By Valerie Strauss


Audit of charter school program finds big problems

Around half of all charter schools that grantees promised to open never did. There are other findings, as well.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 27, 2022

A deep dive into HBCUs, college rankings and exclusion

A new look at why historically Black colleges and universities don't do well on college rankings.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 25, 2022

Detecting impostor content on social media and other news literacy lessons

Here is an autumn installment of a weekly feature that has been running for several years.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 25, 2022

Why U.S. News may have to rethink how it creates college rankings

The Carnegie Classifications — a key tool the magazine uses to assemble its famous rankings is going under major revision.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 14, 2022

Why one-size-fits-all metrics for evaluating schools must go

Data-driven accountability has failed to achieve any of the goals supporters have championed.

By Valerie StraussSeptember 9, 2022

Teacher ‘pay penalty’ hits new high

A new report compares teacher pay to other college graduates — and the news isn't good for educators. See results for each state.

By Valerie StraussAugust 22, 2022

Harvard flunks in this college ranking system

If higher education's goal is to lift students up the socioeconomic ladder, Harvard is a fourth-tier institution. Here's a different kind of college ranking.

By Valerie StraussAugust 14, 2022

Rise of the ‘jackhammer parent’

They take intensive parenting to new and harmful heights, an educator says.

By Valerie StraussAugust 1, 2022

How Hillsdale College-affiliated charter schools spread

The conservative Christian college's network of "classical" charter schools is spreading in multiple states.

By Valerie StraussJuly 30, 2022

Six things kids need in school in today’s politicized world

"The education policy context we operate within often seems woefully out of step with the actual children in our classrooms."

By Valerie StraussJuly 28, 2022

Maryland’s next governor and public education

Maryland's next governor will have a profound impact on public schools -- and voters have a wide range of options.

By Valerie StraussJuly 15, 2022

The hit comedy ‘Abbott Elementary’ is really a tragedy

The conditions undergirding the humor are a national scandal — at which we laugh.

By Valerie StraussJuly 12, 2022

Teachers go to the ‘dumbest colleges’ — who said it and why it matters

The president of a conservative Christian college who is an education adviser to the governor of Tennessee sparked a controversy with his comments.

By Valerie StraussJuly 9, 2022

What the Biden administration’s new rules for charter schools say

The charter lobby won some concessions but aren't likely to embrace them.

By Valerie StraussJuly 5, 2022

Florida law limiting LGBTQ discussions takes effect — and rocks schools

The White House said the Education Department would welcome civil rights challenges to the measure.

By Valerie StraussJuly 1, 2022

Ignoring voters, Arizona approves nation’s largest school voucher scheme

Last time voters had a say, they rejected vouchers. But the GOP went ahead anyway.

By Valerie StraussJune 30, 2022

Is the common school in America dying?

“Is the post-modern state now dedicated to segmented tribes — split along divergent ideologies of schooling — rather than rallying behind a common good?”

By Valerie StraussJune 30, 2022

Vital education issues the Supreme Court could revisit

School prayer. Teaching evolution. Affirmative action. Discrimination in admissions and hiring.

By Valerie StraussJune 29, 2022

A brief lesson on Roe v. Wade

From nonpartisan sources.

By Valerie StraussJune 24, 2022