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Vote for The Post’s SXSW 2019 panel submissions

August 6, 2018 at 5:30 PM

Panel voting for SXSW 2019 has begun. Below are the session pitches submitted by some of The Post’s top experts and voices. Vote here between now and August 30 at 11:59pm or just click through to each specific session.

Easy to fool? Journalism in the Age of Deep Fakes
Simpler tools and more powerful processors have democratized synthetic video — more commonly known as deep fakes. Like photos once were, video is still commonly proof that something happened but suddenly it’s possible to fictionalize actual news video. What does this mean for journalists and their audiences? How do synthetic videos threaten trust in the news media? And how can the media aggressively pursue scoops without risking their credibility in a fast-moving news cycle? What tools exist — or should exist — to detect potential fakes? Who is fighting the potential spread of synthetic videos and what can we do about it?

Jeremy Gilbert, Director of Strategic Initiatives, The Washington Post
Erica Anderson, Global Lead, Google News Lab
Paul Cheung, Director/Journalism + Technology Innovation, Knight Foundation
Kelly McBride, Senior Vice President, The Poynter Institute

The Future of AI in News: Friend or foe?
Artificial intelligence is growing up. The fear of job replacement due to automation is here. But, machines are still pretty dumb. Especially when it comes to mimicking the skills of a journalist. Hear from publishers who are developing AI-powered products to assist today’s journalists and provide business insights in an ever-changing industry. The discussion will explore the ethics of AI, what advances in data science we’re applying now and who, or what, future journalists will look like.

Joey Marburger, Director of Product, The Washington Post
Marc Lavellee, Executive Director, R&D;, The New York Times

How to Launch on Twitch with (Hardly Any) Gaming
Love the Twitch audience but aren’t quite sure how to mesh your brand with online gaming? We’ll tell you how organizations and individual streamers are rising to the challenge of programming non-gaming content on Twitch—and winning a loyal audience. Learn insider tips including how to make your right rail chat part of a killer broadcast and how to script and shoot for the Twitch screen.

Phoebe Connelly, Deputy Director, Video, The Washington Post
Cody Conners, Partnerships Manager, Content Acquisition, Twitch

Podcasts in the Age of Interactive Voice
The rise of smart speakers and voice assistants is creating new user expectations and needs around audio programming. For years, both radio and podcasts have centered around the idea of shows — packaged, branded, often led by personalities. But what happens as voice assistants and other new platforms take audio in new directions, ones that may require different types of content? What does that mean for the entire booming industry of people dedicated to making the best podcasts they can? How will some of these new developments change what we think an audio product can and should be? This panel will explore how the rise of smart speakers, voice assistants and other new platforms is changing audio, and what that could mean for both listeners and creators.

Jessica Stahl, Director of Audio, The Washington Post
Sarah Gilbert, Acting Vice President for News Programming, NPR

Branded Content & the Quest for Audience Attention
Now, more than ever, brands are embracing content as a way to engage with consumers. But the content has to be meaningful- something audiences will choose to consume. To create stories that resonate, marketers need to know the audience inside and out. On the other hand, to find angles that are authentic to the advertiser, they need a deep understanding of their own brand purpose. Who should be at the helm of this transformation: publishers, brands or agencies? Should it be those who are closest to the audience or imbedded with the advertiser? Leading voices from media, publishing and major brands debate who’s best positioned to lead this battle for audience attention.

Annie Granatstein, Head of WP BrandStudio, The Washington Post
Susan Borst, VP, Mobile, IAB
Liz Matthews, Senior Vice President Global Brand and Experiential, Dell
Lindsay Bacon, Advertising and Collateral Manager, Porsche Cars North America

Thinking Bigger: HR Through A Marketing Lens
Employer branding is a thing of the past. Today’s top HR teams are paving the way to organizational success through integrated marketing. From facilitating a new company culture to helping drive change, HR is playing a more prominent role than ever in supporting a company’s transformation. At a time when the ability to attract and retain talent is critical to a company’s success, learn how HR can truly become marketers by focusing on messaging to create authentic culture stories that move both workforce and talent brand forward.

Brenna Child, Head of Talent Management & Branding, The Washington Post

Mastering Talent Digital Marketing
Today, the competition to hire the best of the best is at its height. To do this, corporate storytelling must extend beyond traditional mediums like websites and newsletters. We must go where candidates are, leveraging the tactics and tools traditionally used by digital marketers. This session will teach you how to effectively and efficiently use social media and digital marketing strategy to cultivate, connect, and hire top talent.

Austin Graff, Talent Marketing Manager, The Washington Post
Christina Ayala, Team Leader, Talent Acquisition, Southwest Airlines
Christy Childers, Employee Brand Manager, North America, Facebook
Liv Longley, Director, Recruitment Marketing, Salesforce

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