Dognapped dachshund reunited with family in Maryland

Canela, a female dachshund, was dropped off at a local pet store near where she had been snatch off her front porch

By Jasmine HiltonMarch 24, 2023

Zebra who ran through busy Seoul streets escaped zoo after parents died

Sero's rebellious streak emerged after the deaths of both his parents, zoo officials said. He was caught after his escapade and is safely home.

By Andrew JeongMarch 24, 2023

A pet cockatiel escaped. A Billy Joel song helped return him to his owner.

When the cockatiel began bobbing his head to "Uptown Girl," they knew who the bird belonged to

By Cathy FreeMarch 21, 2023

U.K. scientists plead for return of rare shark’s head, promise ‘no judging’

The smalltooth sand tiger shark was called a “once-in-a-lifetime find in British waters” — but the head and tail were chopped off before scientists could see them.

By Victoria BissetMarch 21, 2023

Louisiana backs off, lets family keep invasive rodent as a pet

For more than two years, Denny and Myra Lacoste have raised Neuty the nutria as a pet. Last week, state wildlife officials came to take him away.

By Jonathan EdwardsMarch 21, 2023

Millions of dead fish clog Australian river

“There are dead fish everywhere,” said Graeme McCrabb, a Menindee resident, describing the smell from the Darling-Baaka River as far-reaching and pungent.

By Jennifer HassanMarch 19, 2023

What to know about raccoon dogs, which may be linked to coronavirus’s origin

New data shows that raccoon dogs in a Wuhan market could be linked to the coronavirus's origins. The animal, related to the fox, can carry diseases communicable to humans.

By Dan Rosenzweig-ZiffMarch 17, 2023

This crow is ‘very intelligent’ — and it’s struggling to survive in the wild

Plans to repopulate Hawaii’s forests with its “very intelligent” crows have been upended in part by its natural predator, the Hawaiian hawk. Now scientists are tracking the hawk in order to save the corvids.

By Dino GrandoniMarch 17, 2023

A key starfish is now under threat of extinction, the government says

The federal government said Wednesday the sunflower sea star needs protection under the Endangered Species Act.

By Dino GrandoniMarch 15, 2023

Crustacean defamation? Maine lobstermen sue aquarium over do-not-eat list.

Industry groups filed a defamation lawsuit against the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation after it said the lobster industry poses a threat to right whales.

By Timothy BellaMarch 15, 2023

Lion king no more: Africa’s most handsome lion slain by younger rivals

Bob Jr., dubbed king of the Serengeti for his famed looks, has been killed by a pack of younger, fitter lions.

By Adela SulimanMarch 15, 2023

Island tourists swoon over stray puppies. Many bring one home.

In the Turks and Caicos, tourists line up to take rescue pups on a walk on the beach. Sometimes the line snakes around the block.

By Sydney PageMarch 15, 2023

A killer fungus has spread in Africa, driving more amphibians to extinction

The fungal infection called chytridiomycosis has swept through the diversity-rich continent in little more than two decades, a new study finds.

By Mark JohnsonMarch 15, 2023

Ohio man calls 911 after zebra attack: ‘Come before it gets me again!’

A zebra attacked a 72-year-old Ohio man on Sunday, nearly ripping off his arm.

By Jonathan EdwardsMarch 15, 2023

He found a clam he figured was born in 1809 and named it ‘Abra-clam Lincoln’

'We were planning to make a chowder out of it, but we thought about the fact that it probably was special,' Blaine Parker said of the large southern quahog clam he found on Florida's gulf coast.

By Sydney PageMarch 11, 2023

Bees solved puzzles to get a treat – then taught their friends, too

The researchers found that bumblebees were able to learn from one another how to solve a puzzle — a sign they could have a “capacity for culture.”

By Praveena SomasundaramMarch 10, 2023

Bees teach their babies how to dance

Honey bees perform a tail-wagging waltz to let others know where nectar is. Now a new study suggests young bees need to learn the steps from more experienced dancers.

By Dino GrandoniMarch 9, 2023

This Polish city’s top tourist attraction? A stray cat.

“It was worth traveling three hours to feel ignored by him," one person commented on Google Maps.

By Cathy FreeMarch 9, 2023

Two geese were lonely — so they were matched for a blind date

Two residents of nearby Iowa cities connected the widowed geese last month in hopes they’d become soul mates. So far, the arrangement has worked.

By Kyle MelnickMarch 8, 2023

Stolen alligator, missing for 20 years, returned to Texas zoo

“Alligators don’t make good pets, y’all,” the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said in an Instagram video showing officials loading the eight-foot-long reptile into a truck.

By Jennifer HassanMarch 7, 2023