Mary Sue Terry (D); Stuart Age: 38 Lawyer in private practice; eight-year member of the House of Delegates; was assistant commonwealth's attorney in Patrick County for four years; chairman, Governor's Task Force to Combat Drunk Driving; leader in the fight to raise the drinking age, copatron of bill that would raise drinking age to 21; board chairman, First National Bank of Stuart; part owner of B.H. Cooper Farm; holds BA from Westhampton College, JD from University of Virginia.

1. Citizens today are demanding that their government provide them with more and better services. Under the leadership of Gov. Robb, Virginia has taken dramatic steps to upgrade the quality of education in the commonwealth. The state is obligated to providing the next generation with a quality education -- the kind of quality Virginians demand and expect from their government. Of all of the services the state government provides and oversees, education is perhaps the most important. It is the cornerstone for development of an economic system that is able to compete on national and international levels. Just as vital as economic development and educational excellence is a strong criminal justice system. These areas are intertwined; each is necessary to ensure successful growth and development for the commonwealth.

2.The major difference between myself and my opponent is our experience. I am the only candidate running in this year's election with experience as a prosecutor in the courts of Virginia. As an assistant commonwealth's attorney, I prosecuted criminals for crimes ranging from rape to robbery. I know the law, and I will enforce it. Virginia needs an attorney general who is a proven leader. As a member of the House of Delegates for eight years, I helped write our laws. I proved myself as a leader in the fight to stop drunk drivers and again in the battle to improve victim services in the state. Although my opponent has also had experience in the House, he has failed to prove himself as a leader in the legislature.