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David Blaine spits out live frogs, freaks out Steph Curry, Drake and Dave Chappelle

By Des Bieler

November 16, 2016 at 7:15 AM

ABC aired a special, "David Blaine: Beyond Magic," Tuesday night, and clips of the magician's tricks soon began to go viral. One featured Blaine performing in front of a group that included NBA stars Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, as well as Drake and Dave Chappelle, and his audience was understandably freaked out.

That's because Blaine asked Chappelle to use a mobile device's app to draw "a small creature that could fit in the palm of Drake's hand." The comedian came up with something that looked like a frog, which was all Blaine needed to conjure up his version of a biblical plague, much to the consternation of Curry, Butler and everyone else.

Something tells me this look on Curry's face might just be coming to a meme near you:

Blaine performed a version of the same trick on a recent episode of "The Tonight Show," much to the amazement of Jimmy Fallon and members of the Roots.

Blaine also found time on Tuesday's special to put on a disturbing display for David Beckham, along with Victoria Beckham and actors Johnny Depp and Emma Stone. It involved using a wire hanger to retrieve a ring — that he had swallowed.

For his next trick sure to astound the sports world, here's an idea: Blaine conjures up a win for the Cleveland Browns! What, too far-fetched?

(H/T For the Win)

Des writes for the Early Lead and the D.C. Sports Bog, scouring the Web to bring readers items of interest, both serious and amusing. He also covers fantasy football, as well as fitness topics for the MisFits.

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