Three independent candidates are running for a seat on the Arlington County Board. They are:

Ellen M. Bozman, 52, of 4219 N. 39th St. Arlington, an incumbent member of the board, a housewife, and a community volunteer. She has a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University. She is seeking her second term.

She listed her personal objectives for the County Board as:

"Local governments need the flexibility to enable them to meet local needs. Presently the state allows local governments only those authorities expressly granted. Thus, Arlington has to ask the state legislature's permission to raise the dog tag fee (that took two sessions to pass the legislature) or use shool buses for other county programs (that took three sessions to pass). Greater authority would simplify supplying local services. Access to other sources of revenue is an immediate need; as we fund more public services our reliance on the real estate tax becomes more onerous. Reversal of the so-called 'Dillon Rule' limiting powers of local government would provide needed flexibility and increase accountability to the citizens."

Sherman W. Pratt, 55, of 1512 S. 20th St., Arlington, is an attorney with the Federal Communications Commission and has a law degree from Arkansas Law School. He ran unsuccessfully for the Arlington Board in 1973.

He listed his personal County Board objectives as:

"Remove politics from the school system and raise educational quality by prompt return to a traditional and structured teaching system.

"Return government that listens to citizens and that is responsive and sensitive to community views.

"Insist on businesslike and wasteless management of Metro to restore public confidence to complete the K line through Arlington.

"Restraint in taxation and return to triennial real estate reassessment.

"Better balanced and controlled growth to minimize traffic, parking, and pollution impacts.

"Termination of hostiliy toward small businessmen so local shopping centers can be upgraded.

"More equitable treatment in taxation for both apartment and home residents."

Arthur C. Vogel. 64, of 1917 N. Nottingham St., Arlington, is a retired chief of the cultural operations division of the U.S. Information Agency and has a bachelor's degree from Columbia University. He is making his first try for political office.

He listed his personal County Board objectives as:

"My most important task will be to ensure that Arlington continues as a thriving community, predominantly consisting of residential and shopping neighborhoods with a minimum of high-density, high-rise development. I believe Metrorail should serve as an alternative for those commutters who prefer it to through-buses and cars, not be used as a forced mode of transportation and a catalyst for land speculation and subsequent over-development.

"Other priorities include restoration of confidence in Arlington's public schools, tax bills that do not exceed the general rate of inflation and establishment of meaningful communication between County Board and citizens, staff and citizens, and management and employees.

"To accomplish these changes I believe it is essential that I, as a County Board member, be accountable to the citizens rather than to the local political bosses. That is why I have not sought endorsement from any political group."