An opening day quiz for baseball fans

"There'll be two buses leaving the hotel for the park tomorrow. The 2 o'clock bus will be for those of you who need a little extra work. The empty bus will leave at 5 o'clock." 

— Dave Bristol, Milwaukee Brewers manager, 1972

Everyone needs extra work to prepare for the season. So, name the player or players who...


Is the fourth (the others are Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays) with a career .300 average, 500 home runs and 100 stolen bases.

Mark McGwire

Reggie Jackson

Albert Pujols

Harmon Killebrew


Played in the most wins.

Cal Ripken Jr.

Pete Rose

Hank Aaron

Brooks Robinson


Was the last to get 3,000 hits without winning a batting title.

Ichiro Suzuki

Adrian Beltre

Rafael Palmeiro

Craig Biggio


Got 30 homers and 100 RBIs in a season for five different teams.

Xavier Nady

Bobby Bonds

Alfonso Soriano

Gary Sheffield


Struck out three times in a game just once in 13 seasons.

Joe DiMaggio

Tony Gwynn

Ozzie Smith

Ozzie Guillen


Hit .461 at home but .286 on the road.

Roberto Alomar

Gil Hodges

Larry Walker

Carl Yastrzemski


Was the last person to enter September batting over .400.

Daniel Murphy

George Brett

Jeff Bagwell

Rod Carew


Led his league in hits for three different teams.

Juan Pierre

Napoleon Lajoie

Willie Keeler

Paul Molitor


Hit .408 in a season but lost the batting title.

Shoeless Joe Jackson

Ty Cobb

George Sisler

Ted Williams


Hit at least 40 doubles in 10 seasons.

Stan Musial

Tris Speaker

Wade Boggs

Harry Heilman


Was the first 40-year-old with a 100-RBI season.

Willie Mays

Dave Winfield

Andres Galarraga

Edgar Martinez


Is the most recent to win consecutive MVP awards.

Alex Rodriguez

Albert Pujols

Miguel Cabrera

Mike Trout


Had the most career homers (399) without a 30-homer season.

Al Kaline

Andres Galarraga

Dale Murphy

Joe Carter


Has the highest career batting average among players with at least 300 homers.

Rogers Hornsby

Lou Gehrig

Babe Ruth

Ted Williams


Is the only non-Yankee with 500 home runs and three championships.

David Ortiz

Ted Williams

Albert Pujols

Jimmie Foxx


Are the four right-handed hitters to lead the major leagues in hitting at least three times.

Rogers Hornsby, Napoleon Lajoie, Roberto Clemente, Miguel Cabrera

Tommy Davis, Roberto Clemente, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn

Rogers Hornsby, Tommy Davis, Roberto Clemente, Miguel Cabrera

Napoleon Lajoie, Tommy Davis, Wade Boggs, Miguel Cabrera


Are the two pitchers to have 300 more strikeouts than walks (not counting intentional walks) in a season.

Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan

Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan

Bob Feller and Randy Johnson

Sandy Koufax and Randy Johnson


Was the only batter to average 200 hits per season in his first 14 seasons.

Ichiro Suzuki

Paul Waner

Pete Rose

Derek Jeter


Holds the career record for doubles.

Carl Yastrzemski

Ty Cobb

Tris Speaker

Stan Musial


Were the three pairs of rookies of the year who were later enshrined in Cooperstown.

Luis Aparicio and Frank Robinson, Tom Seaver and Rod Carew, Andre Dawson and Eddie Murray

Willie McCovey and Don Drysdale, Tom Seaver and Rod Carew, Luis Aparicio and Tony Kubek

Luis Aparicio and Tony Kubek, Andre Dawson and Eddie Murray, Don Drysdale and Brooks Robinson

Don Drysdale and Brooks Robinson, Luis Aparicio and Frank Robinson, Andre Dawson and Eddie Murray


Holds the record for most four-strikeout games.

Ryan Howard

Reggie Jackson

Adam Dunn

Pete Incaviglia


Struck out in a record 37 consecutive games in a single season.

Brad Hawpe

Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Adam Dunn

Aaron Judge


Was the first to win three MVP awards.

Carl Hubbell

Jimmie Foxx

Stan Musial

Roy Campanella


Are the two third basemen with 500 home runs.

Eddie Matthews and Mike Schmidt

Eddie Matthews and Mel Ott

Jim Thome and Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt and Ernie Banks


Was the first to get 3,000 hits in the 20th century.

Eddie Collins

Napoleon Lajoie

Honus Wagner

Ty Cobb


Had 999 walks with three starts to go in his career and did not reach 1,000.

Greg Maddux

Jim Bunning

Jim Perry

Fergie Jenkins


Were the only two to bat cleanup in a World Series at age 20.

Ty Cobb and Miguel Cabrera

Andruw Jones and Raul Mondesi

Miguel Cabrera and Andruw Jones

Ty Cobb and Raul Mondesi


Led his league in RBIs in 2014 while batting second.

Mike Trout

Rickey Henderson

Chase Utley

Johnny Damon


Although not in the Hall of Fame until 2017, reached base more than Jeff Bagwell, Roberto Clemente and Tony Gwynn and had five seasons with at least 30 doubles and 70 stolen bases (Ty Cobb had only three).

Tim Raines

Craig Biggio

Alan Trammell

Shoeless Joe Jackson


Was the only player with at least 100 triples, 150 homers and 600 stolen bases.

Kenny Lofton

Honus Wagner

Rickey Henderson

Tim Raines


Was the only 300-game winner between the world wars.

Carl Hubbell

Lefty Grove

Ted Lyons

Wait Hoyte


Threw a no-hitter with no walks and 17 strikeouts.

Don Wilson

Max Scherzer

Nolan Ryan

Warren Spahn


Scored the most World Series runs.

Derek Jeter

Yogi Berra

Mickey Mantle

Roger Marris


Was the first White Sox player to be MVP.

Nellie Fox

Dick Allen

Luke Appling

Eddie Collins


Won 25 or more games three times in the 1960s but never won a Cy Young award.

Sam McDowell

Denny McLain

Bob Gibson

Juan Marichal


Won the most ERA titles.

Pete Alexander

Roger Clemens

Sandy Koufax

Lefty Grove


Is the only catcher to win three batting titles.

Joe Mauer

Ernie Lombardi

Eugene "Bubbles" Hargrove

Rogers Hornsby


Led his league in batting average his first two seasons.

Napoleon Lajoie

Ichiro Suzuki

Tony Oliva

Rod Carew


Had three seasons with 40 or more homers and fewer strikeouts than homers.

Johnny Mize

Ted Kluszewski

Lou Gehrig

Joe DiMaggio


Was the Hall of Famer who hit a record four triple plays.

Deacon McGuire

Joe Start

George Sisler

Brooks Robinson


Bonus question: What manager said, "Our phenoms aren't phenomenating."

Casey Stengel

Gil Hodges

Lou Piniella

Lefty Phillips