In an extraordinary decision, the judge commended the students for bringing the suit and said it indicated a deep flaw in America's education priorities and policies and that he is worried about the country's future.

New lessons from the News Literacy Project.

Appearing at a Christian college, she also said what she will do if she gets a second term as education secretary.

The reasons speak to the unprecedented times we are living in.

Some yeshivas ordered to close by New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) are still operating despite big rises in coronavirus cases in their communities.

More than ever, it favored the haves over the have-nots.

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And how to help them.

An essay in an era marked by a lack of caring.

The effects of pandemic learning pods.

Social media critics accuse him of hypocrisy — and more.

And more not especially prescient comments about the late Beatle from teachers.

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Why budgets looked better this fall than many expected — and why that won't hold true again next year without help.

Other advanced nations don't do very well in the rankings either.

Teachers, students and parents talk about the return to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

A counterintuitive essay.

A teacher explains his reaction to Trump's call for "patriotic education" and how he is educating his students about U.S. history.

There has been an ongoing controversy about what should be included in such a course.

Who is susceptible to viral misinformation? All from the News Literacy Project.

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