Among the advantages: Open-book exams more closely replicate the kinds of tasks students will need to carry out in the work world — and reduce, if not eliminate, the urge to cheat.

From the News Literacy Project.

The messages in tweets.

The authors call for new federal action to end the stubborn pattern.

What the president-elect has said and what it means.

And a look at a rare front-page editorial about the Georgia elections.

Buildings will be shuttered and teachers are being told to take home what they will need for remote learning.

A high school student explains why it is vital that she and her compatriots be involved.

Some health experts say more efforts should be taken to keep schools open.

The largest school district in the country had been operating in a hybrid mode.

And his interesting pick to lead the transition team: Linda Darling-Hammond.

And no a video that went viral did not show election workers stuffing ballots in Flint, Michigan, as labeled. It was a video showing alleged ballot stuffing in Russia in 2018.

Trump voters are likely to be as unhappy with Biden's pick as DeVos critics were with her selection.

From the News Literacy Project.

The Denver high school senior asks them to take it easy on students -- and themselves -- during Election Week.

How to teach the aftermath.

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