The Washington Post asked:

1. What do you believe must be done by the mayor to improve the city?

2. What qualifications do you have that would make you the most effective person as mayor? Susan Pennington

1. Will Washington be a scientific and cultural beacon for a thriving nation, or a drug-infested, dilapidated embarrassment? More than any other individual, the mayor determines what kind of city this will be. Events at the European summit in July have posed the question more sharply than ever. There, using the U.S. Labor Party's proposal as a model, the Europeans and Japanese formed a new monetary systems, enabling Third World nations to use gold and U.S. dollars to buy U.S. technology. These nations are launching themselves on a course for development in the same way the U.S. did after the revolution. U.S. entry into the new monetary system will require that the nation's capital become the brain for the country - a center for implementation of the industrial boom and for research and development of technologies for export. Existing city policies must be reexamined. Do they develop-or-retard-the capabilities of the population to restore the U.S. as a major industrial power? To renew the city's identity as the capital of an industrial republic, the mayor must:

Crack down on marijuana and other drug use, and wage a political campaign against its proponents.

Initiative incentives for capital-intensive industrial development in the city, opening up high-skilled jobs and generating capital flow into the city.

Establish high-technology research and development facilities, especially relating to nuclear fusion.

Upgrade public education in the sciences, math and classical and music.

Call for immediate construction of the Douglass Point nuclear plant.

Hold the line against any budget cuts in essential social services

Aggresively seek private and public funding for abundant moderate-incoming housing.

The mayor must take a hard line against the New York-style austerity policies of The Washington Post and its political spokesman: laissezfaire morality, energy conservation, "recreational drug use," budget cutting. The British-controlled Post and its mayoral candidates, Tucker and Barry, intend to prepare the people of the District for depression conditions that would follow the sabotage of U.S. entry into the new monetary system. They aggrandize the marijuana culture that will destroy the moral and intellectual capacity of the population to implement recovery policies. The mayor must create a climate aversive to "no-growth, British" thinking. More than any other city in the country the capital must be dedicated to the advancement of humanity. Scientific and cultural breakthroughs must be achieved here that can unlock the creative genius of the people of the city and the nation.

2. I come from a long line of city-builders, stretching back to the Phoenicians, who have recognized that man's development as an inventor, a problem-solver, is advanced to the fullest extent in a technology-oriented urban environment. The most important advances in human history have occurred during periods of rapid technoligical breakthroughs. These breakthroughs occur as a result of consciously implemented policies: rejecting Babylonian perversions - drug use, homosexuality, "do your own thing" lifestyles - and consistently educating and social services that allow citizens to develop their minds for the mastery of technology. Without a historial understanding of this process of human development, pro-growth elected officials are often Watergated, demoralized or bought off by anti-growth forces who basically see man as an impotent beast at the mercy of uncontrollable "natural phenomena." They have no respect for the ability to think, which makes man different from every other creature. As a member of the humanist faction - which included the founders of the United States - I am uniquely qualified to be mayor of the nation's capital. I am the only candidate who can conduct, the ruthless political offensive necessary to free this city of the grip of no-growth forces pushing energy conservation, gay rights, drug use and cuts in crucial services. I am the only candidate who will take the lead in shaping the entire beltway region as a scientific hub for the country. The effect of this policy is to be uplift the population of the District to a higher state of human activity, befitting citizens of the capital of a world power.

I have been active in District affairs since the early '70s, when, as legislative consultant for the Health and Welfare Council of the National Capital Area, I led the campaign against changes in the District's welfare system that would beastialize recipients. Since then, on a virtual daily basis, I have been engaged in a dialogue with a wide cross-section of residents of the city, creating a politically educated faction that can defeat the no-growth forces presently dominating District policies.

I have had extensive experience in working with Congress, essential in achieving a larger federal payment for the city.