900.


Calvert Hills Dr., 12600-Roberto Sarmiento to Jose Guzman Garcia and Osman Guzman, $384,000.

Clearbrooke Ct., 11320-DC Metro Investment Group Corp. to Allegra Wainwright, $282,000.

Quimby Ave., 4605-George E. and Diane J. Amos to Daniel and Leila Whall, $270,000.

Ulster Rd., 4202-Paul Jason Abbott to Manfredys A. Navas Hernandez and Daysi L. Benitez, $365,000.


Barberry Lane, 2705-Barberry Lane Corp. to Shirley R. and Carl M. Fox, $355,000.

Canfield Lane, 12505-Potomac Overlook VIII Corp. to Patricia L. and Earl F. Dickson, $825,000.

Cherrywood Lane, 12919-Abe Tatosian to Michael A. Bell, $305,000.

Deepwood Dr., 11434-Hasbc Bank to Bing Xu, $133,500.

Kilbourne Lane, 12511-Michael L. Knight to Qiao Qiu and Ming Xi Lu, $259,900.

Libertys Delight Dr., 12800, No. 201-Randall L. Smith to Michael and Connie Istre, $240,000.

Malin Lane, 12208-Joseph and Donna M. Lennon to Lia Thompson, $325,000.

Midwood Lane, 12741-Jasse Chittams to Joseph F. Brooks III and Robin Regina Wright Brooks III, $229,500.

Princes Choice Dr., 12626-Joan Romett and Ykf Trust to Philemon and Marie Barton Elaigwu, $350,000.

Spring Meadows Dr., 5803-Olivier and Bintou Camara Bityeki to Antonio Holloman, $579,000.

Whitehall Dr., 12209-Carlton A. Wallen Sr. and Nicole L. Clarke Wallen to Katrina Mae G. Guevarra, $350,000.


Alameda Dr., 15804-Natalie N. Hinz to Selassie L. Fox, $359,000.

Early Glow Lane, 3816-Rbre Inc. to Esther Annan, $291,000.

Eastview Ct., 4002-Aisha Richardson to Christopher Sherod, $190,000.

Ellipse Terr., 16432-Muriel Best to Valerie A. Brown, $218,000.

Neman Dr., 15419-Deutsche Bank and Gsamp Trust to William C. Jones, $188,500.

Northcote Lane, 15021-HSBC Bank and Ellington Loan Acqiuistion Loan Trust to Ali Hedayati, $215,250.

Port Echo Lane, 1405-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dianne Carrington, $249,000.


Gilpin Mews Lane, 15603-Department of Veterans Affairs to Adeola Goncalves, $308,900.

Nanjemoy Dr., 7501-Wells Fargo Bank to Muhammad Amjad, $355,000.


Lawrence St., 4202-Artmon Investments Corp. to Esther Kagulu, $352,000.

37th Pl., 3808-Melissa Anne Glasser and Eduardo N. Bruzera to Eduardo Nicols Bruzera and Cristna Mana Fernandez, $122,680.


Capitol Heights Blvd., 919-U.S. Bank to Alycia Hsu and Fung Or, $130,723.

Clovis Ave., 823-823 Clovis Ave Corp. to Sharon and Dante Holloway, $240,000.

Gladstone Way, 5769-Edwin Anderson to Kashanique Duckley, $207,000.

Malachite Pl., 6937-Joyce Deloatch to Mary G. and Precious D. Weke, $259,900.

Opus Ave., 705-Asam Corp. to Fredy A. Hernandez, $223,300.

Rollingdale Way, 4604-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Gary L. Puzzella, $172,000.

Torrance Ave., 1711-Andre L. and Marleigh Hentz to Veronica Grayson, $323,000.


Crain Hwy., 11500-Elizabeth Diane Foster and Ruffin Billy Smith to Pedro Ayala Castro, $271,000.


Euclid St., 5718-Ryan E. Moorhart to Yvans Cator Jr. and Judith Braga, $347,400.

Merrick Lane, 7724-Hugues R. Demcdeiros to Renee M. Lyles, $222,000.

Oxman Rd., 7729-Nana Osei to Doris P. Caceres Rodriguez, $195,000.

Sheriff Rd., 8016-Wilson Estrada to Richard Javier, $200,000.


Accolade Terr., 11505-Edward J. Fowlkes and Gracie L. Fowlkes to Megan E. Dawson and Christopher M. Hernandez, $340,000.

Chris Mar Ave., 5720-Eagle Properties and Investments Corp. to Oscar Arnulfo Martinez Daboub and Leslie Y. Cos Cantroal, $315,000.

