All candidates were asked:

Major objective: Name one objective, or piece of legislation, you would seek if elected.

Equal Rights Amendment: Is it realistic to expect the Virginia House to approve the Equal Rights Amendment? Do you support its passage. Why or Why not?

Local funding: The Reagan administration budget cuts will be felt in Virginia in the coming year, forcing some state and local governments to curtail some activities. Should the state provide funds or taxing sources to local government to make up for these cuts?

William J. (Bill) Becker, 62, of 7714 Signal Hill Rd., Manassas, is a senior staff officer for market analysis at TRACOR Inc. He served in the Air Force for many years and also worked as a civilian at Air Force headquarters until 1975.

Major objective: The needs of the Commonwealth are so great it is difficult to list just one. I will work for authorization in the state of initiative and referendum proposal; for elected school boards; elimination of the sales tax on food; and improved crime laws.

Equal rights amendment: No, it is not realistic. I do not support its passage. I believe the approach of President Reagan, i.e. to ensure that there are no laws on the books or passed in the future that have any limitation on the rights of any citizen, will ensure equality.

Local funding: Each activity to be curtailed must be reviewed on its own merits. If the need remains valid, the local community should first attempt to provide the funds. If it is a program normally funded by the state, the same type of review must be made by the legislature. However, at the same time that this is being done, each locality and the state government must make every effort to review their operations to ensure that the funding may not be made available through greater efficiency.

Harry J. Parrish, 59, of 9307 Battle St., Manassas, was mayor of Manassas since 1963. A retired Air Force colonel, Parrish is president of Manassas Ice and Fuel Co. Inc., a petroleum distributor.

Major objective: To clarify Section 15.1 of the Code of Virginia to give definitions of counties and cities and to spell out the differences of responsibilities. In Northern Virginia there are urban counties that function as cities and cities within the Commonwealth of Virginia that should be counties because of their rural nature. This needs to be corrected.

Equal Rights Amendment: I do not believe it to be realistic. I do not support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment as I believe every citizen, be it male or female, black or white, or any other minority, is presently assured of this right and a constitutional amendment will not provide any additional protection.

Local funding: Taking sources, yes. Local government can better determine the needs of its citizens. State-provided funds, no.

Jack Rollison, 31, of Woodbridge, is president of Rollison Brothers Tire Co. He has served as director of the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Prince William Private Industry Council. He has a bachelor's degree in political science from Virginia Tech.

Major objective: Welfare reform emphasizing private-sector jobs.

Equal Rights Amendment: No. Yes. Women are people, too.

Local funding: Local governments should have the option to fund programs that are being cut back. I believe they should be provided with additional taxing sources. I do not believe that a state tax increase is necessary at this time.

Smith W. Young, 33, of 3419 Braddock Dr., Dale City, is a computer analyst at the General Electric Co. Space Division in Arlington. He was a staff member of the Florida Senate Ways and Means Committee in 1973. He has lived in Virginia for eight years and moved to Dale City in 1980.

Major objective: When elected, in addition to supporting legislation at the state level to make President Reagan's program a success, I will seek legislation to refund back to the local governments any state budget surplus proportional to the local government tax contribution. The budgeting and appropriations process is based on projected revenues. It is the opinion of this candidate that when the actual revenues generate a budget surplus, the state government is only responsible for the budget as planned and appropriated during session and is not in the business of managing surplus funds. Refunding surplus funds back to local governments, based on their proportional share of tax collections, is both equitable and responsible.

Equal Rights Amendment: It is not realistic to expect the Virginia House to approve the ERA and this candidate will not support its passage. Equal rights are provided in the Constitution of the United States, and as importantly, based on my experience and observations, women are making their mark in industry based on personal merit, and the world we live and work in is changing accordingly without ERA.

Local funding: Don't believe all your hear about the states going broke; it's not going to happen.The federal government is reducing aid to state and local governments by 15 percent below Jimmy Carter's last budget and the federal government provides just more than one-fourth of the money. However, as the personal income tax cuts take effect and disposable income increases, the volume of sales and sales tax to the state will increase significantly. The jury is still out on the impact of Reagan's economic program but assuming the worst, yes, the state would need to provide funds to local governments but this will happen anyway as the local governments turn increasingly to the state capitol when the federal government shifts to state-run block grants and cuts back on federal categorical aid. I will not support the state providing additional taxing sources to local governments.