"I have practiced history for most of the half-century in which these wars over history have been waged — and I have yet to meet anyone who works to destroy the United States."

Still nearly half can't name the three branches of government. And more findings.

There had been concerns among teachers and parents about whether preparations were sufficient to prevent coronavirus outbreaks.

An expert writes about the problems with today's early-childhood education and why it is time to reimagine it.

What to do -- and not do -- from two admissions experts.

How this math educator is using the Black Panther to teach his students.

From the News Literacy Project

“As we plan for in-person instruction in the midst of a pandemic, what is striking is how little students will be coming back to,” they say.

It's past time the country spends what is needed to educate and provide health care for marginalized children.

Four doctors analyze what it’s going to take.

A federal judge said the rule violated the intent of Congress, which wanted more money to go to public schools and less to private schools.

If you’ve tried to sign in to your child’s portal at school during the pandemic, this will speak to you.

The report calls for new steps to lessen the police presence in school and the hiring of more support personnel.

The author of the letter is the superintendent of public instruction for Washington state.

Here's what the school district says about it.

And did it ever work?

An analysis of the problem, with some solutions.

What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina decimated the school system.

The model was created for rural schools in Colombia decades ago.

He told graduates to find purpose in their lives — not just a job. Here's the video and transcript of the speech.

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