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Prince William County home sales

September 12, 2018 at 3:11 PM

Prince William County


Bonnykelly Ct., 10054-Chad and Tiffany Kingston to Lorraine S. Cardenas, $480,000.

Falcon Glen Ct., 9054-Jeremy D. Smith to Nicholas Daniel Beall and Melissa Nicole Gayle, $325,000.

Lost Fields Ct., 9192-Darby K. Doe to Neil and Jeanne Azucena, $500,000.

Rannoch Forest Cir., 12800-Mark A. Lawrence to William Hoff, $300,000.

Shortbread Way, 9964-U.S. Bank and Gsaa Home Equity Trust to Raman Preet Singh and Jaspreet Kau, $309,750.


Anderson St., 14605-Tomas A. Marin and Rosa C. Parada to Joseph A. and Kelsi M. Gallaugher, $349,950.

Brentwood Ct., 14491-John C. Kelly to Shanice Z. Rosa Trott, $139,000.

Cloverdale Rd., 15232-Raju Kunwar to Roxana X. Mendez, $255,000.

Cuddy Loop, 14196, No. 71-SMS Enterprises Corp. to Masood Said, $180,000.

Ely Ct., 14627-Glenna Irene Clark to Phillip E. Clark Jr., $258,000.

George Frye Cir., 4386-Ivory D. and Amber Sophia Hallmon to Samuel S. Lerman and Erin M. Walter-Lerman, $579,900.

Kirkdale Dr., 4715-K.B. Ai Masum to Joshua Owen and Lindsey Angelica Wilson, $353,000.

Nascoby Lane, 13442-Nicholas J. and Amanda Kincheloe Carlson to Sayed Abdullah and Nilab Hashemi, $305,000.

Perch Branch Way, 4561-Steven R. Mittendorff to Joseph C. and Juan B. Navarrete, $280,000.

Redstone Dr., 13835-Virginia Housing Development Authority to Hung T. Tran, $330,000.

Spriggs Meadow Dr., 5701-De Laine Williamson to Michael and Laura Skufca, $565,000.

Terminal Way, 13010-Esteve Mede and Asha K.T. Mede to Rolf Schierhold and Weiji Zhang, $295,000.


Eby Dr., 4120-John Stanley and Marilyn H. Rumph to Brandley B. and Jeffrey S. Costello, $210,000.

Linton Ct., 18256-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Nevin Joplin, $329,900.


Beton Ct., 6105-Elizabeth T. Krieger and Kristine T. Foskey to Richard A. Lewis and Ellen F. Comeau, $577,000.

Darbey Knoll Dr., 7006-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Sheila R. Fritts, $410,000.

Haro Trail, 14164, No. 120-Sunsan Lee to Jonathan and Allison Patrick, $357,500.

Lick River Lane, 5438-Matt and Charlotte Botvinis to Jerry O’Sullivan and Katherine E. Wilson, $615,000.

Old Carolina Rd., 7510-Joan A. and Gladys B. Gaskins to Roger D. Anariba Ortega, $299,900.

Roxborough Loop, 8299-Frank U. and Simbo A. Egbue to Milvia V. Landerverde, $680,000.

Tenbrook Dr., 8256-Kim N. Chau and Hin K. Chieu to Loan T. Tran and Quy Ton That, $515,000.

Walnut Hill Dr., 6939-Linda K. Medlock to Eugene Lee III, $315,000.


Greymill Manor Dr., 16006-Dustin J. and Kimberly A. Stewart to Kenneth and Amber Nicole Miller, $387,500.

Parchment Ct., 6155-Mark William and Fadia Kuley Gobbi to Joel and Betsy Ann Stuart, $621,000.

Stokes Lane, 15824-Richmond American Homes of Viriginia Inc. to Joseph David and Sheri Ann Knowlton, $446,151.


Blue Gray Cir., 7950-Stephen John Saunders to Themy and Nick Veltsistas, $215,000.

Brookview Ct., 7847-David Kvitkovich to Christopher Luke Swadener, $276,500.

Coffee Tree Ct., 10081-Christopher J. Houtz to Nicole and Seth Brotherton, $440,000.

Elaine Ave., 8774-Robert J. and Dorothy M. Horwath to Sean Terence Foster, $304,900.

Garrett Way, 8933-Jason Andrae Forbes and Raeshen Christian-Forbes to Mark D. Pickett, $405,000.

King George Dr., 9340-Israel Ramirez Guzman and Amparo Avelar De Ramirez to Franklin Lorenzo Marcelino, $287,500.

Lake Shore Dr., 8240-John W. and Leticia M. Albright to Bryon and Tanya Fugate, $525,000.

