Dear Dr. Miller:

I know cats are supposed to be night persons, but Cedrick is just too much, I guess because he's always inside. He's quiet enough during the day, only hollering in the morning, since that's his big meal time. In the light hours, he pads around the house silently enough, as you'd expect a cat to do. But at night! He's a bull in a china shop! He jumps up and knocks things off shelves, deliberately I know. He jumps on the bed 20 times a night at least and leaps glee-fully off as I flail away at him. My problem, as you can see, is getting more sleep at night in the same house with Cedrik. I tried locking him in the back room and he hollered so I was afraid he'd wake the neighbors. So he won that round, too. What can I do? -- V. R.

Step one, try to reset Cedrick's clock so it's more compatible with yours. Feed him his big meal in the evening. He'll be more likely to sleep on a full stomach. Minimize those daily cat naps of his so he'll be happy for some shut eye time at night. The turn-around could take awhile, but should work. Perhaps then, tired out, he could prove worthy of the privilege of sleeping with you and would be much more willing to settle down at night. Dear Dr. Miller:

Doodie's done it again! She walked out first thing in the morning with a swollen eyelid. It really looked strange and bothered her a little bit but my dog's already better. I gave her a cold tablet and it's helped.

The same thing happened to her two weeks ago on the right eye. I gave her the same thing and it helped then. It was about gone the next day. What for HEAVEN SAKE WOULD CAUSE A SWOLLEN EYELID LIKE THIS? -- M. P.

A common cause of eyelid edema (without infection or an abscess) is an insect bite (or sting) particularly when it occurs on only one lid. (Get Doodie's doctor's okay before using "people pills" next time.) Before Doodie dog does it again, or has it done to her, you'd better check her and her bedroom for insects.