Superior Court of the District of Columbia PROBATE DIVISION - Administration No. 894-81. Martin J. McNamara, Esquire, 1666 K Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC, 20006. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS. TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF: NANCY M. BOUSCAREN, deceased. This is to give notice that the undersigned, Ruth M. Monroe whose address is 2400 Owens Road, Barnaby Oaks Manor, Maryland was appointed Personal Representative of the estate of Nancy M. Bouscaren who died on April 20, 1981 with a Will. Notice is also given to unknown heirs at law and to heirs whose whereabouts are unknown to cause their appearance to be entered in this proceeding. All persons having any objection to such appointment (or to the probate of the decedent's Will) shall file an objection with the Register of Wills for the District of Columbia, 500 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C.20001, on or before the 18th day of November, 1981 (six months from the date of the first publication of this notice). All persons having claims against the decedent shall present their claims to the undersigned or file their claims with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before the date noted in the preceding paragraph. Any claim not so filed on or before that date shall be unenforceable thereafter. Any person who believes that he or she is an heir or legatee of the decedent and who does not receive a copy of this notice of appointment by mail within 25 days of the first publication of this notice shall so inform the Register of Wills, including such person's name, address and relationship to the decedent. Ruth M. Monroe, Personal Representative TRUE TEST COPY, Henry L. Rucker Register of Wills Chief Deputy Date of first publication: May 18, 1981