Parkriver Dr., 12023-Lawrence A. Swisher to Laura E. and Peter M. Mowery, $365,000.

Sinclair Mill Rd., 8121-Juan Carlos Jimenez to Vicki Parkhurst, $271,000.

Walton Dr., 14136-Kenneth L. and Sonya C. Dunn to Patrick J. and Erin C. Midtlyng, $420,000.

Wortham Crest Cir., 11146, No. 115-Jordan-Daniel P. and Gary Smith to Corey Dabney and Amber Lynn Konda, $229,000.


Brightstar Dr., 9451-MS Signal Hill Corp. to Frank L. James III, $533,340.

Honey Bee Way, 8112-Christopher B. and Amy L. Shetter to Lauren Yonus and Geoffrey Dennehy, $390,000.

Montgomery Dr., 10708-Clare T. Nugent and Elizabeth L. Richards to Clarke A. and Jennifer Congdon, $198,393.

Yorkshire Lane, 8913-Don R. Moore to William Alton Stanley, $280,000.


Buckingham Ct., 4005-Deutsche Bank to Uzair Zafar, $251,500.

Four Seasons Dr., 16840-Catherine M. Kazanowski to Everett G. and Melissa G. Diederiks, $500,000.

Waterway Dr., 4173-Raymond L. Tenenholtz to Michael James and Kelly Delaune, $425,000.


Orlando Rd., 13726-Burnard K. and Robin D. Clemen to Leroy S. Sloper, $285,000.

Silas Dr., 9512-Cathy Nan Wilson Roberts to Laureano Alberton Avilla Mora, $329,000.


Potomac Highlands Cir., 4114, No. 7-Isaiah’s Homes Corp. to Anthony Jerome Lee, $225,500.


Alison St., 13202-Manuel Dejesus and Maria D. Herrera to Manuel D. Flores, $232,000.

Belmont Bay Dr., 440, No. 106-James Thaddeus Hill and Norma Jean Moore to Ross Hobson and Susan Kaye Simpson, $338,500.

Brookmoor Lane, 2328, No. 373A-Paramount Investments Corp. to Emily J. Gelabert, $279,000.

Chattanooga Lane, 16445-Torey I. and Tiffany H. Lawrence to Adam T. and Suzanne M. Moreau, $497,000.

Cromwell Ct., 11328-Thomas R. and Robin M. Hazard to Steve M. and Angela D. McCeney, $241,000.

Darwin Ct., 16148-Jarrod and Eric Retzloff to Joshua D. Retzloff, $200,000.

Evansport Pl., 12824-Nila J. Ritenour and Craig Anderson to Tuan Thanh Nguyen and Loan Thi Tran, $260,000.

Gatehouse Terr., 15368-Stephen Murray to Juanita Rose Cooksey, $210,000.

Ladue Ct., 1641, No. 306-Joseph Carl and Rachel Conn Martin to Blanca E. Carcamo, $249,900.

Lyon Park Ct., 3483-Sheila Sullivan Wilson to Justin and Amanda Long, $405,000.

Mandolin Lane, 12951-Ozra Shaker and Palwasha Porscha Letizia to Rui Zhen Chen, $367,000.

Merseyside Dr., 2242, No. 84-Sandy L. McKinzy to Nakesha Sharel Walton, $279,900.

Oak Tree Lane, 2575-Khalid Alami to Adebayo Ayoku and Larisa Joan Oluwa, $315,000.

Palermo Terr., 15714-Jeff and Caroline Gordon to David Lukes, $330,000.

Reef Knot Way, 16861-Walter A. and Shantel Barragan to Albert C. and Shana Dominic, $515,000.

Ryecliff Ct., 4600-David M. and Cathy Watt to Nader Jafer and Dana Hashem, $785,000.

Spinnaker Ct., 2275-Raquel Margarita Burd and Gary J. Manley to Jose Cabrera Acosta, $360,000.

Triad Ct., 3932-Tracey L. and Christopher A. Fitzhugh to David A. and Andrea Munoz, $430,000.

Wigglesworth Way, 1864-Roger L. and Carrie B. Edwards to Wentana T. Gebru, $275,000.


Battery Heights Blvd., 9563, No. 104-Joan N. Sacra to Bhupal Pokhrel, $160,000.

Burlington Ct., 8590-Angel E. Gonzalez to Francis W. Carragher II, $263,697.

Camphor Ct., 9333-Timothy and Jennifer Phillips to Oscar Armando Cruz Moreno, $400,000.

Feeg Ct., 9524-John F. and Amy H. Anderson to Carlo Andre and Sarah Solano, $500,000.

Georgian Ct., 8310-Minda B. Littleton to Arielle Ziemba, $225,000.

