Richard Carranza will resign next month and be succeeded by the first Black woman to run the country's largest school district.

Also, should newspapers remove or update pieces on people years after they have run? From the News Literacy Project.

Parsing the accusations that Biden is ignoring science.

How two districts faced the coronavirus pandemic.

Local newspapers vs. tech giants — and more from the News Literacy Project.

Critics are concerned about the furthering of the privatization of public education.

From the News Literacy Project, which aims to teach students how to distinguish between what is real and what is not.

What Cardona said and didn't say, on transgender athletes, standardized testing, school reopenings and more.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman: "We can no longer watch children be brutalized on school grounds and wait for justice while we have the policy tools to legislate it."

Here's an open letter from three teachers with a list of education recommendations for the new administration.

The state’s ban on new online charter schools ends this year.

A teacher writes that people seem to love individual teachers but hate their unions.

Experts say the National Center for Education Statistics needs a fast infusion of cash to collect the information.

Education historian and advocate Diane Ravitch looks at the history and current use of these tests.

An expert calls for doubling the Pell Grant: "We risk squandering several decades of progress."

More than 70 local, state and national organizations joined to sign a letter asking to let states use other assessments to determine how much progress students have made this year.

New York and Michigan officials said the tests can't be fairly given this year because of the pandemic.

From the News Literacy Project

The school board says it is part of facing America's racist past.

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