1. Jan. 20, 2009: President Obama's inauguration - 1,120,000 trips

Tony L. Sandys for The Washington Post

Metro set an all-time record for rail ridership on Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, 2009, with riders taking about 1,120,000 trips on the system, Metro officials said.

2. Jan. 21, 2017: Women's March on Washington - 1,001,613 trips

Oliver Contreras for The Washington Post

The Women's March on Washington led to Metro's second-busiest day in history, as hundreds of thousands of revelers poured into the District, taking more than a million trips on the system in 19 hours of service.

3. April 2, 2010: Cherry blossoms/basketball - 891,240 trips

The Washington Post

Metro counted 891,240 trips on April 2, 2010, which the transit agency attributed to heavy crowds for the Cherry Blossom Festival and to people attending a Washington Wizards game -- a loss to the Chicago Bulls (87-95) at Verizon Center.

4. April 1, 2010: Cherry blossoms/hockey - 877,890 trips

The Washington Post

Metro recorded 877,890 trips on April 1, 2010, which Metro officials attributed to the Cherry Blossom Festival, with help from a Washington Capitals win over the Atlanta Thrashers (2-1) at Verizon Center.

5. April 10, 2013: Cherry blossoms/baseball/basketball/rally - 871,432 trips

Kevin Ambrose for The Washington Post

Metro recorded 870,171 trips on April 11, 2013, which officials attributed to the cherry blossoms in peak bloom, a Wizards game (a loss to the Miami Heat) at Verizon Center, a Nationals game (a win over the Chicago White Sox) at Nationals Park and an immigration rally at the U.S. Capitol.

6. April 7, 2010: Cherry blossoms/baseball - 867,624 trips

The Washington Post

Metro recorded 867,624 trips on April 7, 2012, which transit authorities attributed to heavy crowds for the Cherry Blossom Festival, a Washington Nationals game (a loss to the Philadelphia Phillies) and unseasonably warm weather conditions.

GRAPHIC: The Washington Post. Created April 15, 2013, updated Jan. 23, 2017