If your employer doesn't offer a good pension plan, you might consider changing professions. By becoming either a major league baseball player or an Episcopal priest, you can can assure yourself of a comfortable retirement.

The Major League Baseball Players Benefit Plan and the Church Pension Fund have been named by experts as among the most generous, best run and richest in the country. Plan contributions are made equally for all baseball players regardless of salary.Players who work in the majors for a minimum of four years before quiting at age 35 can collect up to $267 a month once 65. A manager with 20 years service would be eligible for up to $3,015 a month.

The Church Pension Fund, founded in 1917 by Bishop William Lawrence and J.P. Morgan, derives a steady flow of income from its five companies, three of which cover the lives, health and property of the church and its servants at premiums sometimes 39 percent below standard premiums. The fund owns a life insurance company, a fire and casualty company, a finance company, an agency that places insurance in the regular market and a publishing company.

Benefits have been increased by 60 percent in the past 10 years so that many retirees are receiving benefits far in excess of what they or their spouses earned.