Marco? Polo!
An app for finding one another

Anyone who has looked for friends at a crowded bar or concert knows how aggravating it can be to play hide and seek. With Find My Friends, one of the new apps Apple has released for its latest operating system, users have the option to share their location with certain people from their contacts list. Whether or not you think the app is creepy is entirely up to you, but Apple has taken pains to make the service as transparent as possible. Security is the most important feature of Find My Friends, which ensures that both parties know they are sharing location data and requires users to sign in with a password whenever they use the app. You can even set time limits on just when your friends can see where you are, to avoid unintentional sharing. The app is, however, of limited use to users whose friends don’t also have Apple devices running iOS 5. Free, for iOS devices, requires iOS 5.

— Hayley Tsukayama