Steve Bumbaugh writes an unusual piece about his experiences on the board and its work.

Big surprise! Standardized test scores are down!

The case for expanding into other subjects.

The investigation was opened following the release of a Sept. 17 memo from the Texas Education Agency that says “school systems cannot require students or staff to wear a mask."

A counterintuitive argument.

Gov. DeSantis announced a plan that drew praise from his critics. But how much is he really changing?

The survey results show how Americans view the First Amendment and the rights of Jan. 6 insurrectionists at the U.S. Capitol.

How private citizens make big money from selling publicly funded charters.

Florida's move came hours after the U.S. Education Department announced it was investigating some states that have policies banning mask mandates in schools.

A teacher writes that he is more fearful than ever of starting the new school year -- and it's not just covid. 'For me and many educators around the country, there’s no choice. We are teaching honest history because it’s our duty.'

There are now 10 school districts, including two in counties that supported President Donald Trump in 2020, that have voted for mask mandates, defying a decree by the governor.

Hundreds of thousands of students return to school for the new academic year.

Now six districts are defying the governor's ban on mask mandates and U.S. Education Secretary Cardona said he would help the districts that are under threat by the DeSantis administration.

And school still hasn't started in many districts as covid cases skyrocket.

Three major school districts voted for mask mandates on Wednesday despite sanction threats by the DeSantis administration.

President Biden said the administration would not “stand by” and allow governors to prevent local districts from “keeping students safe” with masking mandates.

Coronavirus rates are rising in the community.

In fact, a University of California professor argues, it will increase student diversity.

'These worries — if realized — don’t bode well for a wonderful year.'

How Richard Nixon and his allies ginned up a culture war over sex education.

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