Vienna Town Manager C. Clay Harrell has proposed a $5.04 million budget for the next fiscal year that calls for no tax increases or new programs.

The proposed budget reflects an 8.76 per cent increase over the current fiscal year.

Harrell said the $391,840 increase in operation costs was the result of inflation, the first principal and interest payment on a new bond issue and a phenomenal increase in sewage treatment costs. Sewage treatment costs alone have increased more than 50 per cent, or $382,000, he said.

While not reflected in the budget figures proposed to the town council, Harrell recommended a 4.75 per cent cost of living increase for all employees. That increase would amount to $85,000, he said.

A major concern in the preparation of the budget was the dwindling surplus, Harrell said. According to the proposed budget the surplus will drop from $546,474 this year to $172,737 next year. A cost of living increase would drop the figure to about $88,000. Harrell said he plans to propose a series of budget cuts to the council that should boost the surplus to more than $200,000, and that the council may wish to increase the tax rate because of the dwindling surplus account.

Included in the budget recommendations are two additional uniformed police officers salary for an assistant town manager and $10,000 in travel and moving expenses relating to the employment of a new town manager.