Doris A. Eugene

Incumbent 13003 Elkridge St., Beltsville. Six years on the Prince George's County Board of Education, has served as chairman, vice chairman and legislative chairman; president, National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts; member of Governor's Advisory Council for Education Block Grant Funding, State Advisory Council for Career Education and executive committee of Superintendent's Advisory Council for Business and Industry; active in PTA at state and local level for 22 years, including past president of PGC Council of PTAs; her four children are graduates of county schools.

1: (1) Teachers: Smaller class size is an educational priority, and additional teachers are needed. (2) Teachers' salaries: Salaries must be competitive with surrounding jurisdictions if we are to attract -- and retain -- competent teachers. (3) Instructional programs and necessary materials: We must continue evaluating and updating our curricula to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. (4) Maintenance of buildings and grounds: Safety and appearances are part of the "educational environment." Our taxpayers have a very large investment in our facilities and we cannot afford to be "penny wise and pound foolish." (5) Extracurricular activities: These activities are important for a well-rounded educational program. (6) Administrative staff: It is important to maintain sufficient staff to coordinate, supervise and monitor our many programs, and to supply help and support to our employes.

2: (This is my personal opinion and does not reflect a position of the Board of Education.) It is my understanding the Court has said that " . . . in all future student reassignments, consideration should be given to enhancing desegregation." If the intent of the desegregation order is to expand/improve the educational programs/opportunities for minority students, we must: (1) work to raise the level of expectation of achievement for all students; (2) continue our efforts to identify student needs and intensify resources to meet those needs, and (3) increase efforts to further strengthen human relation skills throughout our system. I cannot believe that the intent of the court order is simply to equalize numbers; busing as an equalization technique has been tried and found lacking. It is a disruptive disservice to all students. I would hope we have progressed beyond that. Mary

Ellen Jenkins

4534 Ammendale Rd., Beltsville Age: 41 Registered nurse, Greater Laurel-Beltsville Hospital; member of ad hoc committee at Hollywood Elementary School, past president of PTA at Lakeland Special Center; vice chair of Prince George's Commission for Women and active in Women's Political Caucus/Prince George's County and League of Women Voters; has chaired advisory board of College Park Youth Service Bureau and served on boards of county's Association of Retarded Citizens and Coalition for the Handicapped; mother of two children attending local schools, one in special education.

1: The classroom is the first priority, and the other elements that provide support for the classroom come second. You cannot separate out one program and eliminate it without affecting the total educational package. For the past several years, the Board of Education budget has been drastically cut in all program areas, and we have the lowest administrative staff in the metropolitan area. There are few if any areas left to cut.

2: I would work toward the full participation of the community, parents, teachers, Board of Education and the administrative staff in the development and implementation of the desegregation plan. I would ensure that the schools closed were equitably distributed geographically and ethnically within the county. Catherine M. Burch

Incumbent 3408 Chatham Rd., Adelphi Age: 44 Member of Prince George's County Board of Education since 1980, past vice chairman and past legislative cochair to Annapolis; member of state Joint School Board-Superintendent's Committee on Teacher Contracts, Resolutions Committee of state Board of Education and Legislation Committee of National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts; member of PTA, Langley-Hampshire Civic Association and Chatham Civic Association; her three children have attended county schools.

1: My priority is definitely on instruction; however, to have any effective program the teacher becomes the instrument to achieve quality instruction. My commitment is to continue a dialogue for salary adjustments and classroom size. Previous budget cuts have forced some program alteration, a trend I would not want to see continue. A rebuilding of these programs should continue, always with a creative eye for revamping other areas not directly associated with classrooms. Our greatest resource is in the classroom -- let's put our dollars there!

2: Frankly, at this point the school system is at the mercy of Judge Kaufman. Under his order, all future changes must be submitted and basically approved by him. The previous school closings always took into account racial guidelines at closing and receiving schools, and should continue. However, I feel changing demographics in this county may limit us somewhat in achieving solely a numbers guideline in particular areas; so therefore, I believe program strengths should be first and foremost to all students in this county.