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What do new findings on ice melt and sea level rise mean?

A new study on melting glaciers and ice caps has received quite a bit of press attention, some of it rather confusing. While the paper (technically a letter) published in the journal Nature, concluded that glaciers and ice caps worldwide lost about 4.3 trillion tons of mass between 2003-2010 - enough to cover the entire United States with water 1.5 feet deep - there were some regions where glaciers and ice caps did not lose nearly as much ice as previously thought.

Texas drought improves, still a lot more rain is needed

Above-average rainfall during December and January have helped ease the Texas drought in some areas. But other parts of the state are still facing water restrictions, and the Texas rice industry is bracing for the potential loss of an entire year’s worth of earnings.

Global warmng study casts doubt on “missing heat” hypothesis

The so-called “missing heat” in the climate system may not have been missing in the first place, according to a new study.

What do billion-dollar weather losses tell us about global warming?

While the number of billion-dollar disasters offers insight into the increasing economic consequences of extreme weather in the United States, it does not allow us to make any firm conclusions about global warming, nor does it provide much clarity on the question of whether global warming is causing more losses from natural disasters.