A sweeping new study says a steep decline in bird abundance, including among common species, amounts to "an overlooked biodiversity crisis."

Ranching and animal welfare groups made a surprising compromise to end a standoff over some of America's most divisive animals. But the battle may drag on.

YouTubers are increasingly being accused of mistreating animals, but experts say "abuse" and "cruelty" aren't easily punishable under current laws.

Authorities blame inbreeding, saying the animals had weakened immune systems.

The State Department sent dozens of explosive-detection dogs to Jordan even after the agency in 2016 assessed a high degree of mistreatment and failure to care for the animals, a report found.

The trainers were tasked with getting the dogs to react as if they had eaten a cayenne pepper for a scene in the cable series "Manhunt: Lone Wolf," according to court documents.

Onlookers said the pair tried to escape on their own but couldn't.

The new plan, which calls for the elimination of nearly all experiments on mammals by 2035, was cheered by animal rights groups but criticized by some environmental and public health organizations.

An X-ray would later show the three-foot metal rod had impaled the the turtle so deeply, the spear spanned half its body.

“I just can’t imagine the terror that they felt, and I’ll never get over that,” said Elizabeth “Tip” Burrows, the shelter’s executive director.

Scans of dog brains reveal surprising differences in structure among 33 domestic breeds.

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The fish are not all right.

It’s believed to be the largest massacre of its kind on public land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in California.

Bites from brown recluse spiders can cause muscle pain, nausea, difficulty breathing and other symptoms.

By tweaking its microbiome, scientists may be able to help the eucalyptus-dependent koala overcome the odds stacked against it.

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Researchers are asking the public for help in identifying a condition that has left endangered panthers in Florida with neurological damage.

Animal advocacy groups praised the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' decision to phase out the use of "horrible, outdated" rods with metal hooks.

Though confounding on the surface, South Africa’s logic is based on precedent.

Castro has positioned himself among the campaign's leading voices for advancing animal protections.

Dogs are less susceptible to plague than cats, but may pick up fleas that can infect other animals and people.

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