How Richard Nixon and his allies ginned up a culture war over sex education.

School officials looking for guidance on masks find conflicting advice.

Education secretary responds to conservative critics.

The battle over critical race theory continues.

Threats to a school district and more.

Perimeter has a "laser-like focus on enhancing students’ sense of belonging."

Covid-19 has made their role much harder.

"The critical race theory ban is a ban on racial justice," she writes.

Here are the figures from the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

It’s a highly unusual move.

The move reverses Trump-era policy.

“My reasons for teaching the 1619 Project are not entirely intellectual,” writes educator John Duffy.

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine are behind the new project.

Educators sign pledge saying they will not lie to students.

What's happening in North Carolina.

The approach is what ELL teachers do all the time.

Delivered by Marty Baron: '‘We can either give up on institutions that betray our values or we can seek to repair them.'

The action is in numerous state legislatures.

An author writes that the cancel culture that "animates professional grievance actors today refers to culture under no threat of cancellation."

From the News Literacy Project.

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