1. Insuring that Virginia continues to prosper, so that our citizens in each of the state's 95 counties can take advantage of the opportunities created by such prosperity, is my number one issue. Virginia's prosperity has not been by chance. It has required old-fashioned teamwork. Since my election to the Senate in 1969, I have been chairman of three different Senate committees. Being able to contribute to Virginia's success has given me great satisfaction. I have seen the state and people I love prosper as never before. Prosperity is built on several pillars. These include fiscally responsible budget policies, continuing improvements in our transportation network, upgrading the quality of our educational system, incentives for investments that lead to job creation and economic growth, and an overall pride in a value system that rewards hard work and says that if you work hard, you can succeed. We have more to do to make Virginia even better, however. That's why I want to be lieutenant governor. I know how to build on our success. I want my children and their children, and all the children of the commonwealth, to have the opportunity to achieve as much as their talent and hard work can accomplish.

2. My campaign is based on my belief that Virginians will vote for the best qualified individual. I will not engage in negative attacks; my campaign is a positive campaign based on my record of achievement and my qualifications. Accordingly, I will only discuss my qualifications and what I have accomplished; I put my trust in the voter to compare my qualifications and my record with that of my opponent. I was elected to the Senate of Virginia in 1969. I have served as chairman of the Transportation, Rehabilitation and Social Services, and Privileges and Elections committees (the latter of which is responsible for, among other things, approving gubernatorial appointments). During my tenure in the Senate, it has been my good fortune to have worked with four governors -- three Republicans and one Democrat -- and have each of them sign into law legislation that I have championed. These laws include Virginia's antidrug paraphernalia law, the compulsory school attendance law, the Uniform Building Code and the new law, passed this year, that cracks down on prison escapees. For the past four years, I have been vice chairman of Jobs for Virginia Graduates, under the chairmanship of Gov. Robb.