Virginia voters will vote on five bond proposals totaling $125 million which would provide funds for parks, schools, prisons, ports and mental health facilities. In addition, Arlington voters will consider a $15.2 million bond package while voters in Loundoun County will decide the fate of a $1.9 million proposal to finance additions and renovations to county buildings.

Several of the state bond issues directly affect Northern Virginia. Included in the $5 million park referendum is a provision to open Mason Neck State Park near Gunston Hall, one of six undeveloped state parks.

The largest single referendum calls for approval of $86.5 million for higher education including approximately $13 million in funding for projects at Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University.

The other issues involve spending $21.5 million for prisons; $8 million for ports and $4 million for mental health facilities. Much of the opposition to the state bond issues has come from groups who oppose any debt financing.

Locally, support for the state package has been spear-headed by Arlington builder Preston C. Caruthers who heads a group called Virginia for Bonds. That group has mounted a promotional campaign warning that defeat of the package could lead to higher taxes, which is what opponents also say would happen if the package is approved by voters.

In Arlington the county board is asking voters to authorize expenditures of:

$6.2 million for increased water storage facilities:

$1 million for storm drainage;T$3 million for road construction and improvement including bike paths, curbs and sidewalks;

$2.5 million for the county's neighborhood conservation program which provides grants to older residential neighborhoods for improvement projects;

$2.5 million for the development and acquistion of park land including the development of urban mini-parks in the Rosslyn-Ballston and Jefferson Davis corridors. One million dollars would be used as Arlington's contribution to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.

Loudoun County voters are being asked to approve a scaled-down version of a $2 million proposal that was defeated in the June primary. If approved, the money would be used to finance additions and renovations to several county buildings. In addition $80,000 would be used to construct a public parking lot.