Piscataway Rd., 12201-Vincent G. and Jacquelyn Wharton to Alexander G. and Gaelle Dunn, $314,900.

Sumter Lane, 8609-Ffi Holdings to Sandra M. Lacey, $330,000.

Whitewater Ct., 7902-Tony Talley to Renada Latrese Johnson, $340,000.


Branchville Rd., 4709-Joyce L. and John W. Shivers to Lan Yue, $320,000.

Sunnyside Ave., 5493-Arlene and Abdon Gonzalez to Karena M. Ruggiero and Robert J. Mothershed, $338,150.

50th Pl., 9016-Jonathan Tyson to Ricardo J. Granados, $230,000.


Alberta Dr., 1400-Wallace Harris and Bessie Marrow to Antonio Simmons, $240,000.

Daniel Dr., 8104-Marina Enterprises Corp. to Ramont Becton, $299,900.

Gould Dr., 1510-Ernest L. Jones to Alice Wonje Ntube and Loveline Nyambi, $286,000.

Harwood Rd., 2123-Molly T. Smith to Earlean Forman, $265,000.

Keystone Manor Pl., 3703-Georgia and Georgia Lee Dunfee to Sherita R. Johnson, $229,900.

Lenaskin Lane, 8409-James and Tisa Petty to Barry Aberdeen, $331,000.

Oak Glen Way, 2412-Goodman Griffin and Laurie A. Renner to Shareena Atkinson, $194,000.

Richville Dr., 8402-HSBC Bank and Home Equity Loan Trust to Omololu Ogundijo, $213,479.


Belfast Dr., 2108-Jose A. Gonzalez Quintanilla to Mauricio E. Hernandez Quintero and Wendy Yessenia Aviles Melendez, $279,000.

Carey Branch Dr., 7914-Read A Book Enterprise Corp. to Robert E. Williams, $255,000.

Dillard Pl., 12204-Harvey G. and Gerthyl R. Dickerson to Johnny F. Sanchez, $304,000.

Folk Dr., 1804-Donis H.G. Lopez to Carlos Rivera Martinez and Ilda Rivera, $240,000.

Hill Top Dr., 10814-Timothy J. Thomas and Amanda Scard to Maissa Abdullah A. Alamodi and Abdulaziz L. Alghaslan, $330,000.

Klovstad Dr., 7817-Michael T. and Jean L. Young to John K. and Chaunta D. Proctor, $291,000.

Madison Dr., 1305-Dylexa Management Inc. to Daniel N. and Charlene C. Sorensen, $240,000.

Oaklawn Rd., 3311-SP Properties Corp. to Branden Clark, $293,000.

Pocahontas Dr., 904-Arthur J. Palik to Hastings Doe and Jacquelien Holt, $322,500.

Stonesboro Rd., 3776-3776 Stonesboro Rd. Corp. to Folasade O. and Theophilus K. Pyne, $354,000.


James Madison Lane, 12413-U.S. Bank to Zeditha Cabbagestalk, $445,500.

Wycombe Park Lane, 11313-Bank of New York to Kelsy Dominick, $345,450.


Greenbelt Rd., 8419-Ovrang R. and Parasatue Sohrabi to Alayna J. Payton, $120,000.

Lake Park Dr., 6602-Nina B. Ward and Nina Margaret Boston to Karen L. Gilchrist, $196,000.

Stream Bank Lane, 5230-Paula Schenkel and Randall Sands to Tahir Manzoor, $460,000.


59th Pl., 5108-Angel Guerra to Carlos Alberto Beltran Reyes, $274,000.


Chervil Rd., 8504-Jane W. Ammon to Cilnique Clerge and Edrige Rene, $345,000.

Glenarden Pkwy., 9105-D.R. Horton Inc. to Earnest Marshall III, $522,325.

Hubble Dr., 7606-NVR Inc. to Rickey and Marquita Bushrod, $402,800.

Merna Lane, 6315-Ishmael and Ishmael Kamara to Alhaji Osman Gbla, $327,000.

Polk St., 7923-Peggie and Gerlad M. Brown to Valentin Ersavi Palma Zamora and Nimia Idalma Palma, $274,500.

Shepherd Lane, 5802-Roger Realty American Investments Corp. to Andre P. Brutus and David Gilliam II, $305,000.

Storch Dr., 10428-Julian E. and James F. Swittenberg to Gloria J. Daivis, $231,000.


Bibury Alley, 15522-Westphalia Row Pertners Corp. to Melita Nachette Moore, $403,970.

