In the 20th legislative district, which encompases Loudoun and Prince William counties and the independent cities of Manassas and Manassas Park, there are seven candidates for three seats in th House of Delegates.

The Democratic candidates are:

Floyd C. Bagley, 55, of 18316 Possum Point Rd., Dumfries, is an attorney and a graduate of American University. He is seeking his second term.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as: utility authorities, resolve the annexation dilemma, repeal the Dillon Rule, amend the new juvenile law, elected school boards on local option."

Earl E. Bell, 57, of Rte. I. Hamilton, is an automobile dealer and a graduate of Elon College. He is seeking his second term in the House of Delegates.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"I look forward to completing the job I've started during my first term in office. There's a lot more to do in the areas of campaign financing and disclosure, tax reform and revitalization of business and industry in Virginia as well as promotion of agriculture. Especially important is the need to provide a strong voice for the consumer."

David G. Brickley, 33, of 4804 Kellogg Dr. Woodbridge, has a bachelor's degree in business administration from Pennsylvania State University and is vice president of a Northern Virginia investment firm. He is seeking his second term.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"The General Assembly must tackle the problem of soaring utility costs The Senate Corporation Commission must be expanded and the fuel clause must be eliminated I will reintroduce legislation to allow elected school boards in Virginia to allow elected schools boards in Virginia. In order to give the citizen a greater voice in government , the voters should have the right to place issues on the ballot by citizen referendum."

Here are the Republican candidates:

Paula C. Faraday, 47. of 4412 Shari Ct., Catharpin, is a housewife who attended Georgetown University. She is making her first try for political office.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"I have several areas of interest that I am looking forward to working on."

Robert E. Statz, 30, of 9257 Lee Ave., Manassas, works in real estate and insurance and has a bachelor's degree from Ohio State Universtiy. He is making his first try for political office.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"Homeowners in our district pay at least $10 million each year in unnecessary interest payments when they sell their homes. I will work for a 'wet settlement' law to require mortgagers to pay at settlement and require prompt payment of those funds by the settlement attorney.

"I will work for a law to require that multi-juridictional wateragencies have adequate voting representation from all areas served so that Prince William County will have real influence in the Fairfax County Water Authority.

"We must also reform our criminal justice system. Begining with the judicial selection process (presently controlled by a closed-door caucus of one party), we should also impose stiff mandatory sentences for felonies and examine the possibility of limiting or eliminating plea barganing. I will also work to close the gaps in the juvenile code passed this year which make the successful arrest and prosecution of young felons almost impossible."

Eileen M. Stout, 32 of 2456 Kilpatrick PL, Dumfries, is a Fairfax County school teacher with a bachelor 's degree in Spanish from Ladycliff College and a master's degree in school administration from George Mason University. She is a member of the Dumfries town council.

She listed her personal legislative objectives as:

"I am personally interested in any legislation which will deal with the problems of growing government, quality education and the needs of senior citizens. As a member of a local government, I have seen that citizens' problems are best solved at a local level under the supervision of those who are most closely concerned. As an educator, I have felt strongly that the need for quality education cannot be over emphasized. An educated, skilled population will be a desirable population and the problems of crime and welfare will decrease as a person's need for self-fulfillment is found in meaningful work. I have great sympathy for senior citizens and their problems. I oppose the federal system of Social Security as it now administered, but I realize that is not a state issue. I would like to see our senior citizens have their tax burdens alleviated so taht they may have more money to spend on their own past-times. the way we neglect our senior citizens' needs seems to me to be one of the cruelest aspects of the tax law.

There is one American Party candidate:

C. Mason Gardner, 43, of 14318 Lee Highway, Gainesville, is the treasurer of his family's business and attended the University of Maryland. He ran unsuccessfully once before for the House of Delegates.

He listed hsi personal legislative objectives as:

"Introduce legislation to requre schools to teach 'creationism' elected school boards, eliminate the costly and unnecessary assessment ratio study; redefine 'fair market value' to eliminate costs of buying and selling, require that refrenda be held at the time of elections adn that tax monies not be used to promote bonds; a erecall law; right to petition to referendum by 5 per cent of registered voters: repeal utility property taxed at lower rates than other real estate; elected Boards of Equalization."