SYRIA IRAN TURKEY IRAQ Baghdad Karbala Karbala Hasakah Hasakah Hilla Hilla Kut Kut Irbil Zakhu Mosul Dam Sinjar Sinjar Gwer Baqubah Fallujah Samarra Tikrit Tikrit Baiji Ramadi Ramadi Mosul Kirkuk Kirkuk Deir al-Zour Deir al-Zour Haditha Dam Fallujah Dam Sudur mini-dam Sudur mini-dam Amerli Amerli Islamic State operational presence 4. Since taking control of the Sudur mini-dam in September, Jihadists have disrupted the water supply to nearby Shiite areas. 3. In April the Islamic State displaced 40,000 people when it opened the Fallujah Dam gates to check the advance of Iraqi troops. 2. U.S. airstrikes have kept militants back from the Haditha Dam, Iraq’s second-largest. Heavy fighting continues nearby. 1. Mosul Dam was under the Jihadists’ control Aug. 3–18. They were dislodged after counterattacks by pesh merga forces and U.S. airstrikes. 2 1 4 3

SOURCE: Institute for the Study of War, Long War Journal, news reports. GRAPHIC: Gene Thorp - The Washington Post.