Lewis M. Costello (D)

LaGrange Farm, Stephens City Age: 51

Tax attorney and CPA; BA in economics, LL.B and JD, University of Virginia; member, Frederick County School Board and Virginia Bar Association ethics committee; president and former treasurer of Archon, International Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity; testified before Congress on repeal of carryover basis in tax code and served on special subcommittee of Virginia legislature on abolishment of state's gift and inheritance tax; headed Winchester-Frederick-Clarke county United Fund; former member, Winchester City school board; retired USAFR lieutenant colonel.

1: I feel that my background and training as a CPA/tax attorney working with farmers and closely held family corporations has prepared me to deal with budgetary problems and allocation of resources in a responsible, businesslike manner. I have always advised my clients in a fiscally responsible way to attain the maximum profit possible. The same processes are applicable to the federal budget and appropriations. I am young enough to achieve the seniority in the House necessary to better represent my constituency. I feel that I am more closely in touch with today's 7th District voter on issues and goals for our country than the other candidates. It is an opportunity to serve.

2: The federal deficit. The high interest rates that are caused by the increasing federal deficit have damaged the construction industry, making it nearly impossible for young people to purchase a home. The high interest rates have caused many farmers and small businesses in the 7th District to close or go bankrupt over the past two years. The deficit is also causing a severe balance of payments problem for our nation, which is hurting our farmers.

3: My top priority would be to reduce the federal deficit. This might necessitate a freeze for one year so that a close examination of the budget could be done as follows: (1) an item-by-item review of expenditures for possible elimination or reduction; (2) implementation of the Grace Commission's suggestions regarding accounting and business practices; (3) review and overhaul of defense contracting practices, including independent testing of final products, and (4) deferral of expenditures where such may be done to reduce added costs caused by unnecessary haste, changes or inadequate planning. The purpose is to place the federal government on a sound, consistent accounting system, which itself will help control expenses and reduce waste within the federal government's budget. Robert E. Frazier Sr. (Ind.)

4 Hidden Hills, Earlysville Age: 59

Retired USAF lieutenant colonel; educated at Bob Jones University, Marshall University, University of Virginia, USAF Air University, University of Maryland, University of Tennessee and Boyce Bible School and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; military career included duty in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Central and South America; as civilian, has been an airline captain in Japan and the United States and a corporate pilot; has received numerous citations from federal government and military officials for service.

1: My concerns are: (1) a strong national defense, with elimination of government waste; (2) a balanced budget amendment and tax reform; (3) adequate medical care, nutrition and social services for the unborn, infants, children, the elderly and the disabled -- administered at local and county levels, where the truly helpless and needy are identifiable; (4) legislation to make it tough on persons using protection of the First Amendment to degrade traditional morals and values of America; (5) congressional reform -- each bill considered on its own merit without piggyback attachments and committee bottlenecks, and (6) equal pay for equal work and equal opportunity for advancement for all regardless of race, religion, national origin, age or gender. With these concerns, I believe I would be more responsive to the needs of constituents in my district. My experience in Asia, Central and South America, Europe and the Middle East has helped me know the people with whom we must negotiate. Most important of all, I know the Bolsheviks.

2: The most important issue facing Virginia's 7th Congressional District is the gradual decline of middle-class, individual income, along with a decreasing opportunity for gainful employment. This situation is caused by a lack of protection from cheap foreign imports in textiles, leather goods and electronic component parts. A balanced budget and elimination of deficits and the trade imbalance must be accomplished, along with a lowering of interest rates. The solution is to bring about a booming economy by putting all Americans back to work through strict import tariffs on foreign goods. Inflation must be controlled by wage and price controls on protected industries. Government, agriculture, labor, management and capital must cooperate to identify and solve problems, lower wages and prices across the board, increase government revenues and eliminate government waste. The goal is free international trade mutually beneficial to all participants, without wrecking our economy in the process.

3: (1) Seek, by all means, legislation banning abortion. (2) Produce legislation defining and prohibiting pornography in all forms. (3) Insure we have legislation to outlaw homosexuality as an acceptable alternate life style. (4) Work for a balanced budget by means of a booming economy, strict tariffs on selected unfair imports, indexed taxation in which all levels of the tax structure pay their fair share, a severe cutback in foreign aid, and putting a cap on government retirement pensions and annuities. (5) Promote legislation making it a crime to impose cruel and painful research on animals under the pretense of medical research or product safety. (6) Strengthen or initiate legislation to enforce environmental safety, clean air and ecological restoration. D. French Slaughter Jr. (R)

139 W. Davis St., Culpeper Age: 59 Lawyer with Button, Slaughter, Yeaman & Morton; educated in Culpeper County public schools and at Virginia Military Institute and University of Virginia, where he earned BA and LL.B degrees; former member of the Virginia House of Delegates; various community activities.

1: I believe I am qualified by reason of experience and that my views on government generally represent the views of the people of the 7th District.

2: Deficit financing by the federal government, because this poses a threat of inflation and tends to cause interest rates to be higher than would otherwise be the case.

3: The most immediate priority would be to be as helpful as possible in reducing the deficits.