There are three candidates running for two House of Delegates seats in Alexandria, the 21st legislative district.

The Democratic candidates are:

Richard R. G. Hobson, 46, of 99 N. Quaker La., Alexandria, is a lawyer who is a graduate of Princeton University and the Harvard Law School. He ran unsuccessfully for the House of Delegates in 1969, but was elected in 1975.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"Passage of a number of consumer-type bills - the foremost being the creation of a residential utility consumers' council to represent the interests of residential consumers before the State Corporation Commission in utility rate cases.

"Alleviation of the burden of the real property taxpayer in Northern Virginia, especially elderly and retired citizens, by various means, including obtaining state funds for Metro costs.

"Passage of the Equal Rights Amendmants to the U.S. Constitution.

"Reform of the system by which state judges are nominated through the creation of a "blue-ribbon" panel, which would include lay persons, to make noiminations to the General Assembly and the governor.

"Improving information for voters by putting political party designation on voting machines.

"Amendment of residential landlord-tenant act to put the landlord-tenant relationship on a more equitable basis. There should be minimum notice periods for termination on leases.

"More state funding for higher education facilities in Northern Virginia."

James M. Thomson, 53, of 201 N. Washington St. Alexandria, is an attorney who has a bachelor's degree from the Virginia Military Institute and a law degree from the University of Virginia. He is seeking election to his 12th term in the House of Delegates.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"If I am re-elected to my 12th term on Nov. 8, I will become chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. As chairman of this powerful committee, I plan to work diligently to see that Northern Virginia gets its fair share of the tax dollars it sends to Richmond.

"I also intend to continue my efforts in behalf of the Northern Virginia Community College, the George Mason University, the Northern Virginia Training Center for the Mentally Retarded and the Northern Virginia Mental Health Institute. I originally sponsored the legislation which created these four institutions and just recently succeeded in getting the State Council of Higher Education to move a third priority project (Academic III) at George Mason University up to the first priority. As chairman of the Appropriations Committee in the 1978 session, I will make every effort to see that this and other desperately needed Northern Virginia capital outlay projects are funded.

"If re-elected on Nov. 8, I will also seek to retain my position as Virginia House Majority Leader. I have held this position since 1968 and believe my colleagues in the Democratic Caucus will select me as their floor leader again in 1978. There is one Republican candidate.

Gary R. Myers, 33, of 319 S. St. Asaph St., Alexandria, is an attorney who has a bachelor's degree from the University of Delaware and a law degree from the Dickinson School of Law. He is making his first try for political office.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"My legislative priorities include the granting of autonomy to localities, passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, revision of the criminal code to end plea bargaining in felony cases, to equalize sentences for similar cirmes and to require mandatory sentences when a handgun is used in the perpetration of a crime, reduction of unfunded state-mandated programs to localities and the equalization of the status of cities and counties.

"Additionally, I intend to address the inequities associated with condominium ownership, a real property tax moratorium for the elderly, and housing. I shall oppose statewide branch banking and collective bargaining for public employees."