Two incumbent state delegates and two political newcomers are seeking three Democratic nominations for the House of Delegates in the 22nd District. The district includes all of Arlington County.

The candidates are:

James R. Almand, 28, 1760 N. Rhodes St., Arlington, is assistant commonwealth's attorney in Arlington. He received his bachelor of arts degree at the College of William and Mary and his law degree at Marshall-Wythe School of Law. He was elected president of the Virginia Young Democrats in 1975. This is his first campaign for public office.

He listed his personal legislative objectives in the upcoming session as:

"1. Payment by the state of the full cost of the employers' share of Social Security payments for teachers.

"2. A duty-free lunch period and unencumbered planning time for all teachers in the state.

"3. Full funding of monies allocated to education in the biennial budgets.

"4. Optional retirement of teachers at age 55 or after 30 years of service.

"5. Passage of the Virginia truth in renting act.

"6. Sentencing by a judge rather than a jury.

"7. Regulation of family daycare businesses for those who care for 1 to 3 children.

"8. Refundable deposits on beverage containers.

"9. State tax incentives for those installing solar heating systems."

Marianne Stivers Karydes, 43, 4934 North 27th St., Arlington, is a freelance writer/consultant and co-owner of George's Publick House in McLean. She received her bachelor of arts degree at Mary Washington College and did graduate study at George Washington University. This is her first political race.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"I want a seat on the Education Committee. Arlington has nobody on that committee at present, despite being an educational leader in the state. I want to help food and utility consumers. I want to help gain greater local taxing options and greater powers of self-determination for local governments. I want to strengthen families. I want to contribute to the strengthening of the local economy and the state economy and thereby to help creat more and better job opportunities."

Mary A. Marshall, 55, 2256 North Wakefield St., Arlington, is a home-maker. She received her bachelor of arts degree from Swarthmore College with highest honors. She is currently serving her fifth term as a member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Equal treatment for windows.

"2. Increased recognition of the economic worth of the homemaker.

"3. Rattication of the Equal Rights Amendment.

"4. Alternatives to institutional care for the elderly, including home services, day care and retirement homes, which would provided better care and reduce the cost of nursing home care to the taxpayer.

"5. Modification of compulsory retirement laws.

"6. Deferred retirement investment plans for state local employees.

"7. Increased higher educational opportunity in Northern Virginia.

"8. More local autonomy.

"9. An elected school board for Arlington.

"10. Community voice in highway planning.

"11. State aid for mass transit.

"12. Prohibition of oil company ownership of neighborhood gasoline stations.

"13. Improvement of the legislative process."

Warren G. Stambaugh, 32, 807 N. Irving St., Arlington, is a field underwirter for New York Life Insurance Co. He was educated at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and is currently seeking his third term in the Virginia House of Delegates.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"1. Tax reform - both local and state.

"2. Improving legislative oversight and control of state government.

"3. Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

"4. Passage of public employee bargaining legislation.

"5. Improvements in health care and mental health fields."

The three Republican candidates for the delegate seats were chosen at a convention and will, therefore, not appear on the primary ballot.