Candidates for treasurer of Manassas Park were asked the following question by The Washington Part.

Efficiency: What would you do to ensure the efficient operation of the office of city treasurer?

Linda M. Marden (R), 31, of 113 Travis St., was appointed Manassas Park treasurer in July when the former treasurer was named to the city manager's post.She has worked in the treasurer's office since 1978 and served as deputy treasurer before her new appointment. She also worked two years for the Prince William County Juvenile Court.

Efficiency: If elected treasurer of Manassas Park, I will spend the next three years doing whatever it takes to provide our citizens with efficient, honest and accurate handling of their tax dollars. I believe in the future of our city and am proud to call Manassas Park my home. We are now seeing the fruits of seeds planted over the last few years -- new housing and industry -- which will result in lower taxes and better services for all our citizens. The treasurer must be directly responsible to the citizens. I feel each citizen of Manassas Park is my neighbor, and my door will always be open for my neighbors to drop by and discuss their concerns and their ideas for our future. Our city needs a strong, cooperative government, a team effort of City Council, city management, commissioner of revenue and treasurer. I believe I can be an active and productive member of that team.

Ronald (Ron) Smith (Independent), 44, of 258 Manassas Dr., works in accounting and purchasing for Battlefield Builders Inc. and has been a bookkeeper and manager for several local firms. In 1975 he retired from the Air Force after 20 years, which he spent in office administration. He is on the Manassas Park school board.

Efficiency: Apply my experience as a manager and bookkeeper to make the office of the city treasurer more efficient and administratively correct.The city of Manassas Park has a new computer on line; I would make sure that all data from the treasurer's office is correct before it goes on the computer. To work more closely with the City Council, commissioner of revenue, city administration, city boards, commissions and all departments of the city on budget and appropriations.