Two candidates are running for the "floater" seat representing Arlington County and Alexandria in the House of Delegates. It is the 23rd legislative district.

The Democratic candidate is:

Elise B. Heinz, 42, of 2728 N. Filmore St., Arlington, a lawyer who has a bachelor's degree from Wellesley and a law degree from Harvard. She is making her first try for political office.

She listed her personal legislative objective as:

"First, because it is the only legislative item with a deadline, ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

"For Northern Virginia, more home rule. We elect local government, but Richmond refuses to give them enough power to do their jobs well. They should be able to develop revenue programs less dependent on real estate and business license taxes: to negotiate with employee organizations; to provide for elected school boards. A better return on our stage tax dollars, including state aid for Metro. A sensible long-range solution to the metropolitan area's water problem, without bickering about who owns the Potomac and its tributaries.

"For all Virginians, a 20th century legal system, easier and less expensive for citizens to use. Home health services for the elderly, to help them avoid institutional care as long as possible. As the legislature's first woman lawyer, service on the Courts of Justice Committee, which has treated 'women's issues' (such as rape law reform and financial security for homemakers) very casually."

The Republican candidate is:

Thomas G. Shafran, 28, of 3585 n. Nottingham St. Arlington, is a graduate of Randolph Macon College and is vice president of Better Homes Realty, Inc., of Arlington. This is his first race for elective office.

He listed his personal legislative objectives as:

"Tax relief is the most important problem facing Northern Virginia today. I propose a return to reassessing property every three years rather than annually as is currently done. The state must use zero based budgeting when allocating tax dollars for programs. Every program must be made to justify its financing. Sound fiscal management, not the creation of new taxes, is the way to provide relief for our neighbors. I will actively fight any effort to impose a local income tax on Alexandria and Arlington, which my opponent has advocated. I will support legislation to prevent the government from increasing income taxes beyond strictly fixed limits.

I support mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committeed against a person. Our court system must not be allowed to continue imposing widely divergent sentences on individuals convicted of the same crime.

Transportation in Northern Virginia is of importance to the entire commonwealth. I would call upon the governor to release the $10 million earmarked for Metro construction that is impounded in Richmond. I think it is essential for Metro to be completed. However, our citizens must know where the system will go, when it will be completed and how much it will cost before we make further commitments to finance."