Six candidates are running for five Republican nominations in the Tuesday primary in the 19th Virginia House of Delegates southern Fairfax County, the area roughly south of Rtes. 50 and 236.

The candidates are:

John W. Adams Jr., 47, of 7524 Murillo St., Springfield, is self-employed and attended business courses at Southeastern University in Washington. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives in the upcoming sessions as:

"1. To urged the General Assembly to pass a resolution asking Congress to call a special constitutional convention for the sole prupose of drafting a Human Life Amendment to be submitted to the states.

"3. To deter tax increases or new taxes.

4. To bring equity to the law allowing the death penalty by striking the delineation of persons (victims) such as police officers, prison guards, etc. as the sole criteria for inflicting the sentence of the death penalty.

"5. To allow pari-mutel betting at privately owned, state licensed race tracks for thoroughbred horses, with racing conducted under the auspices of a state racing commission."

Warren E. Barry, 43 of 8308 Wythe La., Springfield, received his bachelor of Science degree from Boston State and attended George Washington University. He is the owner of a commercial and industry property management firm and is currently a member of the House of Delegates. He has been elected to this office four consecutive times.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"1. A local option on elected school boards.

"2. Placing the autonomous Fairfax County Water Authority under rate control procedures.

"3. Adoption of the Sex Offenders Registration Act (Defeated 1977).

"5. Outlawing the sale of 'Saturday night specials' (not gun registration).

"6. Increasing the legal age for purchase and consumption of alcohol to 20 years of age."

James H. Dillard II, 43 of 4709 Briar Patch La., Fairfax, is a government teacher and currently a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. He received his bachelor of arts degree in history at the College of William and Mary and his master of arts in political science at American University. He has been elected to his seat for three consecutive terms.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"My legislative goals for the upcoming session are: To pass legislation to help the individual citizen meet the energy problems; to reduce the threat of annexation for Fairfax County; to seek state aid for local programs to educate the handicapped; to acquire property tax relief for the elderly; and to increase Fairfax County's share of stae revenue."

Robert E. Harris, 41, of 4440 Glenn Rose St., Fairfax, is a business executive with Rockwell International in Washington. He has a bachelor's degree from George Washington University. He has been a member of the House Delegates since 1974. Harris did not respond to The Post's questionnaire.

Lawrence D. (Larry) Pratt, 34, of 6812 Landor La., Springfield, is a Washington representative for Gun Owners of America. He received his bachelor of arts degree in political science at American University. This is his first political race.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"I will most concerned about bringing Virginia's government back under control of its taxpayers. Virginia's taxes ha ve been increasing faster than any other state except financially-threatened New York. I also wish to work to ensure that Virginia's right-to-work law remains intact. I believe that capital punishment should be applied to all who willfully take another's life - there should be no difference in the penalty given the murder of a policeman or of a private citizen. More generally, crime should not pay in Virginia, and too often today it does. Criminals should pay restitution to their victims.

"In addition I will stay in touch with my constituents to ensure that I am aware of their concerns. I plan to have an active constituent service office."

Robert L. Thoburn, 47, 11121 Pope's Head Rd., Fairfax, is a school administrator, businessman and minister. He received his bachelor of arts degree at Muskingum College and his master of theology and master of divinity degrees at Westminster Theological Seminary. He unsuccessfully ran for the House of Representatives in 1976.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"1. I would like to see a study made comparing the cost of state-provided services as over against the cost of privately provided services.

"2. I would like to introduce legislation to remove employment batriers for youth and older persons.

"3. I wish to see legislation passed that will require criminals to pay dameges to their victims.

"4. I believe a person who murders an ordinary citizen should he liable to the death penalty and not just the murderer of a policeman."