The head of Reform Judaism in the United States has proposed that Yiddish, the language of worldwide Judaism, be made part of Jewish liturgy.

In an address to the World Congress of Polish Jews, Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, called Yiddish "a precious link of that golden chain which binds us one unto another and the future to the past."

He urged that Jews "prevail on those responsible for our liturgy to include Yiddish prayer and song" in daily prayer rites and in the prayer book for special festivals.

Yiddish is a mix of German, English and Polish. While it traditionally has not been viewed as a scholarly language, it has a rich literature and provides the common means or communication, particularly for European and American Jews.

Prayers and other portions of Jewish services tend to be said in Hebrew for the more orthodox or increasingly in English in Conservative and Reform traditions. "Why not a prayer in Yiddish as well?" Schindler asked. "It is the language of our people's heights and our depths, our joys and our sorrows."

The U.S. Catholic Conference is expected to testify before Congress in support of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with the Soviet Union, according to Bishop Thomas C. Kelly, general secretary of the conference.

Kelly said the USCC will also carry out "expanded efforts... to educate Catholics concerning the moral issues pertaining to arms limitation, disarmament and peace and the ways to achieve them."

The standing committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado has rejected the application of Kay Ryan for ordination to the priesthood. The refusal to ordain a woman, a move approved but not mandated by the national church three years ago, is of particular interest because the church's General Convention is to meet in Denver this September.

In Great Britain, meanwhile, the Church of England's General Synod is studying whether to lift its sanction against women, validly ordained in another arm of the Anglican Church, functioning as priests in Britain. Although bishops and lay members approved, clergy delegates to the Anglican Church's Synod last November rejected the proposal to ordain women there.

The Rev. A. Heath Light of Norfolk has been elected bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia, succeeding Bishop William Marmion, who is retiring... The Rev. Worth Grant, former missionary and Bible translator, has become pastor of Temple Baptist Church, 3850 Nebraska Ave. NW... The Rev. A.L. Gault is to be installed next month as pastor of James Memorial Baptist Church, 2029 Rhode Island Ave. NE... The Rev. Robert J. Anderson Sr. has become founding pastor of Grace United Baptist Church, 1000 U St. NW.

A federal appeals court in New Orleans has rejected atheist Madalyn Murray O'hair's suit to remove the phrase "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency... Episcopal Bishop Joseph Harte of Arizona has proposed that his denomination leave the World Council of Churches to protest the $85,000 granted by WCC last summer to the Partriotic Front of Rhodesia....

The New Ways Ministry of Mt. Rainier, a Catholic-oriented ministry for gay Christians, will sponsor a retreat for homosexual nuns in May... An expanded version of the Biblical epic "Jesus of Nazareth" will be presented on NBC television beginning April 1. The original drama, which brought high praise from most Christian and Jewish groups but led to proposed boycotts of sponsors by some fundamentalist Protestants for its failure to stress Jesus' resurrection, has been expanded from six to eight hours....

The National Catholic Reporter, one of the strongest voices of the Catholic anti-war movement of the '60s, in its Feb. 9 issue carried a quarter-page ad recruiting chaplains for the U.S. Air Force... Lisle Ramsey, executive vice president of Religious Heritage of America, has urged Congress to cut the Health, Education and Welfare Department budget by $29 billion "to make America a better place to live and serve God," according to a press release from his agency.