Bottsford Ave., 215-Dexter L. and Zorayra Mallory to Darrell and Sylvia Cason, $535,000.

Carolina Ct., 1507-Owb Reo Corp. to Cleveland S. Grant, $318,000.

Coffren Pl., 705-Richard O. and Linda Holifield Kennedy to Ervin Melvin and Tomeya L. Jackson, $575,000.

Dormansville Blvd., 14306-Marlene R. Mitchell to Marlene R. and Brian Mitchell, $650,000.

Endicott Pl., 3709-Camille Pierce to Gbenga Olala, $375,000.

Hollow Log Dr., 13513-Jotara L. and Charles T. Sewornoo to Emilia A. Atem and Nicholas Akemaji Asong, $500,000.

Kettering Dr., 302-Wincodevel Corp. to Angel Gabriel Villeda Munoz and Brenda Elizabeth Perdomo Villeda, $273,000.

Laforge Lane, 10008-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shamarda Hart, $295,000.

Mary Bowie Pkwy., 14906-Toll MD Xi Partnership to James Benard and Muriel Gernail Williams, $664,944.

Pickering Cir., 1233-Betty A. Leonard to Cornel M. and Carolyn J. Harris, $290,000.

Robert Lewis Ave., 1820-Reginald B. and Debra M. Giles to William G. and Tamra G. Scott, $385,000.

Sunningdale Pl., 15510-NVR Inc. to Joseph Erculiani, $422,000.

Woodlawn Blvd., 10403-Taylor Group Investments Corp. to Errol M. and Lowaun Woods, $270,000.


Cypress St., 8403-Wells Fargo Bank to Juan A. Flores, $215,500.

Marton St., 1048-Christopher L. Brownley to Shane A. Walker, $226,000.

Paperbark Terr., 7221-Ethel M. Stewart to Charles Withers and Althea R. Smith Withers, $322,100.

Vista Dr., 14059-Partick Guyah to Mario Perez, $124,500.

Fifth St., 1007-Rosa Jessica Grenados Alvarenga to Miguel Angel Berganza Sagustume and Ana De Maria Garcia Bueco, $250,000.

10th St., 1015-Tyrone J.D. Souza and Judy Lorraine D. Souza to Kiona Amelia Leah, $231,000.


Briardale Lane, 8902-Morgan R. Heyer and Frederick C. Heyer to William and Theresa Brandt, $285,000.

Ivory Pass., 12602-Federal National Mortgage Association to Reather Renee Prather, $324,000.

Tuscany Dr., 11732-Tawana A. Saunders to Otelia Elaine Simmons, $320,000.


37th St., 3717-Ethel G. Pinkey to Kazem Kazmezadoch, $223,000.


Emerson St., 7009-Cesra S. Sura Bonilla to Jerry Raul Valdez Vasquez and Heidi L. Sanchez Solano, $240,000.

Frederick Rd., 7710-American Realty Investments Corp. to Edwin T. Cartagena Reyes, $232,000.

Lupine Ct., 3501-101 Geneva Corp. to Kirt A. Dankmyer, $220,000.

Quintana St., 8411-Kathleen M. Sadler to Ermis O. Morales and Bethy Y. Reys De Morales, $260,000.

Taylor St., 7014-Carmellia Jackson and Carmellia Jackson O. Neal to Michael Ray Oneal, $215,000.

Westbrook Dr., 6203-Steven Harvey Gold and Steven Gold to Amalia Hines and Amalia Bloomfield, $303,000.


Dumfries St., 1009-Jose W. and Maria C. Galvez to Gregorio Ferrufino Manzanarez and Jasmin Y. Gonzalez Flores, $247,000.

Leverett St., 5220-David Herbert and 5220 Leverett Street Land Trust to Tristiana L. Jackson Hinton, $209,999.

Norlinda Ave., 2309-Donald L. and Gloria A. Doby to Carlos V., John M. and Juan P. Bonilla, $243,000.

Potomac Passage, 155-Amanda Jane Annick to Hyacinth Carter, $334,555.

Terrell Ave., 5904-Gloria F. and George Dempsey to Jo A. Bell, $191,580.


Eastpine Dr., 6005-Cesar H. Reyes to Ronaldo and Ronny Solorazono, $140,000.

Kennedy St., 5521-Alicia Y. Carney to Anayansis Melgar Benitez and Jose E. Melgar Gonzalez, $250,000.

Van Buren St., 4700-SM Waterford Estates Corp. to Josh A. and Elizabeth B. Clayton, $598,620.