Jasmine Ct., 8956-Aristotle D. and Roberto F. Deasis to Joseph S. Yoon, $317,000.

Nantucket Ct., 10269-Randy and Len Nguyen to Sandy and Evelyn Day, $375,000.

Quarry Rd., 8927-Frances Barlas to Evan R. Di Silvio, $375,000.

Stevens Ct., 9143-Jorge A. Reyes to Carlos E. Morales Portillo and Giselda B. Morales Vargas, $220,000.

Willow Grove Trail, 10019-Tai Nguyen and Linh Hoai Do to Miguel B. Pacheco Sales and Delmy B. Rivera Lemus, $375,000.

Manassas Park

Cabbel Dr., 166-James C. and Anh Scott to Sushil Adhikari and Chandra Gurung, $455,000.

General Way, 8536-Adam C. Hurley and Mistr Ty Dawn Hurley Jr. to Leo Shue and Zing Zhang, $235,000.

Runyon Ct., 110-Tamara Oliver to Florentin Chicas Padilla and Rubidia D. Zelaya Robles, $324,000.

Stafford County

Blueberry Ct., 307-Vashon and Dorothy Woolfolk to James Michael Marley, $265,000.

Camden Dr., 311-Gary H. and Martha M. Rooks to Caitlin Frances Lang and Nicholas Brogan Boland, $264,900.

Carriage Hill Dr., 108-Todd Michael and Jaymie Nicole Gerace to Amandeep Kaur, $395,000.

Chet Atkins Ct., 32-Southern Classic Homes Inc. to Zachary Albertis and Megan Emily Harrison, $467,000.

Fairbanks Ct., 8-Stone Financing Corp. to Caldwell B. Beattie, $280,000.

Frank Ct., 5-Candy S. and Alejandro E. Vazquez to Justin Alan and Joanna Alvarez Brown, $377,500.

Goose Creek Cir., 12-Bruce C. and Maria D. Register to Gloria M. Jackson, $376,000.

Hidden Brook Dr., 211-U.S. Home Corp. to Thomas Adney, $279,990.

Hillcrest Terr., 1011-Alexander Putman and Genevieve Carole Henderson to Robert Wright, $372,250.

Hubbard Ct., 16-Christopher M. and Mary Catherine Gardner to Debora Rivera and Javier Manuel Torres-Chinea, $415,000.

Indian Point Rd., 79-Aaronal Homes Inc. to Curtis Stanley and Linda Katherine Ames, $650,800.

Joplin Ct., 2-Theresa Lynn Proctor to Sukhvir and Emilie Darhele, $325,000.

Lake Forest Dr., 82-Ruby L. and Robert Franklin Taylor to Matthew F. Taylor, $300,000.

Leeland Rd., 15-15 Leeland Road Corp. to Joel Roberts, $208,500.

Mccarty Rd., 472-Christopher C. and Mollary T. Copley to Daniel P. and Annamaria R. Altman, $586,000.

Mosby Lane, 24-David J. and Lydia A. Houser to Joshua G. and Diane L. Henderson, $422,000.

Newbury Dr., 76-Raoul J.C. Vicencio and Rowena Paula G. Vicencio to Jose Jimmy Castro Balderrama, $340,000.

Onville Rd., 133-Progressive Communities Corp. to Larry L. Schmitz, $225,000.

Pear Blossom Rd., 312-U.S. Home Corp. to William and Megan Dunst, $448,000.

Rosa Ct., 11-Joshua Dane and Karen Maxine Bare to Sandra Jean Marshall and Randy Michael Fritz, $279,000.

Sedgwick Ct., 605-Israel A. Latorre to Christopher Fredrickson, $227,000.

Short Branch Rd., 232-Ronald and Erin Howard to Thane A. and Brittney L. Norman, $360,000.

Stafford Ave., 4-Kevin P. and Kathleen M. Cochran to Joaquin Andres Rodriguez and Joseline Chamagua, $268,200.

Tavern Rd., 64-James M. and Hilary K. Crow to Ryan Phillip and Ashley Marie Diehl, $390,000.

Truslow Rd., 647-Moon Hye Seuk to Clark Steven Anderson, $254,000.

White Oak Rd., 1312-Ajdlon M. and Patricia S. Clift to Mark B. and Lee M. Hammers, $255,000.

Wind Ridge Dr., 804-Justin Daniel Vogl to Joy L. Mangrum, $199,900.

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Prince William County home sales

September 12, 2018 at 3:11 PM

Prince William County


Bonnykelly Ct., 10054-Chad and Tiffany Kingston to Lorraine S. Cardenas, $480,000.

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