By Valerie Strauss

What Biden should say to charter school supporters now attacking him

The president is getting attacked for wanting to enact reforms for a federal program that gives millions of dollars to charters.

By Valerie StraussMay 18, 2022

‘We’re at a tipping point’: Whom do you want teaching your children?

Why there is fear for the future of the teaching profession.

By Valerie StraussMay 6, 2022

So much for Teacher Appreciation Week

What teachers really want -- and what they got.

By Valerie StraussMay 6, 2022

Breaking Brown v. Board of Education’s promise of integrated schools

Integration of schools worked -- and then it was reversed. A look at a new book by Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

By Valerie StraussMay 4, 2022

A brief lesson on Roe v. Wade

From nonpartisan sources.

By Valerie StraussMay 3, 2022

How Florida Gov. DeSantis is trying to destroy public education

He is restricting what teachers can say about race and gender, appointing anti-public education figures to his administration, and more.

By Valerie StraussApril 27, 2022

Pandemic erased a decade of progress for public pre-K programs, report finds

The 2021 State of Preschool Yearbook also finds that existing inequality within the system was exacerbated.

By Valerie StraussApril 26, 2022

Florida releases 4 prohibited math textbook examples. Here they are.

One shows a social-emotional learning objective that says: 'Students build proficiency with social awareness as they practice with empathizing with classmates.'

By Valerie StraussApril 21, 2022

Why MIT is an outlier in reinstating SAT/ACT scores for admissions

There are also questions about the rationale MIT gave for its decision.

By Valerie StraussApril 20, 2022

Privatization of public education gaining ground, report says

The findings will buoy supporters of "choice" and alarm advocates of democratically controlled public schools.

By Valerie StraussApril 18, 2022

Florida rejects math books with ‘references’ to critical race theory

What could be in a math textbook that would promote contested subjects that have nothing to do with math?

By Valerie Strauss and Lindsey BeverApril 16, 2022

'Educators are afraid,’ says teacher attacked for ‘Romeo and Juliet’ unit

'I’ve caught myself worrying about what a random community member might think of my classroom library display for Black History Month or if I will be targeted for sharing a novel with an LGBTQ+ character.'

By Valerie StraussApril 8, 2022

What Biden’s proposed reforms to U.S. charter school program really say

Some complaints about the proposed rules to federal Charter School Program grants don't square with what they would require.

By Valerie StraussApril 6, 2022

Did we really learn anything about schools in the pandemic?

What problem did we encounter that we didn't know about before?

By Valerie StraussApril 6, 2022