1: The most important issue depends on where you live in Virginia. Without a doubt, improvement in Northern Virginia's transportation network is vital to the economic and social well-being of this part of the state. I have an excellent relationship with our U.S. congressmen, Reps. Stan Parris and Frank Wolf, and Sens. John Warner and Paul Trible. While I am serving as lieutenant governor, Northern Virginia will have a team of federal and state officeholders dedicated to exploring new ideas and new resources to meet our transportation needs of this area. I favor the strictest drunk-driving laws. My opponent has opposed attempts to bring Virginia in conformity with 37 other states that have a more responsible level for judging the intoxication level of a driver. The time to be patient with the drunk driver is over.

2: My opponent and I do not share a common philosophical base. That can best be illustrated by the candidates we have supported in the past. I have supported Ronald Reagan while he supported both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale. I campaigned for John Warner for the U.S. Senate while he supported Warner's liberal opponent. Throughout his career, my opponent has championed bigger government. I have consistently opposed the Great Society philosophy. Virginian's should ask themselves, what manner of leadership do these two men offer? Mine is a conservation philosophy that will see its influence on the flow of legislation as new The prestige of the lieutenant governor's office can be used to sell Virginia to business and industry looking to expand. It won't cost state government any more, but it could help a locally depressed economy prosper again. I offer Virginians a willingness to work and the initiative to help solve problems without resorting to new and bigger government.