By Valerie Strauss


AI and news literacy: 3 key takeaways

News literacy lessons from the nonprofit and nonpartisan News Literacy Project.

By Valerie StraussMay 23, 2023

On the latest obsession with phonics

Three reading experts challenge the current education orthodoxy about phonics instruction.

By Valerie StraussMay 23, 2023

What new civics test scores show us, besides the obvious

Following the release of NAEP standardized test scores showing a drop in students’ knowledge, civics education experts offer a prescription for how to do better.

By Valerie StraussMay 11, 2023

Florida rejects social studies topics about communism, social justice

It blocked 35 percent of the materials publishers submitted, including a reference to “taking a knee.”

By Valerie StraussMay 10, 2023

New look at benefits of quality preschool education

Scientific evidence shows that quality preschool education for 3- and 4-year-olds can improve health and longevity, and reduce persistent educational gaps.

By Valerie StraussMay 8, 2023

Gaslighting Americans about public schools: The truth about ‘A Nation at Risk’

A former staffer of the commission that produced the famous 1983 report explains how it came to be, and its disastrous effects.

By Valerie StraussMay 5, 2023

The impact of Alabama governor’s ouster of early childhood education chief

The move was over a widely and long-used teachers’ resource book.

By Valerie StraussApril 29, 2023

Why some marginalized people distrust the news

From the News Literacy Project.

By Valerie StraussApril 28, 2023

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet pens a letter to a local school board

Diane Seuss writes about her high school experience to the school board that controls schools she used to attend and that recently gained a conservative majority.

By Valerie StraussApril 23, 2023

High stakes for Chicago schools in mayoral election

The two Democratic candidates in the April 4 mayoral runoff, Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas, offer sharply contrasting views for the future of Chicago public schools.

By Valerie StraussMarch 30, 2023

How this public school’s focus on wellness and health benefits its community

From the new book titled “Schools of Opportunity: 10 Research-Based Models of Equity in Action.”

By Valerie StraussMarch 29, 2023

The real story behind the state takeover of Houston public schools

Critics say it is part of a move to privatize education — not to improve public schools.

By Valerie StraussMarch 27, 2023

This educator turned lawmaker wants to end misuse of standardized testing

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) is pushing legislation to let teachers give better tests to students.

By Valerie StraussMarch 23, 2023

How to know you actually know something

The difference between learning and performing in an excerpt from Daniel Willingham's "How to Outsmart Your Brain: Why Learning Is Hard and How You Can Make It Easy."

By Valerie StraussMarch 13, 2023

Why student journalism matters

'I almost gave up on my one-week-old journalism career a few hours after I saw my first byline," writes a student journalist.

By Valerie StraussFebruary 23, 2023

How public schools can stop wasting millions of dollars

An analysis of the value -- or lack thereof -- of annual standardized testing by looking at how often the scores change year to year.

By Valerie StraussFebruary 15, 2023

Parents know best — except when they don’t

A look at the parents' rights movement and school vouchers.

By Valerie StraussFebruary 14, 2023

A deep dive into whether -- and how -- homework should be graded

There is a grading revolution that looks differently about how to evaluate homework than is traditionally used in schools.

By Valerie StraussFebruary 6, 2023