Educators sign pledge saying they will not lie to students.

What's happening in North Carolina.

The approach is what ELL teachers do all the time.

Delivered by Marty Baron: '‘We can either give up on institutions that betray our values or we can seek to repair them.'

The action is in numerous state legislatures.

An author writes that the cancel culture that "animates professional grievance actors today refers to culture under no threat of cancellation."

From the News Literacy Project.

Beefing up civics class isn't enough.

One coronavirus vaccine is now approved for those as young as 12 -- and one school district said it would require it.

Are we doing what's right for children?

"It’s not a leftist plot; it’s how school is supposed to work."

Enrollment grows in these schools despite a persistent lag in student performance as compared with brick-and-mortar schools, the report finds.

They have admitted it didn't go as well as they hoped.

'If there’s a pressing need for measurement, it’s in the reckoning of the social, emotional, and psychological toll of the last 12 months.'

"Public schools and the communities around them represent the kind of togetherness privatization advocates despise."

An April 4 report from the CBS newsmagazine on disparities in Florida’s vaccine rollout has touched off a wave of criticism questioning the piece.

It 'is disingenuous at best to frame the current reopening efforts as focusing on some vague notion of equity.'

Critics across the political spectrum — including teachers unions and Republican senators — are criticizing it.

By a teacher, who considers the worst but considers himself an optimist.

"What is at stake in a version of U.S. history that foregrounds the lives and experiences of Black Americans? Why would this prove so threatening that it requires laws to prevent students from encountering it at school?"

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