62nd Ave., 5618-Debrah and Debra Pemberton to Amistin Perrera and Mouharram Jaafar, $247,000.


Candy Apple Lane, 4142-Traviata Cox to Brittany S. Johnson, $178,000.

Lassie Ave., 3118-Cambridge Estate Corp. to Sierra Edward, $329,900.

Sunset Lane, 3079-Eagle Homes Laurel Corp. to John Delonte Black Sr. and Leon Eugene Coates Jr., $215,000.


Aley Rd., 5901-Witi Inc. to Cipriano A. Mazariegos, $222,000.

Brinkley Rd., 4712-Jose A. Diaz and Rosemary Ocon to Edwin Aristides Gonzales Turcios, $225,000.

Dunlap St., 3617-Annette Simpson to Raymond Lee Hall, $195,000.

Hill Park Dr., 3702-Deutsche Bank and Ocwean Loan Serving Corp. to Jose O. Aguilar, $239,580.

Joan Lane, 5601-Lighthouse Assets Corp. and Umbrella Holdings Corp. to Jose E. Pacheco, $220,000.

Linda Lane, 5716-Eric D. Koger and Cheryl V. Chambers to Robin Hood and Richard Tyrone Cunningham, $269,922.

Rehling St., 5806-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Kierra Parker, $178,000.


Jamestown Rd., 3007-Jes International Corp. to Gilma Sarceno Escobar and Edvin O. Perez Sarceno, $305,000.


Brentwood Dr., 7008-Calvin R. and Audra R. Griner to Lisa N. Brooks Wilkins, $520,000.

Colonel Ashton Pl., 4735-Larry E. Williams to Tiffany Fonseca, $273,000.

Crystal Oaks Lane, 9102-Mab of Pakrkside Singles Corp. to Margaret Beverly, $523,894.

Eastland Cir., 10815-Mab of WTC Corp. to Karen Lewis, $450,452.

Forest Pines Dr., 5021-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Renneese Cecelia Powers, $392,255.

Fox Stream Way, 3105-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Jasmine Johnson, $370,445.

Golden Eagle Ct., 9707-JLG Investments Corp. to Karen Y. Cushman Aluko and Ademola O. Aluko, $368,700.

Griffendale Lane, 5209-Willie J. and Dionna Brown Caldwell to Dionna Marie and Dionna M. Brown, $425,000.

Healy Pl., 7514-Johnie H. Washington to Tamara Bobo, $276,000.

Lord Baltimore Pl., 13542-Kristy Barksdale to Orlanda Demone Smith and Angel Ardelia Lyons, $236,900.

Marlton Center Dr., 12716-Terrence D. and Karen Ruffin to Mark L. and Tangela D. Darensburg, $265,000.

Oakengate Dr., 10009-Angela D. Phillips Tucker to Forrest and Sylvia Hall, $425,000.

Parkstone Dr., 9606-SM Parkside Corp. to Richard and Valencia B. Palmer, $444,950.

Salford Terr., 13046-Shavone K. Richardson to Tyson J. Beale, $222,500.

Sweet Rose Ct., 8813-Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Corp. to Brittini Blackwell and Kristopher Baum, $337,990.

Trumps Hill Rd., 8304-Andre Deon Marshall and Karla M. Reeves to Rodrick T. Washington, $326,000.

Westview Dr., 12221-Westview Corp. to Sandra Webb, $360,000.

Wind Chime Ct., 8802-Magruder Property Corp. to Kirk S. and Jewell R. Samuel, $590,000.

Woodyard Rd., 5607-NVR Inc. to India D. Robinson, $361,300.


Bald Hill Rd., 9611-Jason L. and Jennifer Lee Lash to Varnes Pascal and Marie Bourgoin, $429,000.

Fitzgibbon Ct., 10616-K&D; Home Improvement Corp. to Chukwuemeka Nwaopara, $279,900.

Millponds Ct., 936-Charlene Gordon Ben and Roland Ben to Robert Earl Mitchell, $309,500.

Saint Georges Way, 2008-Chong Ya Chen and Hua Zheng to Bechemanyor Achou Ebini, Rico T. Mayowo and Rico T. Mayowo, $485,000.

Tulip Tree Dr., 9801-Troy McKinney to Laketa Scott, $324,900.

Woodview Dr., 9608-Carolyn B. Palmer to Agnes T. Nkeng, $328,000.

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Prince George’s County home sales

September 12, 2018 at 8:41 AM


Accokeek Landing Dr., 1215-Bank of New York Mellon and Bank of New York to Cahenda Dickens and Shonte Brooks, $351,000.

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