Arlington voters will be asked to vote Yes or No on the following question. A simple majority is required for approval. Housing Authority

Question: Is there a need for the redevelopment and housing authority to be activated in the County of Arlington?

Explanation: If passed, the County Board could establish an independent housing authority that would have the power to sell low-interest, tax-exempt bonds to finance a variety of housing programs, including rehabilitation and preservation of housing for low- and moderate-income residents. Although state law allows a range of housing authority-sponsored programs, the scope of the authority's undertakings would be determined largely by the County Board.

Proponents: An authority is needed to help preserve and maintain affordable housing in the county; it would not be used, supporters say, to build public housing projects. The authority primarily would be involved in rehabilitating apartment complexes and helping apartment building owners upgrade property in an effort to prevent conversion to condominiums, proponents say. Any housing authority programs would be financed through revenue bonds and would not add to taxpayers' costs.

Opponents: An authority would create an unwieldy bureaucracy with state-approved powers, outside the control of the County Board, and could open the door to construction of public housing projects, opponents of the proposal say. While there is a need to maintain and expand the stock of affordable housing in Arlington, opponents say the county has other programs that address the problem. Opponents also contend a housing authority would be a drain on county resources since county funds would be needed to pay staff salaries, office costs and other administrative expenses.