In the 20th District, which encompasses Loudoun and Prince William Counties and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, there will be a Republican primary but no Demorcatic primary for the district's three House of Delegates seats. Only three candidates filed for the three Democratic nominations in the district and since there is no competition they will not be listed on the primary ballot.

In the Republican primary, however, four candidates are seeking three nominations.

The Republican candidates are:

Richard A. Calabria, 33, 7104 Sudley Rd., Manassas, is the general manager of the Ramada Inn, Manassas. He received a degree in accounting at Virginia Commonwealth University. It is his first try for public office.

He listed his personal legislative objectives in the upcoming session as:

"My objectives are to formulate an anticrime package and submit it for legislation and to formulate a state energy policy that is fair and consistent to all concerned. I will fight for fiscal responsibility in government."

Paula C. Faraday, 46, of 4412 Shari Court, Catharpin, is a homemaker who attended Georgetown University.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"My major interests would be in education, since this is the area which uses the largest share of state financial resources and influences every family in the state. I feel the schools need to be adequately funded to provide as great an opportunity as possible for all children in Virginia. However, the schools today are spending increasing amounts of money, while getting poorer results in terms of basic skills development. We need to refocus on the teaching of basic skills with greater parental input into school policies and curriculum."

Robert E. Statz, 30, 7506-12 Prince Cole Ct. Manassas, is an independent insurance agent. He received his bachelor of science degree in product design at Ohio State University.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"Horseracing, more industry, prison and justice review and welfare review."

Eileen Stout, 32, 2456 Kilpatrick Pl., Dumfries, is a teacher. She received her bachelor of arts in Spanish and her master of arts in secondary school administration. She served on the Dumfries Town Council in 1976.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"Education: Elected school boards, cut down on state mandates, mandates given must have money to fund, review of Chapter 22 State Code of Education Law.

Finance: Generate sources of revenue to pay for state services, do not raise taxes, find an alternative source of revenue to the sales tax on food and nonprescription drugs.

Employment: Encourage industry to locate in Virginia particularly prince William and Loudoun Counties, reduce welfare through education and full employment in the private sector.

Energy: Stiffen the building code provision for insulation, encourage conservation of electricity by charging less for small amounts used instead of the charges decreasing per kilowatt hour based on volume."

The unopposed Democrats in the district are the three incumbent delegates, Floyd C. Bagley, Earl E. Bell and David G. Brickley. All have served one term in the House. They will not appear on the ballet.