Candidates for the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives were asked the following questions by The Washington Post:

Reaganomics: Do you believe the Reagan economic program is working? Why or why not?

Issue: What do you see as the central issue of your campaign this year? How do you and your opponent differ on it?

Legislation: Name one major legislative proposal you would champion if elected. Richard J. (Dick) Davis Democrat

Reaganomics: President Reagan has taken several positive steps to reduce the role of the federal government in the economy. But unfortunately, the Reagan economic program is not bearing the results intended. Business failures are at record highs, the jobless rate in Virginia and throughout the nation is at a 40-year high and the long anticipated recovery simply is too slow in coming. The economy will not recover until the record-high federal deficits are brought under control, consistency and order are restored in federal revenues, and domestic and defense spending are curbed. We need to have a mid-course correction in our economic policies; I have proposed several workable and positive steps to make that necessary correction.

Issue: There are two key issues in this campaign. First, how the two candidates approach the critical issues of housing, unemployment, small business and Social Security.In calling for a mid-course correction, I have offered positive and equitable solutions to our key problems. In position papers released throughout the campaign, I have outlined point-by-point measures to get housing on the right track, ways to reduce our disgraceful level of unemployment, actions to help our small-business owners and protections for Social Security, federal civilian and military retirement programs. My opponent, however, is wedded to the rigid line of the Reagan administration which refused to recognize harsh economic and social realities. Second is the issue of character. While policy matters come and go, character remains the central factor. Voters will have a clear choice on this important element.

Legislation: I would emphasize legislation that would foster and protect America's small-business community. Small business is at the heart of the American economy and currently is the segment of the economy that is under the most stress. This major legislation would revise the tax code so that new small businesses would receive tax credits for their start-up costs; current tax policies that encourage large corporations to acquire successful small businesses would be eliminated; and tax and antitrust laws would be revised to permit more competition and a freer marketplace for the small-business owner.