Five candidates - a Democrat, a Republican and three independents - are running for Alexandria sheriff in Tuesday's election.

The Democratic candidates is:

Patrick J. Holland, 30, of 4701 Kenmore Ave., has worked for the Alexandria public works department and the city's real estate assessor's office. He has also been a real estate salesman.

The Republican candidate is:

Michael E. Norris, 28, of 1205 S. Washington St., was an Alexandria policeman for eight years and now teaches administration of justice courses at Northern Virginia Community College. During the last three years he has been a training coordinator with the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Service.

The independent candidates are:

Robert E. Evans, 55, of 4751 W. Braddock Rd., was an Alexandria policeman for 10 years. He has also worked as an investigator for the city attorney's office and during the past five years has been in charge of the city print shop.

Walter T. McDonald, 51, of 1568 Mt. Eagle Pl., is a retired District of Columbia policeman with 17 years experience on the force. McDonald now runs a restaurant, Mac's Place, in Alexandria.

Robert O'Hern, 54, of 304 Lee Circle, spent 20 years with the Air Force and eight years with the Central Intelligence Agency. During the past two years he has been working as a clerk in Alexandria General District Court.

Running unopposed for commonwealth's attorney's is William L. Cowhig, 52, of 1312 Ivanhoe St., Alexandria. Cowhig is the Democratic incumbent. Falls Church

The treasurer, commissioner of revenue and sheriff of Falls Church are all running unopposed in the November 8 election. All three incumbents will be elected to four-year terms.

Treasurer James E. Durant, 71, who lives at 120 W. Cameron Rd., has held his office for 24 years.The treasurer's salary is $19,670.

Commissioner of Revenue Claude M. Wells, 62, of 317 E. Broad St., has held that job for four years. The commissioner's salary is $18,264.

Sheriff John H. Martin, 56, of 307 Rollins St., has been sheriff for 15 years. The sheriff's salary is $11,000, according to the director of finance. Fairfax City

There are two contests in the Fairfax City local election on Nov. 8: treasurer and commissioner of revenue.

Incumbent treasurer Frances L. Cox, 51, of 4200 Chain Bridge Rd., is being opposed by Ray M. Birch, 52, of 4026 Maple St. Cox has been treasurer of Fairfax City for 16 years. Birch is a retired assistant director of finance for Fairfax County. The treasurer's salary is $23,783.

In the contest for commissioner of revenue, incumbent A. Howell Thomas Jr., 57, faces 23-year-old Thomas Stanley Karwaki, who is a management consultant and economist. Karwaki, who lives at 4116 Sideburn Rd., graduated from George Mason University in 1974, with a major in economics.He is currently employed by JWK International Corporation, a management consulting firm in Annandale, as a research analyst.

Thomas, who lives at 10321 Cleveland St., has been commissioner of revenue in Fairfax CIty for 12 years. The salary of commissioner of revenue is $28,783.

The term of office for both treasurer and commissioner of revenue is four years. Manassas

In Manassas, incumbent treasurer John Grzejka, 30, an incumbent commissioner of revenue Stewart McBryde, 61, face no opposition in their bids for office.

Treasurer Grzejka, who lives at 8422 Piney Point Court, was first appointed to his post in September, 1976, after the previous treasurer, Francis Majewski, resigned. Before that, Grzejka worked as a revenue accounting supervisor for Amtrak. His term of office will be four years, and the treasurer's salary is $17,800.

Commissioner of revenue McBryde, who lives at 9100 Main St., was appointed to his position after the former commissioner, Nathan Raitt resigned in 1975. McBryde ws then elected in a special election in November, 1975, and began his new term in January, 1976. Before becoming commissioner of revenue, he worked as assistant comptroller in Arlington County. He is also a retired federal government employee.

The commissioner of revenue's salary is $17,800, and the term of office is four years. Manassas Park

Manassas Park voters will choose between two candidates for treasurer and elect a commissioner of revenue at the polls Nov. 8.

Manassas Park treasurer Nellie Lytle, 48, of 104 Sheldon St., is being challenged in the election by Jerry Wayne Davis, 25, of 155 Lambert Dr.

Lytle became the first full-time treasurer of Manassas Park after it became a city two years ago. After her appointment, she was elected to the position in a special election last November. She had been town clerk for almost 12 years prior to that. Until Manassas Park became a city, the treasurer's job was a part-time position held by a councilman.

Lytle's opponent, Davis, is a real estate salesman and a member of the Manassas Park city council. The treasurer's salary is $14,124, and the term of office is four years.

Incumbent commissioner of revenue Betty Jane Jenkins, 40, of 188 Cabbel Dr., is also seeking re-election for a four-year term. Jenkins is the first commissioner of revenue of Manassas Park. She was appointed to that post after Manassas Park became a city, and elected in a special election last November. The commissioner of revenue's salary is $14,124.