There are three candidates running for clerk of circuit court in Arlington County.

The Democratic candidate is:

David A. Bell, 29, of 1411 N. Lincoln St., Arlington, the incumbent circuit court clerk, has a bachelor's degree from Pennsylvania State University. He is making his first try for elected political office.

He listed his personal objectives for the court clerkship as:

"I have worked in the clerk's office for seven years - four as deputy, two as chief deputy and since December of last year as the clerk of the court.

"In 1975, as the chief deputy. I instituted the 'evening-call' system of jury administration. It volves the use of a tape recording which those persons called for jury duty in Arlington call in the evenings to determine when they are to report to the courthouse. On Jan. 1, 1977, we began keeping the land records on microfilm cassettes instead of the old deed books. Both of these systems are convenient for those who use them and have resulted in a substantial savings in taxpayers' costs. We are currently instituting a system of automated receipts to replace the slow hand-written receipt method. We plan to develop information pamphlets, with the help of a committee from the Arlington Bar Association, to aid citizens in following procedures in administering estates and other matters."

The independent candidate is:

Clyde D. Boden, 56, of 512 N. Livingston St., Arlington, a supervisor for Army Manpower Management, has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Franklin and Marshall College and a law degree from the Columbus University School of Law. He is making his first try for political office.

He listed his personal objectives for the court clerkship as:

"My primary objective is to improve customer service by keeping the clerk's office open 12 hours a day, conducting eductional tours of the courthouse for school and other groups, and establishing a unit to serve non-English speaking people, the elderly, and the handicapped.

"I am uniquely qualified to accomplish these goals because of my long experience in management and organizational matters, my many leadership roles in civic organizations and my related practical and administrative experience at the county courthouse level, in the Supreme Court Building, with military courts and as a government representative."

The Republican candidates is:

William McCall Jr., 56, of 6007 27th Rd. N., Arlington, a property manager with the George H. Rucker Realty Corp., attended Benjamin Franklin University. He is making his first try for political office.

He listed his personal objectives for the court clerkship as:

"I have the most to offer to the voters in Arlington because of my 35 years of management and experience in responsible positions. The present acting clerk of the court was not elected and this is a special election to elect the best qualified individual for the post. I have surveyed a number of citizens in the county and as a result I have announced improvements I can bring to the clerk's office.

"Improve customer service by cross-training personnel to meet increased demands for service during peak work loads.

"Keep the clerk's office open one night a week to accommodate citizens who cannot get to the courthouse during normal business hours.

"Develop a system to speed up recording of deeds. The present system is slow; it must be improved.

"Arrange for a cash register printout for receipt for deeds instead of the antiquated method of handwriting. Fairfax County and Alexandria both have this improvement in effect and Arlington should follow suit."